30 Of The Most Adorable Pieces Of Wall Art For A Kid's Room

Decorating a child's room can be an enjoyable task thanks to the fact that you can have fun while you get to make decisions about the décor. For instance, along with furniture, you might want to opt for a colorful rug, appropriate lighting, and curtains that are dark enough to block out the sun during naptime. On top of that, you'll also want to choose the ideal artwork.

To do so, you'll want to keep various things in mind, according to Diana Dellos Designs. First, you should ensure that you don't take things too far. While you can indulge in bright colors, vivid patterns, and eye-catching textures, you won't want to overdo it when it comes to each aspect. If you do, then the room might overstimulate your little one. Next, consider what kind of ambiance you're aiming to achieve. If the child needs a restful space, then you want to keep the art toned down. Otherwise, you can put up pieces that engage the mind and spark creativity. Finally, you may want to stick with décor that focuses on a specific theme. However, you might also want to opt for art that can work with various styles so that you can keep it around as your kiddo gets older and wants to make alterations to the room.

With all of that in mind, be sure to check out the following items which are some of the most adorable examples of wall art for a kid's room.

1. Our World Map

Little ones can get a glimpse at the incredible places that exist around the globe with Our World Map. Available at West Elm, the illustration by Minted artist Elly is available as a 24 by 18-inch piece or one that's 40 by 30 inches. The smaller version costs $178 while the larger one is $306.

2. ABC Buddies

A child may find themselves becoming familiar with the alphabet thanks to Nadia Hassan's ABC Buddies. Featuring each letter as a quirky character, the piece comes in either a natural frame or a white one and in three sizes — 11 by 14 inches for $94, 16 by 20 inches for $152, or 18 by 24 inches for $200.

3. Rainbow Woven Tapestry

Offering both a creative image and a soft texture, Rainbow Woven Tapestry uses a traditional medium for a modern piece. Along with cotton yarn that's been woven by hand to create the sun, cloud, and rainbow-filled design, it also includes an arched metal piece that can be used to hang up the item that costs $70.

4. Mej Mej Spruce Forest

The Mej Mej Spruce Forest decals are an artistic option that can be placed directly on the wall of a child's room. Sold as a set with three birds, three trees, and five houses for $181, the decals are simple to put up by peeling them off the sheet they come on and sticking them up.

5. Retro Robot

Morgan Kendall is the artist responsible for Retro Robot. Available with either a pink or blue background and slightly different accent colors that have a distinct vintage vibe, the two options are sold separately but would definitely work together. They also come with the choice of two different frames and three sizes that cost $92, $150, and $198.

6. Stripe Top Bear

Stripe Top Bear by Megan Monismith would clearly suit a child's room that embraces a teddy bear theme. Of course, it would also work in a space that has a black and white color scheme or is filled with animal-related aspects. Offering shoppers options between background colors, frames, and sizes, this piece costs between $74 and $130.

7. Youth Innocence

Melissa Koby's piece called Youth Innocence will help create a friendly and playful vibe in any space thanks to the image of three children running while holding hands. The art is available as an 11 by 14-inch piece that costs $185, as well as a 16 by 20-inch piece for $285, or 18 by 24 for $300.

8. Bild — Knitted Sweaters

While the animals that appear in this work of art from Ikea are certainly cute — honestly, the zebra is beyond grin-worthy — the fact that they're all wearing colorful outfits makes this piece even more adorable and a little unique. Appropriately deemed Knitted Sweaters, this poster-sized option is 19.75 by 27.5 inches and costs just $7.

9. Bild — Taking It Easy

Another relatively affordable option from Ikea, Taking It Easy by Vancouver-based designer and illustrator Josiane Vlitos is sold for $5. Spanning 16 by 20 inches, the piece, which boasts a smiling light teal-colored sloth that is surrounded with flowers and leaves, will remind little ones that it's okay to slow down when they feel the need.

10. Bild — Sleep Tight

Glowing moons, dangling stars, dark skies, and animal friends like deer and rabbits make up the nighttime scenes that can be seen in the Sleep Tight set. The pieces by Archie Stone, which can surely be the inspiration for a little one's sweet dreams, each measure 16.25 by 20 inches and cost $7 for the pair.

11. Silverhöjden — Dream set

Coming as a set of four pieces that are different sizes, the Dream artwork features colorful rainbows and a whimsical unicorn, not to mention beautiful bubbles and an inspiring message. Ideal artwork for a gallery wall — although they could also be placed on their own — the items come in golden frames and sell for $34.99.

12. Watercolor Heart

Watercolor Heart is exactly what it sounds like and yet so much more. The adorable artwork from Pottery Barn Kids is a UV-printed image that uses 100% organic cotton fabric as a base. Sold for $99, the art itself is 23 inches square with an inch on all sides due to the wood fir frame.

13. Baby Lion

A delicately handpainted piece that has been created on masonite, Baby Lion is just one of the options when it comes to this collection of cute critters. Little art lovers may also appreciate Baby GiraffeBaby Elephant, and Baby Zebra, which are sold for $69 each. They also come protected behind glass in poplar wood frames.

