50 Trendiest Wall Art Ideas For Every Room In Your House

When it comes to nailing the kind of home design that expresses who you are while also establishing the sort of ambiance that you're aiming for in each space, there are a few things you can do to capture the styles that you want for various rooms. One of those things is to opt for eye-catching wall art. "Art is the most powerful tool in any room and sets the tone for everything else," interior designer Sophie Ashby of design agency Studio Ashby told Homes & Gardens. "In many ways, furniture is relatively transient and doesn't necessarily last forever, whereas art is often passed down from generation to generation." However, Ashby also noted that people often "get intimidated when buying art and can get a bit stuck and don't know how to make choices."

That's why knowing which mistakes to avoid when hanging artwork, having tips for choosing the perfect artwork for your home, and getting savvy suggestions can be incredibly helpful. Fortunately, we happen to have 50 trendy wall art ideas for every room in your house that will intrigue, excite, and totally inspire you!

1. Put up pictures of plants

Plants don't have to remain confined to pots and vases, although you can certainly add a few of those around your home as well. You can also pick up pictures of plants to bring some leafy creativity to the walls of any room.

2. Opt for abstract wall art

It can certainly be argued that abstract art doesn't focus on anything in particular. However, thanks to the shapes, colors, and compositions that abstract art can take advantage of, it can definitely help to set a mood and capture a style in multiple ways and in various rooms.

3. Pick a theme for your wall art

If your room has a cohesive look, then you might want to stick with a theme when it comes to picking out wall art for the rooms in your home. You could opt for prints of bugs or other cute critters in your living room and food-filled pics in the kitchen.

4. Tapestry is an ageless option

When you think of tapestry, you might imagine the ancient pieces of fabric that can be found in castles. While those are certainly lovely, you can opt for a modern version that can add an artistic and warm vibe to your living room, bedroom, office, or playroom.

5. Farmhouse chic wall art

Wood boards, worn paint, and rustic details all lend to a charming farmhouse vibe when it comes to pieces of art. Opt for items with cheerful sayings and sweet designs that will suit your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or pretty much any room in your home.

6. Ombre paint effect

Ombré hair is super popular as are clothes that embrace an ombré look. That same kind of gradual color-changing and shade-fading effect would also look incredible as art on the walls in your home.

7. Stick with an unexpected block of color

Art doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it can be utterly minimalist. Pop up a block of color — on a piece of wood or canvas, perhaps — that either contrasts or matches the wall behind it for an unexpectedly simple yet wonderfully creative touch.

8. Sofa-sized wall art

When choosing art for your home, the general rule is to pick pieces that will cover over half of the space on your wall, per Canvas, although you can go up to three-quarters. At the same time, you could ignore that and focus instead on your furniture by choosing a piece that's exactly the same size as your sofa.

9. Put up a wall-sized print

If you're willing to ignore rules around the size that art on a wall is supposed to be, you can go as big as you want when it comes to the piece you want in your room. Frankly, you could opt for a fabulously large piece that is the size of your entire wall.

10. Go big and bold with a mural

Hanging up a large print isn't the only way to cover your wall with art. You can also choose to paint — or have a professional create — a mural on the wall of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms.

11. Go with gold

Size isn't the only way a piece of wall art can be both eye-cathing and impressive. Find pieces that use gold in their design in order to bring a hint of sleek elegance to the rooms in your home.

12. Hang up macrame

If you aren't into glitzy glamour and instead lean more towards a chill boho vibe, then you should definitely consider hanging up pieces of macramé. Handmade art that's made of twisted, knotted, and looped rope, the pieces can be created in sweetly simple styles or stunningly intricate designs.

13. Change it up with chalkboard wall art

Deciding that you want to adorn the walls in your rooms with art doesn't mean that you have to look at the same pieces all the time. Use chalkboard paint to create a section — or an entire wall — that can be used to regularly draw new images, doodles, and fun messages.

14. Wall art can be tiled

Tiles can be another fabulous way to add an artistic touch to your walls, especially in areas where you might want pieces that won't be ruined if they get wet. Consider opting for a mosaic pattern or a larger overall design.

