12 Curtain Closet Ideas To Add Texture And Style To Your Space

While closets are usually closed off by sliding or regular doors, they don't have to be. Whether you have a walk-in or built-in closet, you could cover your storage space with curtains, and this choice has a number of benefits. According to Homedit, curtains can provide a softer appearance, create a more elegant look, or bring in a bold pattern. Unlike doors, curtains are easy to replace, so you could change up the look as often as you desire. This may also be an easier and cheaper alternative to custom doors. 

However, curtains can be used for more than just replacing doors. They could also be added to closet windows, used to cover an entire wall, or incorporated for aesthetic reasons alone. Further, they're usually quite long and either just reach the floor or puddle on it. To install them, either hang them from the ceiling or the wall by a rod or track. Below, you'll discover 12 ways to include curtains inside or outside your closet.

1. Cover a window

Replace blinds or another covering on a closet window with curtains to give your space a softer and more comfortable feel. 

2. Separate from the bedroom

Those with a walk-in closet that's not blocked off by a door could hang two curtain panels in the entryway. 

3. Use just one panel

If your closet is accessed by a small walkway, separate the space from the bedroom with one curtain panel. To draw attention to the separation, choose a panel in a bright tone. 

4. Replace sliding doors

Those with a built-in closet could replace sliding doors with a curtain. To create a more polished look, hide the hardware with molding. 

5. Create your own closet

Create extra storage space in any room by separating off part of the area with curtains. You could include shelving, clothing racks, or other storage solutions behind the curtains. 

6. Close off an entryway

Those with a closet that has a large entryway could block it off with a sliding curtain. If you don't want to draw much attention to it, choose a neutral tone.

7. Include for aesthetics

If you just want to add a bit more texture to your built-in closet, add sheer curtains. While these won't completely hide the clutter, they will make your space appear more dynamic and interesting. 

8. Separate from a bathroom

Some homes have closets inside or next to the bathroom. If so, separate the bathroom space from the closet with a large curtain. 

9. Add more privacy

One of the largest benefits of adding a curtain to your closet entryway is that you'll add a layer of privacy between the two spaces. 

10. Use as an accent wall

To hide your closet from sight while also creating an accent wall, cover a large space with a brightly colored or bold patterned curtain.

11. Carry the same fabric throughout

Carrying one pattern throughout a room will create a cohesive feel. For instance, use the same fabric on both the window and the closet. 

12. Use on any closet

While the most obvious place to use curtains may be the bedroom closet, they could be used in any small area in your home. For instance, you could install them in your linen storage, pantry, or laundry room