14. Dinos in Space

Children may find themselves daydreaming about ancient beings who roamed the Earth or futuristic travel to far-off planets while gazing at Dinos in Space. This artwork by Annie Holmquist, which has an almost retro look, comes as an 11 by 14-inch piece, a 16 by 20-inch piece, or an 18 by 24, and costs between $101 and $218.

15. Bunny

Bunny by Lori Wemple has the look of an illustration from a beloved folk-inspired fairytale. Made available in the same three sizes as other pieces from Pottery Barn Kids — 11 by 14 inches, 16 by 20 inches, and 18 by 24 inches — it also comes in a larger 24 by 30-inch size. Each piece costs between $101 and $328.

16. My Little Ballerina

An illustrator and painter who is originally from Peru, Belia Simm brings dance-inspired dreams to reality with the help of My Little Ballerina. With the choice of three sizes from 11 by 14 inches to 30 by 40 inches for $101 to $447, it also comes with the choice between four hand-crafted Italian frames in neutral colors.

17. Always Always

Always Always is a piece by artistic duo Alethea and Ruth, sisters who use their middle names for their professional work. A creative and colorful piece of text art that can remind children of how much they are and always will be loved, it comes framed in four sizes that cost in the range of $101 to $328.

18. Lighthouse, Sailboat, and Anchor

A set of three prints that are each 7.5 by 10 inches, Lighthouse, Sailboat, and Anchor takes the traditional nautical theme in a playful, colorful, and child-friendly direction. The trio, which cost $26.99, comes on sturdy foam boards with black edges and includes mounts that can simply be taken down and moved around when needed.

19. Hello Rainbow

Available at Macy's, the three pieces that make up the Hello Rainbow — Boho Nursery set would make a fabulous addition to a kid's room that has an age-appropriate boho-chic style. Each spanning 7.5 by 10 inches and sold together for $26.99, they can be arranged horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally, as well as together or separately.

20. The Kids Room Multi-Sport

Aspiring and enthusiastic young athletes will likely love The Kids Room Multi-Sport artwork, which uses a patchwork-like design to bring together images of different kinds of balls (and one hockey puck). An 11 by 14-inch print that comes in an ebony wood grain frame that is 1.5 inches deep, it's sold at Macy's for $57.

21. Safari World Adventure Awaits

Lions, zebras, giraffes, and crocodiles — all wearing floral necklaces or crowns, of course — are just some of the animals that can be spotted on Safari World Adventure Awaits. Spanning 18 inches across and 24 inches in height, the unframed piece that is 1.8 inches thick costs $27.99 for anyone who's interested in this adorable art.

22. You are My Sunshine

Surely inspired by the classic song, this set that's been deemed You are My Sunshine spreads its sweet message across four 11-inch by 11-inch square blocks. Easy to arrange and rearrange, each is made of light material yet is still durable. Selling for $44.99, this daytime set can put a little sunshine into any morning.

23. Twinkle Twinkle

At the end of each day, children can peacefully drift off with the Twinkle Twinkle set, sending them off to sleep with a loving sentiment. Each piece measures 11 by 11 inches while the set is priced at $44.99.

24. Everyone Belongs

A little one's room should be a safe and comforting place, and this Everyone Belongs artwork from Target helps to create that kind of welcoming and nurturing environment at home. Acknowledging differences and boosting acceptance, this text art that is 16 inches wide and 20 inches high offers a key belief and creative combination for $20.

25. It's Cool to be Kind

It's Cool to be Kind is the name of this sweet piece. Knitting is also pretty cool, which is one of the reasons why this textile option is so stylish. Made to be 13 inches by 18 inches, the artwork that is sold for $17 features a subtle texture and charming pom-pom tassels.

26. You Are Magic

You Are Magic Rainbow and Unicorn is a set of three pieces that are more whimsical than they might first seem. Each item is completed by hand and boasts a foil finish on the sides that takes the overall effect up a notch. Available for $53.99, the individual artworks are each 10 by 15 inches.

27. Water Hyacinth Lion Head

Water Hyacinth Lion Head is just as sweet as the other artistic items that little art connoisseurs can choose from but in a very unique way. Found for $20, this wall hanging that's 18 inches around is made of a natural dried grass material that's been woven into the shape of the amicable animal.


Gummy bears, lollipops, candy canes, jelly beans, bubble gum, and bonbons are just some of the treats that can be spotted in Patricia Lima's I WAAANT CAAANDY!!!!! A cotton canvas fabric tapestry measuring 16 inches by 24 inches, it's suspended from a solid beech wooden piece that is magnetic. Available at Spoonflower, it's sold for $59.

29. Baby Animals in Autumn Forest

Uta Naumann is an artist who creates endearing images of stunning flowers, pretty plants, and wondrous wild things with a vintage touch. That is just what she's done in Baby Animals in Autumn Forest. A patterned piece that's printed on hand-sewn fabric, shoppers can order this hanging tapestry for $59.

30. Jungle Friends

Another fabric tapestry that's produced by the folks over at Spoonflower and can be bought with a little one's room in mind for $59, Jungle Friends is the work of Sally Mountain. The UK-based illustrator and designer has put together a piece that will add a pop of color to a kid's space thanks to the animal-filled art.