15. You'll love line art

Line art is incredibly popular these days with plenty of artists like Trisha Abe making it their main focus. Although some examples may be on the simpler side, they will also look simply lovely on the walls of your home.

16. Stick with a bright color

You may initially and instinctively focus on the subject matter of a piece of wall art when considering it for your home. However, you can also choose something based on the color alone and, in that case, you could opt for a bright and sunny yellow or something equally cheerful.

17. Keep it small and simple

Large pieces of art can definitely be intriguing. The same can be said for smaller pieces that don't give everything away at once but instead draw you in closer.

18. Pick pieces that play with shapes

Shapes can be intriguing in so many ways, which is why you see them used in fabric patterns as well as for toys. They're just as intriguing in art, which can play with shapes in fabulously creative ways that will look amazing on the walls in your home.

19. Pick out a matching pair

Art can be twice as nice if you choose two pieces that match. Whether they're exact copies of each other, are pleasantly similar, or simply stick with a single theme, subject, color, texture, or other key aspect, you'll likely love the way they work together on your wall.

20. Opt for a triptych

If you love the idea of a matching pair when it comes to pieces of art, then you might also be interested in a triptych. Made up of three pieces that either match or continue one image across all three panels, triptychs can be a great way to fill space on any wall in your home.

21. Consider interconnected art

Matching pieces of art may have piqued your interest — whether it's a pair, triptych, or more pieces that go together in some way. However, interconnected art uses the same kind of linked vibe while taking it even further by actually attaching multiple pieces together.

22. Frame your favorite vinyl

Records aren't just an old-school way to listen to your favorite music. You can also frame vinyl that either has a special meaning to you or has stellar album art and put it up on the walls of your home.

23. Spacey art can be stunning

If you like to look up at the night sky and enjoy the twinkling stars and the glowing moon, then you know how beautiful the view above can be. That's why spacey art — which can display everything from simple stars to gorgeous galaxies — is so popular for areas like your living room, bedroom, or office.

24. Marble-like wall art can look elegant and intriuging

Marble isn't just for kitchen countertops. While real marble might be a little heavy — and potentially pricey — to hang on your wall, a piece of art with an elegant marble-like look is just as intriuging.

25. Fall in love with artful sketches

Sketches in pencil or charcoal may seem incomplete at first glance thanks to their sometimes sparse lines and simple shading. However, they can also be the perfect way to complete a space, especially if the sketches are of captivating figures, forms, or scenes.

26. String can look striking as wall art

Macramé may take advantage of rope but string can also look amazing when used in art. Whether it's spun or embroidered, string can be incorporated into a piece or be the main focus of a piece that looks stunning on your wall.

27. Display inlaid wood panels on your wall

Wood comes in an incredible range of shades and grains. Artists can use that fact to create amazing pieces that show off cherry wood, oak, and maple, as well as walnut, birch, and mahogany.

28. Wall art can be both calm and creative

Wall art can mesmerize and excite you. On the other hand, it can also be calm and give off a relaxing vibe by using soothing shades and soft compositions.

29. Throw it back with retro art

Far-out shapes and shades that are outta sight will make you fall in love with retro wall art. Whether the rooms in your house have been designed with nostalgia in mind or you're pairing retro art with a modern style, it can definitely be the groovy touch that your space needs.

30. Framed photos of your favorite people

Framing photos of friends and family is certainly nothing new and that's because it's a lovely and loving way to add accents to the rooms in your home. You can stick with smaller copies of sweet photos or have larger portraits printed on material like canvas.

31. Framed photos of your favorite places

Pieces of art that feature images of your loved ones aren't the only pics that are worthy of your walls. You can also frame and hang up photos of your favorite places, perhaps where you were born or a memorable vacation spot.

32. Add extra style with fashion illustrations

Fashion illustrations don't merely have to pop up in the pages of magazines or stay within the confines of a designer's studio. They can also be framed and adorn the walls of your bedroom, bathroom, or — if you're lucky enough to have one — walk-in closet.

