10 LGBTQ+ Artists Creating Art You'll Want In Your Home

If you follow LGBTQ+ interior designers and LGBTQ+ design influencers on social media, you may have noticed that creative professionals tend to thrive when they're allowed to explore and indulge their natural skills and style. This individual freedom also applies to LGBTQ+ artists. "When you're yourself, I think it's better for your work as well. Being yourself is hard if you're not comfortable with coming out, which is totally understandable. But when you are true to yourself, you're more open, and become a different person," Benson Shum, a digital artist who does animation for Walt Disney Animation Studios, told Pluralsight. Shum also explained, "I feel like people in this industry are a lot more accepting...because we're all artists, we're all nerds, we're all eccentric. We're all a little bit different."

The latter point certainly applies to contemporary LGBTQ+ artists producing a wide range of art due to their varying backgrounds, personalities, and perspectives. From painters and photographers to digital artists and illustrators and those who work in mixed media, you never know who you may come across and what they might be making. That's why you will surely want to become familiar with the following creative professionals responsible for the captivating, compelling, and charming art you'll want in your home.

1. Shantell Martin

Shantell Martin is an artist, philosopher, and teacher who uses that creative and nurturing combination in her practice. Allowing her intuition to guide her hand, she creates line drawings, paintings, and even glowing neon signs that boast her unique style. While Martin aims to capture her style, she also helps others find their paths through her work and inspiration. Her pieces would suit any space in your home, from a stylish modern living room to a little one's Vogue-worthy nursery.

2. Jordan Nassar

Jordan Nassar is a Palestinian artist who creates intricately embroidered pieces. Inspired by his background and current life, Nassar's work is colorful, captivating, and full of depth. Sometimes made up of mesmerizing patterns and other times featuring images woven into the design, each artwork is different while also displaying Nassar's signature style. You might also be interested that Nassar sometimes offers affordable prints for fundraising efforts, so if you purchase one or two to put up in your home, you'll be contributing to a good cause.

3. Max Colby

It would surely be impossible to walk by one of Max Colby's pieces and not take notice. That's because the artist, based in New York City, is responsible for ornate artwork that will catch your eye. Colby's art challenges what you might expect from domestic items like pillows and hanging wall pieces with lavish fabrics, glittery accents, and more details than you could take in during one sitting. That's why they are the perfect addition to a home that's just as flashy, fun, and creative as Colby's gorgeously campy creations.

4. ALB in Wonderland

ALB's life — or, at least, what she shares on social media — appears to be a pastel-filled wonderland. That includes everything from her super-stylish pinup-esque fashion choices to her delicious cotton candy-colored hair. That's not to mention her blush-toned decorating preferences and, of course, her art. Often drawing adorable characters from pop culture, you might spot familiar faces from "Star Trek" and magical creatures from Pokémon or cute critters from "Animal Crossing." She also takes commissions, meaning she might be willing to create artwork that features you, your friends, or your family.

5. Alisa McRonald

Alisa McRonald produces rug-like pieces you wouldn't want to leave on your floor; instead, they're meant to be hung up on your wall and, of course, admired. Using pleasing shades to create her soft textile work, she also does her best to stick with reclaimed material. Unsurprisingly, McRonald is well aware of the comforting aspect of her art, which has a hint of nostalgia to each piece, which might be, in part, why you'll find yourself falling in love with them and wanting one in your creatively cozy abode.

6. Isadora Zeferino

An illustrator from Brazil who is also a comic book artist, Isadora Zeferino's work ranges from absolutely adorable to delightfully beautiful. Just take a peek, and you'll surely notice that she incorporates various images in her pieces, such as alluring animals, mystical creatures, fictional characters, and fabulous floral details. Depending on the nature of the specific work, you could find yourself placing a piece by Zeferino in your bedroom, kitchen, home office, or a child's space. That's not to mention the seasonally-themed art you could pull out each holiday.

7. Marcos Chin

Whether you realize it or not, you may have spotted Marcos Chin's work in several different places. That's because he does a fair share of work for clients that sees him producing everything from book covers to a poster for the US Open. Beyond that, he creates more personal pieces that explore his perspective and experiences. Opting for modern techniques like printing images and using an airbrush as well as traditional methods such as incorporating charcoal, Chin's approach to his work is just as bold as the resulting art, which could match your aesthetic.

8. Julie Mehretu

Julie Mehretu is an artist born in Ethiopia and now can be found in New York City, where they focus on painting. While each piece is motivated by modern issues or events — which can sometimes be seen as images within the overall pieces — Mehretu creates abstract art that adds color, shapes, and drastic movement to the result. Although Mehretu's creations are striking at any size, adding one of the larger pieces to your residence would ideally be the way to go if you have both the budget and the space.

9. Leilah Babirye

Another artist who can now be found living and working in New York is Leilah Babirye, originally from Uganda. Babirye's background can be seen in her work which uses traditional African methods to create stunning sculptures. Putting her own twist on each piece, Babirye, at times, chooses to create work with found materials which is why her pieces may end up being wood, metal, or even plastic. Beyond that, she may use clay to turn the natural material into ceramic art that you'll surely want to display in your home.

10. Rebecca Ward

At first, you might look at one of Rebecca Ward's pieces and assume that she's a painter. While that's somewhat true, it's only a part of her technique. Instead, Ward uses a typical canvas and then reworks it in a process that might involve cutting, sewing, or otherwise taking it apart before putting it back together in a way she feels fit. Also, adding sections of colors to create lines, curves, and shapes, you might find that Ward has also added a relatively unexpected addition, such as a fabulous hanging fringe.