55 Living Room Ideas That Will Inspire You

When it comes to putting together the perfect living room, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You might want to choose a paint color to brighten up the space or opt for an eye-catching rug. On top of that, Curbed notes that it's best to ensure that you buy a quality couch, take advantage of proper lighting, and layer textures. That's not to mention adding accents that are both practical and stylish. Of course, you'll also want to design something that makes you happy and reflects your vibe.

That's why you should take the time to figure out a plan before you start choosing random pieces and paint colors. You may hope that they all will come together in a cohesive design in the end, but that very likely might not happen. Indeed, designer Mark Lavender explained to The Spruce, "It is critical to fully understand how you want to use your space before you begin the design process."

With all of that in mind, check out these living room ideas that are guaranteed to inspire you.

1. Use a chic color palette

A living room is a place where you can use almost any shade of paint and play off it with furniture and decorative pieces. While bold and bright colors make a statement, subtle hues also have serious impact if you choose your color thoughtfully. Opting for a chic palette that's modern and fashionable creates an incredibly attractive space.

2. Incorporate stylish shelves

Adding shelves is a great way to deal with clutter while also giving you the perfect place to display your treasures, books, and knick-knacks. On top of that, if you choose a set of stylish shelves and decorate them like a pro, it is another way to add a little pizzazz to your living room.

3. Bring in extra life with plants

Plants bring an extra level of life to any interior. Besides the outdoor vibes they add to a room, Better Homes and Gardens points out that they help keep the air in your home clean. Consider a gorgeous Boston fern or attractive potted palm.

4. Embrace unique features

Does your living room have an industrial vibe? Does it have large windows, a fireplace, wood beams, or a strangely angular wall? If your space has any unique features, use art and furniture to make them a focal point or highlight them in some fantastic way.

5. Use pops of color

You don't have to paint your walls bright colors in order to liven up your living room. Add pops of color using accents such as pillows and art in bold shades of yellow, red, blue, green, purple, or any other lovely and lively option you desire.

6. Keep it light

Painting your living room walls white might seem like a safe — dare we say (gasp!) boring — choice. However, that isn't the case at all. By adding the right furniture and accents that reflect your personal style, a mostly white room becomes a wonderfully light space.

7. Add drama with dark walls

When done right, dark paint colors create a stylish, dramatic vibe that you might adore. If you fear that deep hues will create a gloomy vibe, just make sure you make the right lighting choices that brighten up your living room.

8. Go bold

While there's no doubt that white living rooms are a simple way to embrace a light space and dark walls can add drama, you might be someone who prefers beautifully bold colors. In that case, why not consider a bright yellow or vibrant purple?

9. Choose your couch wisely

The sofa might be the most important part of your living room. That's why you should choose one that helps set the tone of the space while also offering a comfortable place to relax. Don't be afraid to choose one that's unusual, as long as it's still comfortable and well-made.

10. Find an eye-catching chair

While you can easily choose chairs that match your couch, a great way to show off your style while also providing extra seating is to opt for a fashionable chair that stands out on its own.

11. Consider a chaise lounge

Both comfortable and unabashedly glamorous, the chaise lounge adds a bold statement to your living room. The perfect place to watch TV, read a good book, or just chill out, a chaise lounge is a fabulous addition to any space.

12. Bring in a bench

For the consummate entertainers among us, having plenty of seating is integral to hosting parties. Benches are an easy solution that — thanks to the multitude of styles available — can add some major impact to your living room

13. Make the hardwood floor shine

If you're lucky enough to have hardwood floors, you should definitely consider refinishing them and, in turn, keep them clean so that they really shine. Don't have hardwood? You can always install them or use a laminate option that mimics the look of hardwood.

14. Don't shy away from a bold rug

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, which means that you'll definitely be able to find one that you love. Rugs with striking colors, intricate patterns, and delightful designs bring some fun to the floor.

15. Add stained glass

If your home didn't have stained glass when you moved in, you can still add some to your living room. Either track down a stunning piece at an antique market, buy one from a stained-glass artist, or even put up faux stained-glass film on your existing windows.

16. Throw on some pillows

Pillows in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns are a fabulous way to make your living room both extra comfy and extra stylish. While you could choose one of two of your favorites, another options is to make the space a pillow-filled sanctuary.

17. Sneak in additional seating

Whether you opt for a smaller footstool or a larger ottoman, the added pieces of furniture can have a big impact on your living room. Not only do they add additional seating, but stools and ottomans are also great pieces of furniture to throw your tootsies up on. You can also get one that has handy storage space inside.

