20 Sofas To Revive Your Living Room

When entering the living room, the sofa is typically our first impression. Sofas are the centerpiece, where we gather, enjoy the movie, and have a laugh. It's the biggest splash of color in the room, or the essential grounding feature. It brings shape, or it offers contrast.

Further, no ottoman, armchair, or rug is complete without the main show that is the sofa. Oftentimes, homeowners will go out of their way to update smaller, less costly details in their living room before making the grand overhaul to replace the sofa, but we suggest not putting this task off for too long.

In fact, worn pieces of furniture can actually affect a homeowner's mental well-being, this according to Cecille Ahrens, a therapist and host of the podcast "Get Mental," who spoke to Insider. Size, as well as wear and tear, are some of the many reasons we end up replacing our sofas. And there are so many options to choose from, too, so where to begin? Well, today, we're going to cover several different options, ranging all price points, styles, and shapes of sofas that can revive your living room.

1. Blue beauty

Blue velvet brings elegance and timelessness to any space. The slope arm sofa from Target runs about $550 (is also available in gray and light gray) and can seat three.

2. Chesterfield classic

For the classical living room or that of a seasoned owner, a Chesterfield sofa can add a stately quality. This faux leather version from Target sells for $799.

3. The flexible futon

This modern futon couch from Target is a lower-price point sofa. If comfort and durability are your sofa goals, this $470 purchase also converts into a bed.

4. L-shaped elegance

If Marie Antoinette were a living room sofa, she would be this modular sectional sofa. Featuring button work on the cushions and chic wooden legs, the sofa sells for $2,327.

5. Midcentury starter

This $665 midcentury modern sofa features warm wood tones on the sides, a single tufted cushion, and room to seat three. Two circular, removable pillows are included.

6. Delightful daybed

A daybed offers a more contemporary flair to a living room space, with a simple design perfectly made for a nap or a lounge session with friends. This kind of piece can also fit uniquely toward the center of a living room, rather than against a wall, and goes for $995.

7. Purified and practical

The Dresden sectional sofa from Rove Concepts embodies an ultra-modern and sleek aesthetic, topped off by a warm wood table in between the two sections. This sells for $5,000.

8. Organic silhouette

The Diane sofa brings organic modern simplicity and a feminine touch together in one sofa. Utilizing a felt material, this sofa piece features a seat height of 16.5 inches and seat depth of 24.4 inches. It sells for $2,024.

9. Black beauty

The caviar open-ended sofa from Rove Concepts features a tufted design and a backrest angled at 10 degrees. Going for $4,049, its unique round backings invoke a sense of modernity and cleanliness.

10. Fun and funky

Funky would be the best word to describe the Tanner sofa from Rove Concepts. Going for $2,500, this sofa combines soft curves and sharp angles and is made from microfiber leather material.

11. Modern minimalism

Futuristic and full of eclectic shape, the Reya curve sectional from Rove Concepts looks like something out of "Blade Runner." It features two main pieces, with deliberate asymmetry to draw the eye in. This sells for $4,374.

12. Unique utility

With side tables on each side and a black leather cushion in the middle, this Chelsea sofa could work in a minimal but architectural living room space and goes for $2,695.

13. Versatile leather

The McQueen sofa has slender architectural lines, as well as a signature brown leather that could fit in a Brooklyn brownstone or a New Mexico ranch. It's priced at $2,600.

14. Quirky hem

The $3,900 Hem sofa at Industry West features a woven cane back, an ash wood frame in green, and an upholstered cushion with matching bolster pillows.

15. Pop art

Completely handmade and straight out of a Warholian fever dream, the Bubble 2 sofa from Roche Bobois is a pop of pure chartreuse fun for a living room. This piece of living artwork doesn't come cheap at $7,990. 

16. The seasoned starter

The Hana upholstered sofa from Wayfair features side pockets, a solid wood frame, and a seat depth of 20.47 inches. It goes for $460.

17. Shaken, not stirred

The Deondry velvet sofa in dark forest green imbues classic Hollywood sensibility. Going for $790, it features square arms and golden legs.

18. The Sunday game

This reclining vegan leather sofa from Wayfair is immune to stains, can seat three, and features a seat depth of 30 inches. The recliner sells for $919.19.

19. Rustic and warm

Plaid and warm wood tones offer a countryside and tranquil sensibility. This $1,437 rustic oak and linen fabric sofa from Overstock is eco-friendly and mission-inspired.

20. Cloud 9

The Cloud sofa from Restoration Hardware sells for $6,295, features pocket spring suspension, and is stocked in four color options. The sofa can be special-ordered, however, in 178 different fabrics