The Best Organizing And Decluttering Apps To Help You Straighten Out Your Home

Organizing your home offers you more benefits than simply making it easier to find that item you're missing. It's also been proven to help your mental health and stress levels, according to Forbes. "Our outer worlds invariably affect our inner worlds and vice versa," Danielle Roeske, Psy.D. told the outlet. She continued by saying, "When there is order and structure to our outer environment, it can help us feel more able to manage some of the internal feeling states and worlds." That feeling of being in control of your environment can improve your confidence, and cleaning up clutter can help your brain focus more clearly.

The energy it takes to do the work can help you calm down and process any frustrations you may have, along with the feelings associated with them. As you do so, your body releases endorphins, which can relieve pain and stress while improving overall well-being. Peggy Loo, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist, agrees with this theory. "Deep cleaning can be a great constructive physical outlet for frustration," she told Forbes. It's easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of an organized home now that there are so many apps available to get you started. Here are five of the best to help you straighten out your home.


Maintaining a clean home can be overwhelming. Sometimes it induces a paralysis of indecision; we don't know where to start so we do nothing at all. Tody makes the decisions for you, so there's just one task to complete at a time. After taking an initial inventory of cleaning chores per room (starting with a suggested list of common jobs), Tody organizes the information into a customized to-do list. From there, you just follow the list at your own pace and enjoy the satisfaction of a cleaner home after each item is checked off.

The App Store rates Tody at 4.8 stars, with positive reviews often mentioning the very responsive development team. One reviewer known as 1329jdj says, "This app has changed my life. No more time writing out to-do lists or wondering when I last did something, it's all right here and so customizable!" This reviewer also mentions that it's useful to delegate tasks to other family members as the information can be synced between devices. A review from deirdzs says, "It helps me to prioritize chores as a working mother — since I can only do so much in a day! I never have that feeling that I don't know where to begin because it shows me what needs my attention the most."


If you have a large collection of DVDs, CDs, games, or electronics that you're no longer enjoying, Decluttr offers an easy way to clear out some space in your home and get paid to do so. Here's a responsible way to get rid of an old iPhone, AppleWatch, tablet, or even a set of speakers. For a CD or DVD, use the app to scan the barcode on the product and you'll receive an instant price offered for the item. With electronics, find the category for the unit you're selling and indicate its condition as either good, poor, or faulty. If you accept their offer, then ship it for free and get paid by direct deposit or PayPal shortly after it's received.

Reviews of the business are offered by TrustPilot, which gives Decluttr 4.3 stars. One review from Carol Stewart states, "So easy! Good, easy-to-follow instructions, free shipping, and fast money in my account. Highly recommend!" Dorothy Brown says, "This was an incredibly easy process and that's what makes the experience a great one. The app is pretty helpful, too. Especially when you're submitting DVDs/CDs, etc." It should be noted, however, that there are a number of negative reviews from customers who disagree about the value that Decluttr places on their electronics. But with free shipping both ways, the app has the potential to be a very helpful tool.


Toss is an acronym for all you have to gain by using this app: time, organization, simplicity, and serenity. It's easy to build momentum when using Toss, because it keeps tasks simple and manageable. If your home is filled with collections of items that have never been organized, the app will help you sort through and eliminate the clutter, one stack at a time.

The App Store gives Toss 4.7 stars. One review from Vulcancalm says, "Toss is a wonderful app for procrastinators and sentimental packrats! It cuts through the excuse of 'no time' because the tasks are quick and easy. When done consistently over time it makes a big impact and creates good habits." Another reviewer named brumley5 states, "Nice free app that gives a task per day to accomplish. Big help for people who feel overwhelmed getting started in downsizing." This reviewer also mentions that even though some tasks are simpler than others, using the app brings a sense of pride and accomplishment in each assignment that's completed.


Clutterfree is unique because it connects you with a personal consultant who will help you make a plan that's tailored for your own home. First you upload pictures of the specific rooms you want to tackle, then an organization expert will respond with a customized plan. As you follow through with the tasks, you'll probably begin to fill boxes to take to the donation center. Clutterfree gives you a way to track these donations and keep a digital copy of the receipts, which will be useful at tax time. Keep in mind that this app is not free but costs $3.99 per month after a 14-day free trial.

The Clutterfree app has 3.7 stars on the App Store including reviews like this one from TXHorns2001 that states, "I love that you can customize your rooms and tasks and keep photos as you go along." Another reviewer named .c.hive says, "I found this app incredibly easy to use and manage. I highly recommend [it]!" Several reviewers were a little frustrated by glitches they encountered when the app was new, but it appears that many of these bugs were resolved in later versions of the software.

Adobe Scan

There's nothing more overwhelming than a mountain of paperwork that accumulates on a work-from-home desk or countertop. Growing each day, the assortment of junk mail, bills, and receipts can get out of hand pretty quickly. Adobe Scan makes this problem disappear by transforming the stack into a neat folder of digital files. Adobe has built a scanner into the app, so your smart phone becomes all the equipment you need. Documents can be saved as a PDF or JPEG, and the app even offers suggestions for file and folder organization. Because Adobe Scan recognizes text, it can scan a business card and transfer the name and information into your device's contact list.

Adobe Scan rates 4.9 on reviews from the App Store, with over a million users singing its praises. From one reviewer named CrossFire Legal Docs, "... this is hands down one handy app. For personal or business use, it's going to deliver. With this app on the go, you could literally work from the tailgate of your truck if you had to." TurtleWise says, "This app functions with the quality and ease I've come to expect from Adobe. Everything is simple and straight-forward." This reviewer also mentions how convenient it is to scan business cards and no longer carry them in a wallet. The Adobe Scan app is an excellent example of the tools that are available today to help you simplify your life and stay organized.