Picture Ledge Inspiration That Will Change The Way You Display Your Art

Those who want to display multiple pieces of artwork along one wall should look into using picture ledges. According to The Shelving Store, while similar to floating shelves, picture ledges have a few notable differences, including that they're thinner, lighter, and take up less space. Because they have less surface area than shelves, they're only meant to hold slim artwork and small decorations like mini plants and candles. Many also have a lip on the front to keep frames from sliding off.

Picture ledges can create a gallery wall, arrange multiple pieces in a straight line, or cover a blank wall. Further, because they're lightweight, they're usually simple to install. And, if you live in a rented space, the Command Brand sells ones that are hung with damage-free command strips and could be purchased from Walmart for $19.98. If you're considering using picture ledges in your home, you'll find 20 ways to display artwork or photographs below.

1. Gallery wall

To create a gallery wall using picture ledges, arrange your artwork on ledges of multiple lengths and heights. 

2. In the stairwell

A unique place to create a full-picture setup is in your stairwell. As the image above demonstrates, adding this to a dark wall would make wooden frames pop. 

3. An entire wall

If you have a blank wall in your home, cover it with multiple picture ledges and arrange photographs along them. For an eclectic look, use frames of all different sizes and styles. 

4. In the corner

Picture ledges can also be added to the corners of rooms. This design may look best when placed above a large furniture piece. 

5. Suspended above the couch

A great place to add a picture ledge is above your couch in the living room. To use more vertical space, leave an empty wall between the top of the couch and the bottom of the ledge. 

6. Right above furniture

Another unique way to add a picture ledge above a piece of furniture is by placing it right along the top. 

7. Adorned with plants

Plants are an easy way to create more interest on a picture ledge. Surround your artwork in greenery to make the pieces come alive. 

8. Display children's books

Picture ledges don't only have to display artwork. If you're looking for something functional, try using them to showcase children's books in the nursery or playroom.

9. Rustic wooden mantel

Be considerate about the ledge you choose. While white and black are more minimalistic and modern, wooden choices will add more personality and perhaps a rustic feel. 

10. On a small wall

A small, blank wall between two doorways in your home could be the ideal place to create a gallery wall with multiple stacked floating ledges.

11. Painted ledges

Painting your ledges a bold color will create a more playful and fun appearance. Keep all your frames the same neutral color to allow the vibrant shade to really shine. 

12. On an accent wall

Including a picture ledge on a bold accent wall will draw attention to your pieces. When doing this, use white mats around pictures to create contrast. 

13. In the bathroom

While these are technically floating shelves, they could easily be replaced with thinner picture ledges for a similar look. These small shelves are typically stacked above the toilet when used in the bathroom. 

14. Layered family photos

Those with many family photos could create a dynamic gallery wall by layering their frames along picture ledges. To create a more minimalist feel, keep the photographs black and white. 

15. Two different lengths

Staggering ledges of two different lengths on a wall will create more interest through asymmetry. If you want to tone down the look, choose shelves that match your wall paint. 

16. Board and batten shelf

Those with board and batten detailing on their walls could use the lip as a picture ledge. For an exciting appearance, layer many different pieces.

17. Just one piece of art

Or, if you'd rather not create a busy look, choose one large piece of artwork to display on your board and batten ledge. 

18. Wall separated into two spaces

Those with a large empty wall could separate it into two sections, with one side having picture ledges and the other displaying a large piece of artwork or mirror. 

19. Surrounding the television

It's common to see living rooms with shelves on either side of the television. Replacing these shelves with thinner and more compact picture ledges will create a sleek appearance. 

20. Above the bed

Instead of a headboard, display artwork along a picture ledge above your bed. When doing this, pairing larger and fewer pieces, such as the two canvases above, may look best.