One 200K A Month Florida Rental Home Is A Star Trek Fan's Dream

Calling all "Star Trek" fans! If you're in need of a place to rent in Florida, this house may be the one of your dreams. Located in the Boca Raton area, per Zillow, a home that pays homage to the classic movie franchise can be rented for around $200,000 a month. By comparison, it's estimated to be worth over $3.4 million. Featuring nine bedrooms and 13 baths total, it also has enough parking spaces for nine cars. Built in 2005, it sits on nearly 1.7 acres of land while spanning around 27,266 square feet of interior space.

The main living room is spacious in size and features many colorful art pieces, as well as textured décor items. But while some of the main common rooms are decorated in this natural and elegant style, other areas are anything but. For example, one of the many bedrooms has a bright red aesthetic. Elsewhere, one has a pirate theme while another has a fairy theme. There's a basketball court out back as well as a waterfall elsewhere on the property. There is even a large game room with many arcade and table games, plus other activities you may see at an actual arcade. However, it's the areas dedicated to "Star Trek" that have people turning heads.

Thoughtful details for Trekkies

The main room of this estate contains many homages to the ever-popular series; much of the décor is bold and goes beyond. While most of the walls have texture in black and white shades, the ceiling has bright red trim and a uniquely-shaped fan that pays homage to a spaceship. The rug underneath has this same design as well as stars, giving the illusion that you're in space. There are also numerous seating areas that feature a loveseat, chairs that replicate those from a spaceship, and a few other uniquely-designed items. Additionally, there is quite a bit of "Star Trek" memorabilia on the wall, as well as several Vulcan hand salute signs leaning up against it in a rainbow of colors.

In another area within the ship-themed room is a glass bookcase full of other treasures that replicate scenes and items from "Star Trek." To watch this series, one can enter a private screening room just off to the side. Here there are two standard rows of seating and a desk with chairs designed like a control panel.

More of the Star Trek theme

Of course, with a property like this, it was bound to gain the attention of the popular Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild. While there are several photos of the other areas of the home, almost half of them consist of dedicated "Star Trek" spaces. 

Perhaps the most notable comment comes from the official Instagram account named "Star Trek" on Paramount+; they simply asked, "Where's our invite to watch 'Star Trek?'" They ended with, "We'll bring the gagh." Other viewers liked this comment as well, as they received a few replies such as "yesss!!!" and "I am there!" Others poked harmless fun at the design by stating "This is like if Nick at Nite was a house," and "You could definitely break even running a kids BD party biz outta there."

Other Instagrammers added, "I've definitely designed this house on the sims," to which another user replied that they "came here to say this." And, someone else asked if "the doors to the bridge slide open and make that little 'shukkk' sound."