5 LGBTQ+ Designers You Need In Your Instagram Feed

It's that special time of year again ... Pride Month! The entire month of June is dedicated to celebrating and uplifting the stories and lives of the LGBTQ+ community. Historically, the design industry has long been a professional refuge for LGBTQ+ folks where queer expression is welcomed and celebrated, too, as noted in Business of Home. Today, thanks to the world of social media, we can see and share the fantastic design works from the LGBTQ+ community — and now we can shout their names out, too. 

To celebrate Pride Month, we've gathered just a few of the incredible queer designers who are doing incredible interior home design with style, uniqueness, and as always, plenty of pride. Give them a follow and let the joy of Pride stay in your feed all year long. But don't stop your exploration at these few designers, though, because there's a whole world of amazing LGBTQ+ designers with talent we need to see.

1. Corey Damen Jenkins breathes new life into traditional design

Corey Damen Jenkins brings a love of traditionalism, funky patterns, and punchy colors to all of his interior designs. Picture fiery crimson couches next to watermelon green walls, floor-to-ceiling floral curtains and marbled floors, and haute tufted arm chairs. He's also the author of "Design Remix: A New Spin on Traditional Rooms," a breathtaking coffee table book that shows how to transform classic spaces into modern, timeless design. 

Jenkins is the founder of Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates, an NYC-based interior design firm that specializes in private abodes and hotels around the world. He has even earned himself a spot on Elle Decor's elite A-List, and has more accolades in his portfolio than this piece has room for. Jenkins layers colors and patterns in a way that totally defies expectations, yet embraces traditionalist design. So run, don't walk, to the wonderful, colorful world of Jenkins' Instagram feed. 

2. DeeAnn McCoy and Jackie Thomas lovingly restore Palm Springs architecture

Founders of Thomboy Properties, this lovely couple renovates and restores the stunning midcentury architecture of Palm Springs. Together, Jackie Thomas and DeeAnn McCoy left the world of advertising in 2010 to pursue design and historical renovation full-time in the California desert. Palm Springs is known for its glamor and housing the stars of Hollywood's first century due to its warm climate, privacy, and close proximity to the Los Angeles studios, notes Palm Springs Life. So between the '40s and '60s, Palm Springs' housing market boomed, leaving gorgeous desert vistas and kidney-shaped pools in its wake. 

Thomas and McCoy are fierce protectors of these homes and keeping their authentic, historical architecture whenever possible. Just by looking at their website, you will feel immediately transported to a time of Californian glamour. In keeping with desert-chic styling, the homes only have a few pops of color, which allows the red rock panoramas to stand out for maximum visual impact. Follow this stunning couple on Instagram for gorgeous MCM transformations that will have you dreaming of sipping martinis poolside with Humphrey Bogart. 

3. Shavonda Gardner brings big style to small spaces

Shavonda Gardner is a must-follow for your Instagram feed, in part because she so seamlessly blends home design and styling with thoughtful, authentic moments from her day-to-day life living as queer Black woman. In 2014, Gardner and her partner decided they were done with their cookie cutter house, and were willing to give up space for style, authenticity, and living with intention. Her design philosophy is simple: small spaces, big style, as she notes in her blog's About Me

The lush interiors of Gardner's own home are fit for a high-end boutique hotel, but instead make up her cozy bungalow home. Bold prints, rustic touches, high-low design instincts, and plenty of coats of black paint make up this designer's truly unique style. She and her cottage bungalow, were House Beautiful's May/April 2022 cover story, too. Follow Gardner on Instagram to keep up with her small space renovations and daily pieces of life she generously so shares.

4. The Renovation Husbands took the Boston design scene by storm

This husband-husband renovation duo has taken the Boston design scene by storm as they rehab their stunning Victorian home. The house was previously abandoned and completely gutted, so the couple has embarked on a real-time DIY renovation that has spanned over four years, according to their blog. They work room-by-room, which allows them to create incredible before-and-afters for their Instagram feed. 

The Renovation Husbands playfully mix contemporary pop art with haute Victorian design, and always keep a classic masculinity in their designs. Plus, they do some incredible seasonal décor displays for Halloween and the winter holidays that will have you reaching for a cup of cocoa and a cozy blanket. Between the stunning interiors, beekeeping chronicles, too-cute photo shoots, and the couple's self-described hijinks, this pair is a breath of fun, fresh air that the design world desperately needs. Keep them in your Instagram feed so you can follow the couple and their journey through the renovation process, and have a few laughs along the way. 

5. Teri Moore is queering classic Americana

Looking for classic Americana in a queer-friendly package? Then Teri Moore is the designer and Instagram follow for you. Moore is based in her hometown — Nashville, Tennessee — where she lives with her partner and daughter. Her style is comfortingly classic, clean, and cozy. In addition to interior design, Moore also offers great hacks like guides to dollar store décor and cheeky gift lists like "Affordable Holiday Gifts That Will Impress Your Friends, Neighbors, And Colleagues But Not Your Mom Because Your Mom Can't Be Impressed." 

If that's not enough to make you love Moore and instantly smash that follow button, it's important to note she is also a fierce advocate and activist in the LGBTQ+ community. She specifically works to spread awareness of and end housing insecurity for queer folks, who are disproportionately impacted by lack of safe, affordable housing options. Moore is a great Instagram follow if you want to balance fun, quirky design, plenty of wine, and a commitment to serving the LGBTQ+ community.