Why You Should Never Paint Your Kitchen This Trendy Color

Before you put your house on the market, there's one change you could easily make: repainting the interior walls. Because potential buyers could easily change the wall color after purchasing, some may assume that this isn't an important update. However, while buyers may not consciously recognize it, the color of your walls does affect how they perceive your home. According to Heart & Home Staging, neutral tones allow the architectural features and style of your space to really shine, while bold shades may overwhelm and turn people away.

Because color preferences are so subjective, it can be difficult to know what tones to paint your walls. For instance, in a survey with 1,300 recent or future homebuyers, Zillow discovered that, while some loved bright blue, others despised it. Additionally, while some choices were well-liked such as pale blue in the bathroom, other tones were disliked almost unanimously across the board. One of these hated colors should be avoided in the kitchen, and the answer may surprise you.

This trendy tone isn't very well-liked

Zillow advises to stay away from mint green in the kitchen, as most homebuyers aren't fond of this color. In fact, you could even get $1,830 less for your house just by having this shade present in your kitchen. Instead, Zillow experts suggest choosing neutral tones like white or gray, which will allow the potential buyer to really see themselves in the space.

This may come as quite a shock to some, as mint green seems to be very popular. For instance, it's used in some celebrity kitchens, including Emma Chamberlain's, per Architectural Digest. Further, Livingetc has predicted that mint will become even more popular in 2023, adding that it could eventually become timeless. And Sweeten says that some refer to this color as a neutral shade in interior design since it's not very bold. However, Zillow's statistics say otherwise, so unless you're not planning on moving for years to come, you may want to avoid this pastel tone. 

Don't completely shy away from color

While Zillow suggests neutrals in areas like the kitchen and the living room, they also suggest adding a color to either the bathroom or the bedroom. This is because they discovered that homes with light blue bathrooms have a higher likelihood of receiving $4,698 more than expected, while dark blue paint in the bedroom could get you $1,491 more. Overall, Zillow says that buyers are more interested in homes with at least one room that features a wall color instead of only neutrals.

Adding color to at least one room in your home can make your entire space more inviting. According to Extra Space Storage, while all-white could work in a laundry room, it shouldn't be used in every single room. In the bedroom, they suggest leaning toward a cozy shade, and if you'd like to stick to neutrals, pick something with a warm undertone. Those who love more vibrant colors could add a brighter shade like a soft yellow or green to their front door.