35% Of People Say This Is The Best Color For The Doors In Your Home - Exclusive Survey

Unless you're really into design, you probably haven't given the color of your home's interior doors a second thought. If so, they're most likely a shade of white because, according to My Domaine, about 99% of all interior doors are painted this color.

However, while white is the norm, is it the best choice? As Making Your Home Beautiful points out, while this option may be best for those who want their door to blend into an all-white space, perhaps a different tone would better suit bolder wall colors. Further, while most choose to match their trim to their door, this doesn't always have to be the case.

Additionally, is white even the preferred door color? To discover the answer to this question, House Digest surveyed 612 people to see which door color they preferred. Participants were given six options: White, off-white, natural wood, brown, black, and bright colors. One of these options was chosen by 214 people and received 34.97% of the vote; surprisingly, it's not white or off-white.

Add warmth and earthiness

According to the House Digest survey, most people prefer natural wood interior doors. Simpson Door Company says that this may be the best choice because it creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Further, solid wood doors make great barriers between rooms because they muffle sound. Hardwood Door & Bevel says that these doors can come in a number of wood types as well, including oak, cherry, alder, mahogany, and maple, which means that every space will look different. Plus, there is a wide variety of styles to choose from, which range from more modern constructions to those with a rustic look. Therefore, wooden doors could infuse personality into your home.

However, maybe you're wondering why they're not as common as white doors. Perhaps this is because most rented spaces and pre-built homes come with white as the default. Another reason may be that, according to Van Millwork, natural wood doors are the most expensive choice, while painted doors are usually made from cheaper wood byproducts or engineered wood.

White and the other choices

The next two most popular choices were white and off-white. White gained 156 votes (25.49%), while off-white received 133 votes (22.73%). According to the Door Design Lab, since white has so many shades ranging from warm to cool, there are plenty of ways to customize your room. White doors are also calming and classic and can either blend into all-white spaces or stand out around dark walls.

The less popular options were the bolder choices, which were only chosen by the most daring. Brown received 7.68% of the vote and was chosen by 47 participants, bright colors gained 5.72% and 35 votes, and black was the least popular, with 4.41% and 27 votes. My Domaine says that, while colors aren't a common choice, they can greatly impact a room's design. Brown will look similar to wood and provide warmth, light colors will subtly bring in interest, and rich tones could become the focal point. Using black will create a modern appearance and contrast well with white walls.