What '80s Design Trend Do People Want To Come Back? House Digest Survey

There was nothing subtle about the 1980s. As a push against the seemingly gaudy and drab vibe from the 1970s, those who chose to express themselves in the decade that popularized MTV and Nintendo, there was a theme of big style and bright colors. Now with the resurgence of the retro culture, people are outfitting their homes in ways that give a nod to this radical culture. Design trends such as bringing outside vibes back indoors are making a return in modern households. By incorporating plenty of plants and rattan furniture scattered throughout the living room, you can achieve a Miami chic meets "The Golden Girls" décor style, according to Realtor.com. With pottery classes being all the rage, you might find that homes are being decorated increasingly with ceramic sculptures and ornately glazed vases, which is a time warp right back to the out-of-this-world kitschy configurations of the '80s.

With newer shows like "Stranger Things" becoming a hit and accurately displaying the look and décor of suburban homes of this expressive decade, it's no wonder that folks might be inspired to take their design and kick it old school. In an exclusive House Digest survey, we wanted to know which retro designs you needed back in your life. So we asked 629 people, "Which '80s design trend was your favorite?" Read on to check out the results.

These gnarly home trends made it to the top of our survey

It seems that the colors of the '80s stood out the most among the 629 people that took part in this House Digest exclusive survey. 186 people — 29.57% of the total vote — loved the neon shades we made so popular in this decade. The neon colors — also known as fluorescent colors — are essentially extremely bright versions of their primary color roots, according to Color Meanings. In the '80s, it was hard not to notice the eye-catching shades everywhere you turned. Now you can bring these glowing pinks, greens, blues, and yellows into your modern home with brightly painted screen prints for your wall or stand-out accent pieces for decoration and furniture, as per HGTV. Neon will do the trick if you're looking to make a dramatic first impression.

For those who want a paint palette inspired by '80s design but can't see themselves staring at neon day and night, maybe something more subtle will do. The second most popular '80s home trend people wanted to see make a comeback was pastel paint colors, which received 134 votes or 21.30% of the total survey. Pastel colors are known as tints and are made to look softer with the addition of more white shades to existing colors, as per Canva. This allows you to have a brighter palette but makes it more pleasing to the eye.

Other totally tubular '80s trends that people wanted back in their homes

Vintage and retro furniture and décor will probably never go out of style. Not only are some pieces from bygone eras classic, but adopting older pieces into your design at home can be a more sustainable way to decorate. According to Vogue, collecting vintage pieces from antique markets or thrift stores will save these items from occupying landfills. Among those who participated in our survey, 103 — about 16.38% of the vote — chose brass décor as their go-to '80s-style revival. As a throwback to old Hollywood style, brass elements are set to make a resurgence thanks to their keen ability to give a metallic look that has warmer tones, as per The Vintage Seeker. Compared to cold metals like aluminum and steel, which look best in more modern contemporary homes, brass has a goldish lacquer that can work well with red, orange, and green tones — ideal for bohemian or laid-back vintage décor.

In the '80s, home designs could surely be defined by their vast use of brass and glass. Glass blocks — which 89 people or 14.15% of our survey chose — give a unique look to your home while creating some seriously stylish privacy walls or a new spin on windows. Stacked much like bricks would be, glass blocks are durable, easy to care for, durable, and allow plenty of light to pass through and fill up a room, according to Seves Glass Block.

Fantastic floral features rounded out our '80s home trend survey

There was something about floral décor that really took off in the '80s. It could have been inspired by the Hawaiian-style shirts featured prominently in "Magnum PI" or by the couch and curtain patterns in "The Golden Girls." That could be why 82 people, or 13.04% of those who voted in our survey, chose tropical prints as the '80s design trend they favored the most. From lavish furniture prints to floral curtains, having a tastefully decorated home with plant patterns can be a delightful way of adding pops of life to items that could otherwise seem drab and plain. Even a few accent pillows will colorful flower designs can make a room seem cozier and inviting by adding touches of nature to your living space décor, as per Elle Decor.

To keep on theme, 35 people — which is 5.56% of those surveyed — said that bringing back the floral bedrooms of the '80s would be their ideal. Linens printed in pale shades featuring lucid lavender patterns or curtains with subtle pink hues and faint roses peppered throughout could make for a restful, relaxing bedroom environment. Match it with a floral embellished accent rug or large print on the wall to make your sleeping quarters a garden sanctuary of solitude.