Tips For Incorporating The Disco Christmas Trend Into Your Holiday Decor

As trends circle back into style, disco balls are once again becoming a popular décor piece. They're all over social media sites like TikTok, where people repurpose them as planters to hang in windows or DIY melting disco balls to display on their mantles. Libby Rasmussen, a social media and marketing director with the Living Colorfully Shop on Etsy, told The New York Times that she sold about 5,000 disco balls in a single year alone.

Disco balls are known for having been a staple in the 1970s, but they've been around since the 1920s. They're often used to decorate a party space since they're relatively cheap and can fill an entire room with sparkle when they reflect light from a single bulb. Today, you don't have to go out to the clubs to enjoy the atmosphere created by disco balls. As more and more people get into interior design and look for ways to redecorate their spaces, disco balls have become popular again, offering amateur designers a way to celebrate life and have fun doing it. The holiday season is also a time to embrace celebration and fun, so why not add at least one disco ball to your Christmas décor this year?

Disco ball ornaments, wreaths, and garland

There are many different ways to include a disco ball or two in your holiday décor, whether you want to use them as a subtle touch or a statement piece. The easiest way is to hang a few small disco ball ornaments on your Christmas tree. You could buy them or make your own with hot glue and wire hooks.

Brit + Co has a few other tips for incorporating disco balls into your holiday parties. Creating a disco ball wreath is one option. You can use hot glue to add different-sized disco balls to an existing wreath or make one from scratch with a metal frame and some tinsel. Easy-to-make and sustainable holiday garlands are great for decorating with disco balls too. The mirror balls can simply be glued on, or you could thread them along twine or fishing line. String the garland across a mantle or wrap it along your handrails. The trick to decorating with disco balls is to accent them with metallic colors like brass, gold, and silver.

Disco ball tree

If you'd rather stay in the spirit of large statement disco balls as the center of a party, a Christmas tree made out of them is the decorative piece for you. It's an easy DIY project that only requires three things. First, you'll need a foam cone or wire tree. Studio DIY used a 24-inch foam cone for their version, but choose any height you wish. You also need hot glue to put everything together and, of course, disco balls. For this project, purchasing disco balls in at least two different sizes is best.

To start your tree, add your larger disco balls to the bottom of the frame. As you move up, make sure to add hot glue to both the disco ball you're adding and the one on which it will sit — doing this ensures they won't fall off. Make sure you're spinning the frame as you go in order to look at the tree from all angles. You should use the smaller disco balls to fill in any gaps and for the top of the tree. Once it dries, your tree is ready to reflect light and create the perfect holiday party atmosphere.