33. Pastel pieces can be stunning

Pastel may make you think of soft colors, which is understandable since they're so popular. However, pastel can also refer to the chalky-like substance used by artists that can be used to create stunning pieces. Some can almost look like paintings while others — like the work of Zaria Forman — can look like a photograph.

34. Embrace sporadic wall art placement

When putting art up on your walls, your first impulse might be to opt for art that's all one size and to find a way to line everything up perfectly. Of course, you could also embrace a sporadic approach and simply pop things up wherever they look best on any wall in your home.

35. Use unusual shelves as frames

Putting unique and unusual shelves up on your walls can be enough to add a creative touch to each room. At the same time, you could make it even more artistic by using the shelves as frames for other captivating pieces or items.

36. Put up a neon sign

Neon signs aren't just for storefronts. There's now a wide range of neon signs — or LEDs that have a neon look — that are meant for your home. Put a sign in the shape of a lemon in your kitchen and one that has a fun message in your bedroom, living room, family room, or office.

37. Go with adorable illustrations

Adorable illustrations can be for more than just nurseries. While they certainly would suit a young child's room, they could also work in a playroom, bathroom, living room, and more depending on your overall design.

38. Creative clocks serve a dual purpose

Clocks that are meant to be placed on a wall can be both a practical and creative addition to the rooms in your home. Along with telling you the time, they can be functional pieces of art.

39. Frame a single letter in a stylish font

We see words so often that we can forget that letters are little symbols that are basically pieces of art in themselves. Choose a letter that has meaning to you — like your initial — and have it printed out in your favorite stylish font before framing it and putting it on your wall.

40. A faux animal head can replace the real deal

Taxidermied animal body parts might not be your particular style. However, a faux animal head can be a way to add an almost sculptural element to the walls in your home.

41. Stuffed animal wall art can be creatively cute

Putting stuffed animals up on your wall might sound strange at first. However, some playful artists actually use stuffed animals as a medium for funky wall art that could suit a child's room, family room, or any other fun room in your home.

42. Hang up 3D shapes

Stuffed animals may look interesting on your wall, but if you don't want critters as part of your décor then perhaps plush shapes will work for you. You could opt for anything from a soft moon and stars to abstract arrangements and complicated puffy pieces.

43. Put up vintage and retro posters

When you were a teenager or perhaps a college student, there's a chance that you decorated your walls with posters from your favorite bands and festivals. While you might have outgrown that, putting up vintage or retro posters can be a more mature way to adorn your walls with the classic kind of art.

44. Creative interpretations of animals

If you adore animals, then you can focus on wall art that walks on the wild side. While some animal pieces may be stunning photographs, others are creative interpretations and representations of incredible animals.

45. Woven items can be wall art

Baskets that sit on your floor, shelves, or ledges can be a great way to create extra storage space in your home. They also look gorgeous thanks to their woven patterns. The same can be said of other woven items, which is why they look amazing as wall art.

46. Branches can adorn more than trees

Art can be found everywhere in nature. It can also be used in art in your home if you dry out and put branches up on your walls. Attractive enough on their own, you can also paint them, embellish them, or hang trinkets and treasures from them.

47. Maps can be creative décor

If there are places that are on your travel bucket list or locations that are special to you because you've already been there, a map can be a great way to spark your memory of that area. Fortunately, some maps are meant to be hung on your wall as attractive art.

48. Wall art can boast loose layers

Smooth surfaces can certainly be satisfying.  On the other hand, the same can be said pieces of wall art that feature cuts, lifted edges, and loose layers.

49. Wall art can feature tight layers

The wall art in your home can also feature tight layers that are placed and secured on top of each other to create one cohesive piece. Wood panels in natural and painted layers can be a striking addition to any room in your home.

50. Mix it up

If you can't decide on what kind of wall art will suit your rooms, then try mixing it up when it comes to mediums, techniques, sizes, and subject matter. Choose a few styles that you like and combine them to see what kind of creative layouts and setups you can come up with on your walls.