20 Of The Most Stunning Pieces Of Wall Art At West Elm

If you want to add some trendy wall art to your home, then there are certainly plenty of places where you could go in order to find something that suits your particular taste in creative accents. For instance, you might be someone who adores the kind of popular décor that can be found at West Elm.

When it comes to what exactly you might find at the style-savvy retailer, it apparently caters to a certain kind of customer. While the type of person who shops at West Elm tends to vary when it comes to specific individual preference, Vanessa Holden, who worked as senior vice president and creative director of West Elm, explained to Haute Living, "Probably the one thing they agree on is that they want their home to be a reflection of them — they take great pride in their homes."

"Our customers aren't afraid to experiment. From decorating to entertaining, they see [the] home as a place to express who they are," Holden added. One way to do just that is to choose art that both reflects your style and complements your home, and this happens to be one store that offers a fair share of creative décor. From paintings and illustrations to photography and almost sculptural pieces, you'll definitely want to check out the following options which are some of the most stunning examples of wall art you can find at West Elm.

1. Colorblock art

The work of artist Margo Selby, these abstract, color-filled pieces come in four different yet equally engaging versions of the colorblock lacquer square wall artwork, and can either be used on their own or as a group. Found individually, as well as in sets of two and four, they're sold for $99 each.

2. Half Circle by Roar & Rabbit

Boasting glass beads that will catch the light along with mango wood that's been given an antique brass finish, these "Half Circle" pieces by Roar & Rabbit would suit a boho-chic, modern country, or natural contemporary style. Deemed "Half Circle" and "Half Circle II," each piece at West Elm costs $319.

3. Half Moon by Arts Capsule

The work of The Arts Capsule, which is an artists cooperative from Los Angeles, these "Half Moon" pieces are both simple and striking. Created on metallic paper, the art features a mid-century-esque design. Coming on their own or as a pair, the framed pieces are either $250 or $500 per item, depending on the size.

4. Take a Break

By Minted's Jess Franks, "Take a Break" is a painted landscape that looks as if you're peering out a window. Available at West Elm for $204 for a piece that's 24x18 inches, or $420 to $466 for one that's 40x30 inches, the size will also determine the choice of frame for the piece.

5. Supporting Friends

The work of Tampa-based artist Melissa Koby, "Supporting Friends" is an uplifting piece that will remind anyone who sees it of community, kinship, and those around who offer encouragement and caring. Coming with a choice of three different frames and in three sizes, West Elm sells an 11x14 piece for $185, 16x20 for $285, or 18x24 for $300.

6. Circling Butterflies

At first glance, this may seem like a pristine piece of abstract art. However, if you peek a little closer, then you'll notice that you're looking at "Circling Butterflies." A three-dimensional arrangement of butterfly-shaped pieces that create a captivating swirling scene, it's both simple and complex at the same time. It's also available for $599.

7. Let the Sunshine In

It's easy to understand why art lovers appreciate Walker Noble Studios. Just take a look at "Let the Sunshine In," which uses pleasing colors and lines to create a piece that would any space that could use a touch of sunshine. Coming in three sizes, they range in price from $195 to $310.

8. Awakening

Another offering from Minted, "Awakening" by Sara Berrenson comes in three pieces that each cost $94 for the 11x14-inch versions or $152 for the ones that are 16x20. Watercolor prints of springtime flowers that come in a wood frame, all three can be hung up together or each one placed on its own.

9. Graphic wood square dimensional art

Created with stone carvings in mind, this graphic wood piece can add an elegant touch of drama to a home. Available in a whitewashed version, as well as one with a black finish, these pieces can be purchased on their own or as a set of two that will cost between $429 and $1,716.

10. Pink Cacti

Potentially adding color and depth to a vibrant home, Shannon Kirsten's "Pink Cacti" captures the blush-tinged plants in photographic form. Ranging in size from 18x24 inches to 40x54 inches, the colorful photo costs $204, $420, or $682 at West Elm.

11. Naturalive Textile II

"Naturalive Textile II" is meant to offer a hint of creativity in a rather subtle way. Featuring shades of gray that almost have a woven look, it can work with a large range of wall colors and interior styles. Also offering a choice of frame to best suit its new home, the versatile work sells for $449.

12. Handwoven macramé tapestry

Woven by hand using a twisted cotton cord and soft jute in a duo of natural shades, this macramé tapestry boasts circular knotted designs and a lengthy hanging fringe. Suspended on a wood piece and wire frame, the piece at West Elm costs $239.

13. New Dawn

While "New Dawn" is another piece by Melissa Koby and features her signature style, it's quite different from her other work that you'll find here. That's because it focuses on the sunrise over a landscape that's been created using a palette of earthy tones. Sold in three sizes, this artwork costs in the range of $185 to $300.

14. Blue Felt

This piece of felt art not only looks good, but it also feels good. That's thanks to the fact that the simple abstract design is made up of fuzzy wool in shades of blue and white. Measuring 18 inches by 36 inches, this artwork sells for $199 at West Elm.

15. Desert Super Moon

Kate Baird is the artist behind "Desert Super Moon," which captures what the name implies. By placing it on a wall in a home, it'll be like opening a window onto the daydream-worthy scene that's been frozen for viewers to enjoy. The 18-inch by 24-inch version costs $204 while the larger ones are $420 and $682.

16. Gilded pendant antique brass art

This gilded pendant antique brass wall art might be just what's needed for a touch of creative glitter and glamour. Made of glass that's been surrounded by metal and then hung on a chain, each piece in the set of three — which costs $129 — has its own unique look while adding to the overall elegance.

17. Draped figure

This draped figure study by Minted's Rachel Nelson can be purchased in a way that fits various homes and budgets. Coming in three different sizes, it's sold at West Elm with or without a frame. That means it will cost anywhere from $152 to $536.

18. Circle & Line Clasp

"Clasp" is the work of Circle & Line, which was founded by Corie Humble. Created by hand in Austin, Texas, each artwork becomes a unique piece that will bring an unusual yet artistic touch to a space. Available for $325, it can be put up alongside other Circle & Line pieces like the "Meridian" and "Ripple."

19. Abstract landscape

Art lovers may want to use their imaginations to figure out what they see in this work that splits bold black and white sections with shapes of color. However, it happens to be an abstract landscape by Kirsta Niemie Benedetti. Sold as a 30x30-inch piece for $356, it also comes as a 44x44-inch piece for $554.

20. Capiz wall art

This capiz wall art can add a beachy touch to a home that's by the seaside or a residence in the suburbs, city, or country that could use the same laid-back vibe. Using shells that have been hand-cut and set in a three-dimensional design, each piece is unique. Spanning 25.5 inches by 25.5 inches, it's sold at West Elm for $469.