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55 Rustic Wood Coffee Tables You Absolutely Need In Your Home

Whether you're a young professional moving into your first apartment, a newly-minted family of four switching things up, or a group of roommates who love hosting people at your home on the weekends, the coffee table is a staple in every living room. It's a great reflection of your home's personality (as well as yours), and it has been this way for centuries (via Laurel Crown).

Once known as a tea table, the coffee table's position as a living room must-have has been evident since the days of yore. However, finding the right one to fit your interior style, like decorating your living room as a whole, can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. Choosing an aesthetic will help you narrow your options down.

For lovers of rustic décor, we've got a whopping 55 beautiful rustic wood coffee tables in a range of price points for you to check out. 

Prana solid wood coffee table

The geometrical Prana solid wood coffee table has a gorgeously minimalist design. Available in natural brown and dark brown on Wayfair's site for $679. 

Union rustic natural wood edge teak coffee cocktail table

The union rustic natural wood edge teak coffee table is perfect for small and larger living spaces. Thanks to its unusual shape, it brings an artistic flair that spruces up any room. This piece is available on Wayfair for $470.

Keema frame 2 piece bunching coffee table set

If you're looking for something stylish and affordable, check out the Keema frame 2-Piece bunching coffee table set. The set comes with two wood-top tables and is available on Wayfair for $139.

Phillips Collection teak root coffee table

The unique look of the Phillips Collection teak root coffee table from Perigold resembles a tree trunk and is perfect for lovers of all things rustic. This coffee table's simple yet rich design will be a conversation starter. Available for $2,099.

Ibolili coffee table

The Ibolili coffee table looks like a complex piece of art and can work as a focal point in any living room. Available for $1404.

Elihu solid wood 4 legs coffee table

For fans of cottagecore, this Elihu solid wood 4 legs coffee table is a rustic dream. The perceived imperfections on display give this coffee table a lived-in energy and warmth. Available on Wayfair for $350.

Ibori organic modern teak coffee table

With the Ibori organic modern teak coffee table, no two wooden bases are precisely the same, so you're guaranteed a unique piece with this scene-stealer. Available at France & Son for $1,299. 

Dinora coffee table

The Dinora coffee table is perfect for smaller homes, thanks to its extra storage space. This piece is available at Birch Lane for $490. 

Sullivan reclaimed wood coffee table

Don't let the Sullivan reclaimed wood coffee table's simplicity fool you; it's a sturdy piece of furniture made from elm wood and boasting a weathered finish that farmhouse décor fans would love! Available for $1498.

Ornate rustic Redwood & Juniper root coffee table

Woodland Creek's regal ornate rustic Redwood & Juniper root coffee table is a winner for those with an appreciation for incredible craftsmanship. Available for $2425.

Rolf coffee table

Another statement piece that's sure to get your guests talking is the Rolf coffee table. This fun design is made from acacia wood and will bring a lighthearted vibe into your living space. Available for $900 at AllModern. 

Industrial reclaimed solid wood coffee table

Perhaps slightly unassuming at first, this Industrial reclaimed solid wood coffee table boasts an intricate design on its top that harkens back to designs from centuries past. Available from $117. 

Jackson slat door coffee table

The Jackson slat door coffee table is made from dark walnut and offers attractive storage options for your living space. Available for $219.

Accent cocktail table

A more grown-up design, the wooden accent cocktail table from Rural Handmade marries modern and antique designs. Available from $117.

Boone Mountain storage coffee table

Like something from a Disney cottage, the Boone Mountain storage coffee table is a darling piece of nature that will bring a slice of the outdoors into your living room! Available for $245. 

Rustic espresso rectangle wood coffee table with casters

The curious rustic espresso rectangle wood coffee table with casters is great for the more artistically-inclined, boasting a design that combines the industrial and the rustic and births something eye-catching. On sale now for $274. 

Linon Titian Coffee Table Driftwood

At $179, the minimalist Titian coffee table driftwood is an excellent option for fans of an unfussy aesthetic. 

Charon reclaimed coffee table

Deviate from the norm with this gothic charmer. The Charon reclaimed coffee table is a great choice for the more rebellious. Available for $1418.

Premium vintage rustic coffee table

A simple yet effective choice, Mercari's premium vintage rustic coffee table is a bargain at $180. 

Antique white & honey coffee table

This antique white & honey coffee table from Martin Svensson Home plays nicely with many hues and tones of rustic furniture. Available for $491. 

Brawith solid coffee table

With a dazzling design, the Brawith solid coffee table demands your attention and makes it worth your while. Available on Wayfair for $569.

Charlotte reclaimed wood coffee table

The Charlotte reclaimed wood coffee table is where rustic meets futuristic. Blend your design interests with this innovative piece for $970. 

Rustic reclaimed wood coffee table - Olivia & May

For the more artistically inclined among us, this playful Olivia & May rustic reclaimed wood coffee table is an expression of youthful energy and fun. Available for $479. 

Alaterre Pomona rustic cube coffee table

This adorable Alaterre Pomona rustic cube coffee table offers dual-layer storage. Available at Kohl's for $649.

Armen Living Faye Rustic brown wood coffee table

Rustic wooden top meets antique brass base to create the Armen Living Faye rustic brown wood coffee table. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $2511. 

