15 Stunning Living Rooms Featured On Good Bones That We Want To Spend Time In

If you've ever watched HGTV's "Good Bones," you know that Mina Starsiak Hawk and her mother, Karen E. Laine, are a powerhouse team. On the show, they take some of the worst homes — even some that have been damaged seemingly beyond repair — and transform them into gorgeous spaces. This extensive process often involves fixing external problems, putting up or breaking down walls, adding new rooms, changing the layout, painting, and staging. So basically, they give rundown homes new life from the ground up. 

According to Two Chicks & A Hammer, Starsiak Hawk says, "no matter what I'm working on, I strive to keep it attainable, clean, comfortable, with a touch of color and luxe." Below, you'll find 15 of the most beautiful living rooms featured on "Good Bones." As you peruse these gorgeous spaces, you'll find that Starsiak Hawk is right — all of the rooms they design balance lavishness with functionality to stunning effect.

1. Eye-catching details

As every interior designer knows, details matter. This is perfectly reflected in the above space, which features artwork above stark black paneling, a gorgeous chandelier, and an eye-catching chair — we've got to hand it to the "Good Bones" stars; they did an amazing job. 

2. Natural elements

Rooms with natural elements always feel comfortable while still providing visual interest. The above space is inspired by nature, as seen through the wooden elements, woodsy painting, and various shades of green. 

3. Bright and airy

With white walls, beige furniture, and natural light, this living room appears fresh and spacious. However, the large sectional, textured area rug, and layered throw pillows add much-needed coziness. 

4. Layered rugs

The stars of "Good Bones" often use the following trick: They layer a smaller but more colorful rug on top of a plain jute or woven piece. This strategy works to add more texture while also infusing extra color. 

5. Bohemian elements

Because this room is surrounded by plants, has neutral furniture, and features a woven element (the hanging plants on the wall), it's definitely inspired by the bohemian style. While the available floor space is relatively small, it still invites the onlooker to come, take a seat, and relax. 

6. Open shelving

Perhaps you've seen open shelving used in a kitchen design, typically installed onto the wall.  However, to make the above home feel more open, the "Good Bones" duo installed open shelving inside the wall, allowing it to be accessed from both rooms. 

7. Bold rug

Besides the biker bar, the black and white striped rug is one of the boldest elements in this space. Another interesting feature in this room is the dark paint on the window trim, which draws attention to the natural light. 

8. Seeing double

Perhaps you've noticed that most (if not all) of the "Good Bones" living rooms don't have a television. Because of this, they often feature more seating than you may see in the typical home, such as the two matching couches in the room above. 

9. Vintage couch

Because the vintage couch in the above space is so unique and beautiful, it acts as the perfect focal point. Juxtaposing it with bright artwork draws even more attention to the piece.

10. Corner shelving

Instead of placing a bulky bookcase in the corner of your living room, you could take inspiration from the above design and use floating shelves. Not only will this save you floor space, but it will also allow your shelves to wrap around the corner of the room if desired. 

11. Warm neutrals

While cool tones used to be very popular, warmer shades have now hit the spotlight. As you can see, the brown leather, warm wood, and beige tones in the living room above make the area feel snug. 

12. Focal point fireplace

Rooms with a corner fireplace, such as the one above, can sometimes be difficult to style. If facing this dilemma, you could orient all the furniture towards this architectural detail, making it the natural focal point. 

13. Open concept

Another tricky space to design is a small living room that's part of an open concept. To solve this issue in the above home, the "Good Bones" hosts placed the couch up against the wall and separated the living room from the kitchen with a comfortable oversized chair. 

14. Statement coffee table

One of the best ways to make a cramped living room feel more spacious is by including a round coffee table, which will create more of an open flow. You'll get bonus points if you choose one with an exciting feature, such as the driftwood-inspired piece above. 

15. Bold furniture

Those who love color don't have to use bold shades on the wall. Instead, they could include their favorite tones in the furniture, which will really make an impact.