An $800K Ohio Home Has A Basement Fit For A Party Animal

Every so often, we come across a home with an extravagant and not-so-ordinary feature. Sometimes it's a hidden room, while other times, it's a creative and unique feature. However, other times it's a standard room turned into something creative. This is exactly what happened to one Ohio home, according to Zillow. On the market for nearly $800,000, this residence is located in the Northfield area and contains three bedrooms and a total of five bathrooms — three full baths and two half baths. It sits on just over two acres of land and comes with plenty of modern appliances, including a dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and range. Built just a few years ago, in 2018, this one-story home also contains a garage big enough to house five cars.

While much of the home contains neutral and simple tones, it's also open and spacious. The fireplace is the main feature of the living room, and there is enough room above it to mount a TV with windows on either side to let in natural light. Within this same area is a mini studio with enough room for a small grand piano. Nearby is the kitchen with an island overlooking the living room. Other features include a mini gym with a pool table and a small mini golf course on the backside of the estate. However, it's the basement of the home that is the eye-catcher.

Inside the extravagant basement

It's not uncommon for homeowners to turn their basements into something cool and modern. While many turn these areas into a game room, the previous owner of this estate opted to take it a step further and turn it into a minibar and club, via Zillow. This area contains solid black walls and ceilings to give off a dark and underground feel. Many pendant lights of various colors hang from this area to further the club setting. A bar with room for five stools has multi-colored LED lights and a large TV behind it. The TV displays the name of this basement club — "The Vault Complex." Behind this bar are several refrigerators and additional space to store drinks.

But things get even more impressive as you look across the room to the stage. Big enough for a full band, the previous owners completed it with a drum kit, microphones, several monitors, and speakers. Like a true nightclub stage, this area is built off the ground to allow listeners to see the performers easily. Most of the floor space is open, so you can dance with all of your friends until your heart's content or take a break on a bar stool against the wall nearby.

More of the musical home

The home quickly gained the attention of the real estate Instagram @zillowgonewild. While the post features many of the general aspects of the estate, it includes two photos of the underground club right in the middle. Not to worry, these photos were quick to gain the attention of viewers, with many followers commenting on the uniqueness of the space.

One of the most popular comments is a user making a friendly joke by stating it's "The mullet of homes: business up top, party at the back." Other viewers thought this was amusing, with some commenting, "that's hilarious," while others put a few laughing face emojis.

One commenter who lives nearby noted the residence also features a baseball field in the yard and said, "This isn't a house, it's a destination." Another local stated they had driven by the home many times and didn't know what was hidden in the basement.

And it's clear the basement was a hit among the musical crowd, as one commenter said, "This ain't no club. It's a musician's dream!" with others replying and agreeing. One viewer chimed in and said that the open floor gives "authentic club vibes." By the looks of things, this estate will make the perfect home for an aspiring musician — or anyone who loves a good performance.