Ludgate coffee table

The Ludgate coffee table may seem like yet another simple design, but its three compartments make it a great option for those of us with more things to display than space. Priced at $1040. 

Cusco rustic acacia coffee table

The metal legs of the Cusco rustic acacia coffee table act as a wonderful silhouette for the elegant dark wood, which makes it an elegant addition to any home. Available for $420. 

Olivia & May rustic driftwood coffee table

The exceptional Olivia & May rustic driftwood coffee table is simply begging to be the center of attention, and with its audacious design, it might just earn the right to be. Currently on sale for $1,599.

Farmhouse coffee table with two drawers and open bottom shelf

This Farmhouse coffee table from the Urban Port is a great option for people who like to compartmentalize every last detail of their living space. With the top-bottom shelf design, you can design to separate your magazines from your scented candles. Available for $510. 

Brocton rustic solid wood large square pedestal coffee table

The simple block design of the Brocton rustic pedestal coffee table makes it stand out from many other coffee tables on this list for the quiet elegance it exudes. Available for $1799. 

Alani sled solid wood coffee table with storage

Made of durable mango wood, this Alani sled coffee table with storage is another example of the kind of unique craftsmanship you can showcase. Available now for $459. 

Halfeti rustic solid wood small opium coffee table

The interesting silhouette of the Halfeti rustic solid wood opium coffee table will pull focus in any room it's placed in. Available for $899, with five different stains to choose from. 

Alaterre Furniture Monterey coffee table

A slice of the mid-20th century, this Alaterre Furniture Monterey coffee table takes you back in time. Available for $280.

Tima sand brown coffee table

Next is the Tima sand brown coffee table set, suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces. Priced at $249.  

Lubek Byron gray coffee table

Another deviation from the more typical browns of rustic décor, the Lubek Byron gray coffee table is a sturdy piece made of acacia wood that will stand the test of time. Available for $449. 

Obasi coffee table

Available at Edloe Finch for $895, the Obasi coffee table has a sleek design with rustic charm, any minimalist's dream. 

Latta slate gray coffee table

The Latta slate coffee table boasts a modern take on the classic rustic design. Priced at $299. 

Fischer coffee table

The walnut Fischer coffee table from AllModern is a sleight of hand in that it presents a simplistic design, but then you inspect it further and see how complex the design actually is. 

Farmhouse natural rectangle tray top wood coffee table

This Farmhouse natural rectangle tray top wood coffee table stands out from the crowd thanks to its quintessentially French countryside design. Priced at $252. 

COZAYH 2-piece coffee table set - ring pattern

This COZAYH two-piece coffee table set with ring patterns may look like it belongs on the patio, but the versatile duo of tables can elevate any space — inside or out. Available for $239. 

Siena nesting tables

These wood slices, known as the Siena nesting tables, are so natural that no two sets of tables are the same. Available for $3959. 

YitaHome coffee table wood with storage

The crate-like design of the YitaHome coffee table wood with storage – which costs $155 – offers a minimalist and natural aesthetic for lovers of simple things. 

Westcliffe Pointe rustic log coffee table

The Westcliffe Pointe rustic log coffee table looks like an outdoor fireplace in your living room, bringing a new meaning to cottagecore. Available for $1259. 

GreenForest 2-tier round coffee table

With two shelves — and at $119 –, the GreenForest 2-tier round coffee table is a great design option for those with plenty of knick-knacks to display. 

Oggetti showtime cocktail table

A piece of art disguised as a coffee table, the Oggetti showtime cocktail table is an elegant piece of furniture that will be the talking point at many gatherings. Priced at $3608.

Belmar woven drawer coffee table

The Belmar woven drawer coffee table is a versatile item of furniture that can fit into and brighten up any space with a beachy aesthetic. Priced at $230.

Tamarind coffee table

Arahaus' Tamarind coffee table is a feat of minimalist design, thanks to its brilliant use of the versatile tamarind wood. Available at $3499. 

Gregor round driftwood coffee table

The Gregor round driftwood coffee table with a wood ball base screams fun, with its ball base and round top resembling a toy from childhoods past. Available for $399.

Steve Silver rectangle wood coffee table with pedestal base

All business on top but a party below, the Steve Silver rectangle wood coffee table with pedestal base spices up the classic rectangle table format with the X pedestal base. Priced at $254. 

Houseinbox vintage square wood coffee table with storage

At $99, this Houseinbox vintage square wood coffee table with storage is the most affordable on the list and perhaps the most versatile, thanks to its numerous additional storage spaces. 

Suzanne Kasler Byron nesting coffee tables

There is a warmth to these Suzanne Kasler Byron nesting coffee tables that will elevate your living room with little effort. Priced from $899. 

Lorraine coffee table

A modern twist on a classic design, this Lorraine coffee table takes the rustic aesthetic to new heights. Currently at Pottery Barn for $1299. 

Mateo coffee table

The simple Mateo coffee table offers a trusty and unfussy design for your minimalist living space. Available for $399. 

Rae rectangular wood coffee table

Classic meets modern; wood meets metal. Pottery Barn's Rae rectangular wood coffee table is a fun take on the rustic aesthetic. Available for $899.

O&K Furniture rustic round coffee table

A classic option, the O&K Furniture rustic round coffee table is a quaint dark wood option that you can easily build your living room décor around. Available for $137.