18. Display your art collection

One of the fun things about art is how you choose to display it in your living room. You can just showcase one work or create a gallery wall with a multitude of pieces. Displaying your art also allows you to be creative — you can embrace a common theme or color palette, or you can mix it up as much as you want.

19. Incorporate sculpture

Photography and paintings aren't the only types of art to consider for your living room. Sculpture is also a wonderful idea. Whether it's big enough to stand on its own in a corner or small enough to perch on a shelf, there are endless options when it comes to size, shape, material, and subject matter.

20. Go big with a mural

The saying may be "go big or go home," but in this case, you can go big in your home! Add a mural — either a simple design that you paint yourself or a more complicated one by a professional — to a prominent wall and let the art make a massive statement in your living room.

21. Put up funky wallpaper

Wallpaper has gone in and out of fashion over the decades. But, thanks to today's modern materials and methods, wallpaper is now much easier to use and keep clean. Not to mention it comes in more designs than you could imagine from both major retailers and independent artists, so you have a plethora of choices for your living room.

22. Hang charming curtains

Some people think of curtains as purely functional — something that provides privacy in your living room and cuts down on direct sunlight streaming in. But curtains also add another layer to your design. Match them with your other décor or choose ones with a lively color or pattern that adds oomph to your living room.

23. Install fabulous blinds

Curtains aren't the only kind of window covering that you can choose. Blinds are another way to achieve privacy, shade, and style in your living room. You can consider either horizontal or vertical blinds in a range of materials like metal, plastic, and wood, according to House Beautiful.

24. Hang dazzling light fixtures

Add both light and flair to your living room with a dazzling light fixture. Another item that varies widely in design, materials, and price, some are so striking that they're like a work of art that gives off a gorgeous glow.

25. Create intimacy with lamps

Bright overhead lighting in the living room is ideal when you need a good amount of light for reading, puzzles, or games. But, floor and table lamps provide a more intimate vibe. Grab a few and place them throughout your living room to create a cozy oasis.

26. Install wood-panel walls

There are countless ways to use wood to accent your living room, including using wood panels on the wall. They provide a minimalist Scandinavian vibe that provides a perfect backdrop to other standout design elements such as funky furniture and bold colors.

27. Find a cool coffee table

Coffee tables are another item of furniture that can be considered mostly functional. However, thanks to a plethora of options when it comes to shapes, sizes, and materials, a standout coffee table can serve as a the centerpiece of the living room.

28. Paint your walls different colors

Why choose just one wall color in your living room when you can opt for two? Or three or four? You could paint walls right next to each other different colors, create contrast with opposite walls or simply create one accent wall. 

29. Or paint one wall two colors

Using different colors on different walls can look cool but that's not the only way to opt for multiple hues. You can also use two different colors on the same wall for a dramatically stylish result.

30. Hang up small or medium mirrors

Find a couple small and medium-sized mirrors that you love — either matching or different — and hang them on your living room wall. It provides an elegant look while redirecting light, making the room seem lighter and brighter.

31. Or opt for one large mirror

If you want something a little bigger in your living room, then you should consider a full-length mirror. Although you won't necessarily be able to hang it up, you can simply (and securely) lean it against your wall. As well as reflecting light, it can also help the area appear more spacious.

32. Keep it cozy with a blanket

Add another accent to your living room with a stylish blanket or two. While they are another way to indulge in eye-catching colors and intriguing patterns, they also provide you with some extra warmth on those colder days and nights.

33. Light up the room with candles

While some people may equate candles to romantic date nights, or maybe think of them as a simple necessity when there's a power outage, candles are also an easy, affordable way to add decorative elements to your living room space.

34. Paint your wood panels

If you have gorgeous wood panels in your living room, you would be totally justified to leave them as they are or do your best to keep them pristine. However, if they're not exactly in the best shape or are somewhat dated, then you might want to paint those panels an attractively modern color. 

35. Incorporate decorative wall designs

If you're looking to give your walls a classy touch, considering incorporating decorative wall designs, such as picture moldings. Design touches like these are often found in more stately homes and will add a level of elegance to your living room.

36. Create a cut-out

Even if your living room doesn't have any particularly unique features, that doesn't mean that you can't add one. Cutting out an intriguing nook in a wall adds character and charm. Just make sure that there aren't any important wires in the wall (and maybe hire a professional) before you make any cuts.

