HGTV Star Breegan Jane's Tips For Styling The Perfect Bathroom

When designing their home, most homeowners focus on the living room, but HGTV "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" star Breegan Jane says that there's another crucial space: the bathroom. In an interview with Real Homes, she says that "having a clean bathroom and taking that extra time to curate the space, anyone can do it. And we always forget to do it." While some don't think this room is all that important, Jane believes your bathroom's style greatly influences how guests feel in the rest of your home.

According to her blog Breegan Jane, Jane's style can be described as "modern approachable luxury." With this in mind, she typically creates bathrooms that mix a contemporary look with warm and welcoming elements while making them appear expensive, even if they aren't. She also tries to make the main bathroom feel like a spa while giving the powder room or guest bathroom a more daring look. If you're trying to style the perfect bathroom, you'll want to follow Jane's three tips, which can be found below.

Choose neutral flooring and countertops

According to Breegan Jane, one of the most crucial elements to style in any space is the surfaces, which include the walls, flooring, and counters. She says, "When designing any room, the surfaces are always a priority," per her blog. No matter what style or color palette you're going for, she recommends choosing neutral floors and counters. This is because replacing these large surfaces is expensive if you end up not liking them, so neutrals are a safer bet. In another article on her blog, she writes, "While I don't recommend bright colors for bathroom surfaces, I do love adding sophistication with beautiful stone!" This is because these natural pieces can create a more serene, spa-like, and expensive feel. For the shower, some of her favorite stone tile types include penny rounds, hexagons, and subway tiles.

A huge benefit of keeping the main elements neutral is that you'll be able to mix and match more with your decorations. For instance, in one bathroom, Jane mixes French, Moroccan, and modern pieces by grounding them with neutral tones. She says, "To use all that in one space may seem chaotic or unmethodical to some, but it worked here because I kept the overall style calm," per MyDomaine.

Add color for more interest

However, while the floors and countertops should generally stay neutral, that doesn't mean you can't have fun with easy-to-replace elements like those used on the wall. Breegan Jane says, "I love neutrals in most of my living spaces because they make me feel calm and centered after being overstimulated... However, picking specific places to indulge in brilliant hues is one of my favorite ways to give bathrooms personality. I do this with smaller powder rooms." She typically does this by adding an accent wall, gallery wall, bold wallpaper, or daring paint color. For example, House & Home highlights one of her bathrooms, which features a bold green paint color and a gallery wall of mirrors.

Jane typically saves the bold colors for powder rooms because these areas are more compact and easier to update if you grow to dislike the design later on. In another blog post, Jane says that "playing with color is easier done with techniques like wallpapering and painting, because they're simpler to swap out when you're no longer enamored by your choice." Therefore, to create the perfect bathroom design, start with neutral floors and countertops and add color through wall paint or wallpaper.

For an easy change, swap out fixtures

Finally, Breegan Jane says that fixtures are a small element that makes a massive difference in a bathroom design. She says, "When I'm designing for clients I find that many people focus so much on a color scheme or theme that they forget the impression that the fixtures and hardware can make on a space," per her blog. This is another cheap and easy way to change your bathroom's overall vibe. You could switch out the faucets, door knobs, and vanity handles for a completely different look. Further, because there are so many colors, finishes, and styles to choose from, this is a great way to personalize your design. Jane recommends perusing all your options before narrowing down your search.

She also says to match the fixtures to your bathroom's overall look, whether more modern or traditional. However, no matter what style you prefer, using stone for the shower, tub, or smaller elements like light fixtures may be one of the best choices, per Breegan Jane. This is because it's a classic look that will never go out of style.