Designer Breegan Jane's Best Tips For Creating Your Dream Home

What makes a dream home? It's hard to define because everyone has a different idea of what their perfect space consists of. A dream home can be defined by being the right size or matching your lifestyle, which can often be intangible elements but just as important for finding a home that works for you, according to Insider. But for many, a dream home is in the design details. It's about creating a space that reflects you and your style.

Breegan Jane, an interior designer based in Los Angeles and on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," has created many dream homes for her clients (via Breegan Jane). She has also recently created a dream beach home for herself. "When the world is your oyster, nothing can take the joy out of design!" Breegan Jane writes of the experience. Creating your dream home should be a fun experience, though, at times, it can feel a bit daunting. Learning from experience, the designer provides helpful tips to bring your dream home life.

Ditch design norms

When searching for inspiration for your dream home, you'll probably come across tons of articles, design ideas, and design norms to follow. But rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to creative endeavors. Rules like not using multiple patterns, mixing metals, and using bright colors are all meant to be broken, says Hayneedle. In recent years, many people have opted to design their homes the way they like rather than by outdated design tenants.

But Jane says to ditch all those design norms to create the space you want. "It doesn't have to meet the standards of anyone else. There are no rules that say you'll be penalized somehow if you don't," the designer advises. "We as a society are quick to conform to certain ideas just because they've always been done that way." Breegan Jane's home features a kitchen with two sinks and no upper cabinets (via Breegan Jane). "'Normal' is however you engine it, nothing more, nothing less."

Don't limit yourself to a certain style

You probably have ideas for your dream style. You may even have a specific name to describe the style. And while this can help you find the perfect furniture, d├ęcor, and art for your home, having a set design style can also feel limiting. Jane's signature style is a modern, approachable luxury that often features a calm, neutral color palette. Her style is recognizable, but it's not her only option. "[T]hat doesn't mean I am bound by those style choices," the designer explains. "Just because I love clean, contemporary design doesn't mean I have to use that in every project." In her dream home, she incorporated some boho chic elements that complement her signature aesthetic (via Breegan Jane).

Mixing in different style elements is a way to make your home more unique and personalized. If every detail follows one design style, the space can end up looking like a showroom rather than a home that people actually live in. Don't be afraid to combine styles by using pieces from different aesthetics. Setting for Four Interiors suggests using an 80/20 ratio, where the dominant style is the one you love the most, and the rest act as accents. You don't have to stick to an 80/20 split, though. Make it right for your home; any other ratio with a majority works just as well.