What Does Un-Grammable Mean, And Why Should You Incorporate It Into Your Home?

After so many years of coexisting with the internet, we can all recognize the social media influencer type. They might post pictures of their luxurious world travels, rare, delicious foods, spotless homes, and carefully curated wardrobes. Entrepreneur explains that we use social media to project the image of a "perfect" life, hoping others will recognize our identity. There are the things we share on social media, and then there's us as we really are — busy, boring, and a little bit messy.

In a world filled with clean beige interiors and bountiful, blooming gardens, it's hard not to look at your own home and wonder if you're falling behind. This is especially true for parents; research shows that 44% of stay-at-home moms feel guilty about the constant mess in their homes (via The New York Times). If you're someone who's always stressed by mess, one of the latest trends in home design is here to help you relax and let go. An article published by Realtor.com explores the idea of an "un-grammable hang zone," a totally comfortable, messy, and realistic living space. Here's what we know about the emerging trend and how you can incorporate it into your home!

What is un-grammable?

As we begin to understand more and more about how social media negatively affects our mental health, many people are starting to reject the idea of a picture-perfect life. Only 57% of young people aged 18-24 said that social media was important to them in 2018. That's down 9% from 2016 (via The Guardian). It seems that people are starting to focus more on being real, no longer projecting a fake image of their lives.

Mismatched dishes, visible TV cables, those tacky throw blankets you keep just in case... not everything in our lives or our homes can or should be carefully curated. "Un-grammable" is a cheeky moniker that simply means "not worthy of social media." In other words, it's a picture you wouldn't likely share on Instagram. An un-grammable zone in your house could be your messy work-from-home station, a bookshelf of bright paperbacks, toys in the living room, or a collection of shoes by the front door. Organizational whiz Katie McCann tells Realtor.com that an un-grammable zone makes it appear like "you actually live there and you're not just existing on the internet."

Embracing the un-grammable

Why should you try the un-grammable trend? A designated un-grammable space in your home may actually do you some good. According to VeryWell Mind, working in a clean and tidy space reinforces social norms and makes you more likely to follow expectations. A slightly messy room, however, could help you come up with more creative and innovative ideas, especially if you're surrounded by things you genuinely love. If you struggle with anxiety and perfectionism, embracing a messy corner in your home could also help you develop more self-compassion (via Scientific American).

Making an un-grammable zone in your home is simple. Don't be afraid to leave out items that show your true personality, even if they don't match the overall aesthetic of your home. While it's okay to throw away trash and organize to an extent, try to keep some visible clutter. As real estate agent Marie Bromberg tells Realtor.com, un-grammable rooms "look cozy, with some intentional mess, like a pile of clothes in the background, some dishes in the sink, or pillows that aren't fluffed."