The Easiest Way To Open A Stuck Window

Are there windows in your home that are impossible to open? The trick to getting them to open again depends mainly on why they got stuck in the first place. The age of your windows is significant because the older they are, the more likely they are to be made of outdated materials. Renewal by Anderson explains that aluminum and wood are dated materials that will stop performing correctly after many years.

Modern double-paned windows are usually made of PVC or fiberglass. Although windows made from these more hardwearing materials can still get stuck, they are usually easy to fix. However, older windows, particularly those made from wood, can be more problematic. Maybe you just moved into a new home and realized that all the windows were lazily painted over, or perhaps there is excess moisture and humidity where you live, which causes the wood to swell. The good news is that there are easy methods to remedy these problems and let some fresh air into your home again.

Stuck from paint

A window that is stuck from paint is quite obvious to see. There will likely be the same color paint from the frame to the panes, creating a seal between the two. To open the window, you will need to break the layer of paint that's keeping the window shut. Indow Windows recommends doing this with a putty knife. 

Push the putty knife down the interior joints between the sash and the frame — this is the small gap that allows the window to open or close. Depending on how much paint is in there, you might need to give it a gentle tap with a hammer. Once you've gone all around the window, do the same on the outside of your house. Then you can try to open it gently, but not with too much force that may break the glass. To prevent it from getting stuck again, sand or apply paint thinner to the seams, which will get rid of the excess paint so it can easily slide open.

Swollen from moisture

Windows can also get stuck because of the weather. Changes in humidity and temperature cause wood to expand or contract, making the window fit improperly in the frame. Additionally, windows may even freeze shut from cold temperatures. Fortunately, you won't have to wait for the weather to change so you can open your windows again — a quick hack is to use your blow dryer.

According to Window World, first, set your hair dryer to the hottest setting and aim it around the border for a few minutes. After warming it, try to open the window. When you're pushing it up, make sure to use two hands, otherwise, you may put too much pressure on one spot of the glass and risk shattering it. Once the window is open, you can apply some wax to the inside of the frame to lubricate the joint and prevent the window from sticking in the future.