The Perfect Moody Paint Color If You Don't Want To Use Black

Moody, inky, dramatic walls, and home interiors are trending in a big way, and if you've considered jumping on board, there is no better time than now. Committing to a dark palette can be a little intimidating, and jumping into black walls might be more than a bit daunting for many — but don't let these sultry shades deter you. There are various options for wall paint that will still give you luscious and saturated tones without asking you to go full noir.

Dark tones exude elegance and class, which is why many people are jumping on the moody aesthetic for their homes. Inky shades like black, charcoal, forest green, and deep navy give any room a rich, alluring, and engaging atmosphere. According to Insider, darker hues make building dimensions in your home simple. While these classics might be the go-to for anyone looking to revamp their space, you have another hue that can produce the same stylish finish without feeling too gothic. Look no further than this exciting shade if you've been searching for the middle ground.

Darkroom by Sherwin Williams

Eggplant is the next up-and-coming trend for a gothic yet elegant aesthetic. More specifically, a shade called Darkroom, which Sherwin Williams makes, is set to be the hot pick of 2023 thanks to its inky undertones that give it a subtle edge. The color is the ideal mix of eggplant and black, leaning toward the darker shades of each to produce a moody ambiance. While still creating a welcoming atmosphere, you can add a touch of drama and exotic vibes to any room you paint this shade.

Darker shades can lend a cozy atmosphere to a space, which is ideal when opting for a sultry wall color because you still want people to feel comfortable and invited. One of the biggest perks of Darkroom is the neutral undertones, which match with a variety of other colors, including white, cream, beige, and jet black. According to Interior Design Tips, the Sherwin Williams shade will give every area, from bathrooms to dining rooms, a modern edge while maintaining a timeless appeal. Darkroom is rich and dimensional, creating depth wherever you use it.

How to use it

Depending on your decor plans, you can incorporate this shade in almost any area of the home. Darkroom will do well in powder rooms or smaller spaces if you prefer a more subtle, moody vibe. It could also create an exquisite aesthetic through an accent wall in your dining area or living room. If you want a more dramatic result, using this paint in an entire living space would create drama and allure without making it feel too restrictive. The mature and rich color is less reminiscent of a Halloween palette and more in line with a refreshed Victorian Gothic aesthetic.

Whether you're looking to channel a little Tim Burton or an opulent but modern ambiance, this shade provides enough purple pigment to separate it from more gothic themes. It still plays into a more mysterious interior design concept without requiring the full-blown commitment of jet-black or similarly inky colors. According to West Magnolia Charm, the overall effect of dark paint will vary depending on the natural light in each room, so it might be beneficial to try a swatch before painting the whole thing to get a better idea of the finished product.