How Changing Your Front Door Can Transform Your Home, According To Erin And Ben Napier

Sometimes, the smallest changes can make the most significant difference. For instance, taking a few extra minutes to make your bed in the morning could make you feel more productive and have an overall better day. This saying applies to all sorts of scenarios — including upgrading your home.

Erin and Ben Napier of HGTV's "Home Town" know a thing or two about upgrading a home's exterior, as they've done it countless times and never disappoint. For instance, the duo often shows how something as simple as trimming your landscaping can have a huge impact. Another change that may do more visually than you might think is replacing windows. According to Erin, "windows change everything on an exterior," per EXP Realty.

If you're looking to update your home, one of the most impactful things you can do is replace the front door. Here's why it's sure to transform the appearance of your home completely, according to the Napiers.

The right door creates a welcoming feel

On one episode of 'Home Town,' Erin and Ben Napier are faced with a tight budget, so they focus most of their attention on the interior of the home. Besides cleaning up the landscaping and windows, the only other change they make to the exterior is the front door. Instead of keeping the current bland white model with a screen, they install a bright green door with plenty of windows. Because this adds natural light to the interior, it creates a much more welcoming feel. Erin says, "Front doors like this are my favorite where you have a solid wood on the lower third and the upper two-thirds are glass. So you let in so much light," per

When perusing the Napier's exterior transformations on HGTV, it becomes clear that the door is one of the main features they highlight. Typically, this is either done by adding a bold color or a gorgeous wood tone. When discussing why she chose to paint one door bright coral, Erin says, "I did a lot of research in college about color psychology, and certain colors make you feel hungry or happy or sad or sleepy." She continues, saying that she often chooses shades like sky blue, coral, and yellow because they are known for providing a cheerful look, per EXP Realty.