35 Small Living Room Ideas To Make Your Space Seem Bigger

Despite a common misconception, designing a small space can be more challenging than a larger one at times. With less square footage to work with, your furniture options may be limited and the layout can be tricky to figure out. It may even feel as though the space is uninviting or uncomfortable to relax in if it's not done just right.

However, according to My Domaine, the act of being creative can actually be exciting. A cozy and enjoyable atmosphere is possible even in the smallest of living spaces. If you're facing a small-scale living room and want to make it feel bigger while keeping your sense of style, there are plenty of ways you can accomplish that. Décor, rug, curtain and furniture choices all play an important role. This article will walk you through the most effective ways to make these ideas work for you and your small living room.

1. Opt for light colored walls

One of the most effective and easiest ways to make any space appear bigger is by painting the walls a light color. Choose any shade of white and watch your living room seemingly grow in front of your eyes.

2. Shoot for light ceilings and floors

While you're at it, make sure the ceiling and the floor are also in the light category. If the floors are hardwood, steer clear of dark tones and stains. Whether it is fully carpeted or has an area rug, go for light toned options.

3. Embrace neutral décor

From furniture to decorative accents, neutral décor can't miss. It's simple to put together and will make the living room not only look pulled together but also more open and inviting.

4. Select subtle patterns

When deciding to decorate with patterns, keep them subtle. Large prints can easily overwhelm a small space. By using smaller ones, such as thin stripes on an accent pillow, the design will fit more proportionally to the room.

5. If you like color, think warm

Of course there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to styling your home. So if you enjoy color and want to incorporate it into the living room, go for it. Consider warm colors as they tend to infuse energy and liven up a small space.

6. Aim for similar color palettes

When using color in the living room, stick to similar palettes and complementary shades. This will give the space a cohesive look which, in turn, can make it seem bigger than it is.

7. Consider classic touches

You can never go wrong with a classic aesthetic. Adding delicate accents and soft edges creates a pleasant atmosphere in a small living room that will enhance it and not let it go out of style.

8. Always choose proportionate furniture

Similar to choosing smaller patterns, always opt for smaller furniture in a living room. Couches or coffee tables that are too large for the space will make it look and feel cramped. Proportionate pieces will have the opposite effect.

9. Think thin when it comes to furniture

Making sure that your furniture is proportionate is easier if you aim for smaller pieces in general. Look for couches, consoles, and both end and coffee tables with thin legs. Showing more of the floor using this method will also make the living room feel bigger.

10. Pull furniture away from the walls

It's tempting to try and save space by pushing all of the furniture to the walls and opening the floor up. However, this can have an opposite effect, so it's a good idea to leave a little space behind the pieces.

11. Keep furniture close together

By pulling furniture off of the wall, it will automatically bring the pieces closer together, and that's okay because it will give a sense of coziness. Feeling intimate in a living room setting will make it seem homier regardless of its actual size.

12. Make a pathway

Having an adequate amount of space to walk in and around the living room freely is important in making it seem bigger. Make a pathway or two and remove any pieces that may be obstructing movement.

13. Choose light curtains

The curtains in a small living room should not only be light in color but also in material. Sheer, white curtains are the best way to open up the space and make it feel airy and more spacious.

14. Choose long curtains

The longer the curtains are, the better. Floor to ceiling drapes will add height to a small space and trick the eye into thinking it's bigger than it really is.

15. Install an elongated rod

Another simple visual illusion you can make in the living room is done by installing longer curtain rods than need be. This will help widen the room, making it appear larger.

16. Use large mirrors to your advantage

Hanging a substantial mirror or two in a small living room can enlarge it, especially if they are placed strategically by a window. The natural light will bounce off it and brighten up the whole room.

17. Incorporate mirrored furniture

Even mirrored furniture can have a similar effect in enhancing the light in a small living room. Look for mirror accents on end tables, coffee tables, and sideboards.

18. Consider layering furniture

Less furniture is better in a small living room, so one way to save space is by choosing pieces that layer on top of one another. Nesting end tables or ottomans is an excellent way to open up the floor and make the room feel bigger.

19. Seek out multi-purpose furniture

Another way to maximize square footage is by choosing multitasking furniture. A coffee table that transforms into a desk or a bench with blanket storage will save considerable space and help the living room feel much larger.

20. Invest in good storage

Quality storage pieces will not only look good in a living room, they will also help corral the stuff that inevitably piles up. The room will overall look neater when things are in their place. Glass door cabinets are good for a dust free display and drawers keep clutter out of sight.

21. Build a built in or two

If you're thinking of having a renovation done in the near future or are handy yourself, built-in shelves and cabinets could be the best solution for added space into a small living room. They provide open and tall storage, which will draw the eye upward and can keep clutter behind closed cabinet doors.

22. Add visual interest to the corners

Whether it's shelving units, a statement lamp, or large houseplant, try adding a point of focus to at least a couple corners of the living room. This will help make the room seem bigger by bringing your attention to the furthest outskirts of the space.

23. Remove the door if possible

If there's a door to enter your small living room, consider removing it altogether. This simple decision will open up the whole room, making it feel much more spacious than it was beforehand.

24. Think big when rug shopping

While it still must fit the space, choosing to lay a sizable area rug is an excellent way to expand a small living room. Let it sit under the couch, coffee table, and possibly the TV stand to make the whole room look wider.

25. Forgo a rug altogether

You may want to skip out on a rug altogether in a small living room if you want to show off stunning hardwood floors. Having a clean slate under the furniture will make the space seem larger in scale.

26. Utilize high shelves

Shelves can serve as essential storage for things such as books, plants, and décor when you're lacking surface space in a small living room. It pulls double duty, however, by drawing the eye upwards, making the room seem taller than it is.

27. Hang art higher up

Hanging art pieces high on the wall has the same effect as hanging shelves at an elevated height. The walls will seem taller with this simple trick.

28. Choose one focal point

By implementing one substantial piece of art or décor, you give yourself and any visiting guests a point of focus when entering the room. The lack of busyness on the walls will make the small space seem bigger than it is.

29. Stick with similar frames

If you would rather hang more than one piece on the walls, consider sticking with a theme. A gallery wall with matching frames or black and white photos only will give a cohesiveness to the room and detract from the size.

30. Play with lighting

Lighting is important in any room, but small living rooms can really benefit from adequate light. Play around with the natural light, side table lamps, and overhead lighting to get the best effect and make the space feel larger.

31. Have fun with texture

Even if you decide to keep the color palette simple and neutral, feel free to play with the textures to make the space feel inviting and larger than it is. Velvet pillows, wicker chairs, or jute rugs are different ways to add interest to a small living room.

32. Hide visible wires

As small as they can be, wires can make a room appear cluttered and even smaller than it is. When mounting a TV, have the wires hidden behind the wall and use boxes or clips to disguise cords behind or under the stand.

33. Avoid knick knacks

While it's nice to display the things we love, it's better to follow the less is more method when dealing with a small living room. Too many knick knacks will clutter up the room, so aim to be more minimalist to make it seem bigger.

34. Use décor boxes

Overall, keeping the living room minimalistic is the key to making it appear larger. Use small decorative boxes and baskets to hide items such as remotes and magazines to create a clutter free look and feel.

35. Keep it clutter free

Take a few minutes daily to tidy up and put things back where they belong, such as the remotes in boxes or blankets in baskets. By making it a habit to keep the living room clutter free, the space will naturally seem bigger than it is.