How To Clean Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Though taking down your Christmas decorations for the season is far less enjoyable than putting them up, doing so is the beginning of being able to be excited about decking the halls once again next year. Big on holiday decorating? Then you know how much storage factors into the décor process. Likewise, if you tend to go all out during the holiday season, you likely have multiple storage bins of decorations and trinkets. Whether you store Christmas ornaments in the garage, shed, or basement during the off-season, it's important their condition while in storage doesn't contribute to wear and tear over the years.

In addition to being cautious about the way you box them up and the condition in which the bins are stored, it's also important that your ornaments are clean prior to storing them. According to Flat Rate Carpet, cleaning these trinkets not only helps them look better on the tree but will also help preserve them and extend their life. This is particularly important if you're someone who has any sentimental or family heirlooms you want to enjoy for years to come. 

Thoroughly cleaning and taking care of your Christmas ornaments — and putting them into storage in tip-top condition — will help ensure they're in the best shape when the holidays roll around again next year and it's time to take them out once more.

Cleaning and storing your fabric ornaments

While traditional glass Christmas ornaments are among the most popular, many people also have a collection comprised of various other materials. Those made of fabric, for example, need special care to ensure they are clean and aren't damaged during the cleaning process. If you're a pet owner, you know how easily your furry friend's hair clings to this material in your home — and ornaments are no different. According to Yahoo! Finance, using a lint roller is a safe and effective way to remove pet hair from any made of fabric.

And while tossing fabric varieties into the washing machine or giving them a bath in the sink might seem like an easy way to remove stains, you run the risk of damaging them due to their often-fragile nature. This is especially the case if they're antiques or have been passed down over several generations. If you notice dirt, watermarks, or stains on any fabric ornaments, Yahoo! Finance suggests gently using a stain pen over the impacted areas. Then, allow them to fully dry before placing them back into storage.