37. Do a modern twist on traditional décor

Not everyone is interested in having a taxidermied animal head on their wall. Others may not want shelves made of food crates. However, putting a modern twist on both by using a faux artsy creature and painted crates can create a stunning style in your living room.

38. Use handmade macramé

Macramé is not only a lovely artistic addition to any living room, but it can also be an attractive way to hang up your plants. Do a quick search online and you'll be able to find plenty of artists who make handmade macramé treasures.

39. Create interest above

Sometimes people forget about the "fifth wall" (i.e. the ceiling). This often uninteresting space offers an opportunity to do something really unique. If you have a high ceiling in your living room, you could have curved arches added in order to create irresistible visual appeal.

40. Use checkerboard floors unexpectedly

Checkered floors aren't just for vintage diners and classic kitchens. Having a checkered floor in a living room creates a vibrant and fun space that can be further pepped up with pops of bright, bold, or luscious colors.

41. Add a stone wall

Brick walls are always popular, but have you ever thought about putting up a stone wall? With real and faux options available at most home stores, you can choose from a seemingly endless range of colors, textures, and designs. You can also opt to cover an entire wall, certain sections, or just one area.

42. Paint the brick

Painting exposed brick may seem like an unforgivable thing to do. However, taking such a big risk can have a seriously worthwhile payoff. Painted brick can have a gorgeous patterned look to it that gives an old building material new life.

43. Look to your grandmother for inspiration

It's understandable (and totally adorable) if you associate plaid with your elderly grandparents' cozy living room. However, if used with a chic and stylish sensibility — that is, sleek designs and modern materials — then you can use plaid to create your own updated version of your granny's favorite room.

44. Go minimal

It doesn't take a lot to put together a minimalist living room, which is one of the benefits of the striking style. All you need is a few key pieces, such as a chic couch, matching rug, and sleek coffee table. Simple accessories, such as a single vase of white flowers, keep the look understated.

45. Hang sliding barn doors

Barn doors are a popular trend that are easier than ever to add to your living room. With kits available at many home stores, all you need to do is install the tracks at the top (and sometimes bottom) of your open space and hang up the doors. Open them up for large gatherings or shut them to create a cozier setting. 

46. Put up a chic ceiling fan

Air conditioning units and central air are convenient ways to keep your home cool when the weather is on the hotter side. However, when you simply want a bit of a breeze or would like to keep the air moving around your living room, an attractive ceiling fan does the trick.

47. 'Frame' your television

Meld your television into your décor by placing on a simple wooden backing that creates a frame effect. Paired with other sophisticated décor, your television suddenly becomes a work of art.

48. Go glam

Living rooms are the perfect spaces to indulge your luxurious leanings. To achieve a glamorous look, opt for mirrored surfaces, chrome details, crystal embellishes, and marble accents. When considering upholstery look to silk, satin, and velvet. And don't forget the fine art.

49. Indulge your inner bohemian

Woven pieces, handmade items, and neutral shades will help you put together a relaxing bohemian living room. Natural materials and artisanal finds will perfect the look, as will as many plants as you can keep alive (or faux ones if you'd rather).

50. Make your hobbies a part of the décor

If you don't have extra space to park your bike or stash away your photography equipment, then why not make it part of your décor? Hang your two-wheeled transportation on the wall or place your spotlight in a strategic spot to make it seem almost sculptural.

51. Take in the view

When it comes to real estate, good views are worth a lot. So, if you're lucky enough to have one from your living room, then be sure to take advantage of it. Arrange your furniture accordingly, so you can easily watch the world while lying on your couch.

52. Keep it rough

Nailing a stellar style in your living room doesn't mean that everything has to seem pristine. In fact, leaving certain aspects — like exposed brick walls and metal beams in the ceiling — create a funky aesthetic that feels artistic and fun.

53. Take a new look at classic patterns

Let classic patterns inspire you, but use them in a bold new way. An elegant damask wallpaper serves as a sophisticated backdrop to a geometric-tile floor and a couch with zebra-print pillows.

54. Rethink pastels

While children's bedrooms may come to mind when thinking about pastel decor, these pretty shades can look extremely sophisticated in a modern living room. Incorporate some white accents and cheery foliage to keep the room feeling fresh.

55. Open it up to the outside

Indoor-outdoor living is something that simply makes life more enjoyable. Install sliding doors that you can push back to make your yard an extension of your living room and you surely won't regret it.