This Upholstery Cleaning Hack Will Keep Your Couch Looking New

Cleaning your couch can be a daunting task. Even with a powerful vacuum, you may be leaving behind a substantial amount of dirt and grime after a thorough cleaning. Vacuums are able to pick up a lot of dust, dirt, and even tiny pests that may have made their way into your living space. However, the upholstery of your sofa and other furniture is put through a significant amount of wear on a daily basis. Dirt becomes engrained in the very fabric of your sofa, and it can be immensely difficult to lift this grit and grime without professional assistance.

Fortunately, a new cleaning hack has been shared on TikTok and it's making significant waves among households with sofas and other furniture upholstery that hasn't been cleaned with professional tools in a while. This new solution for cleaning your couch may just turn the professional cleaning in your area on its head. With a few common household items, you can remove a substantial amount of dirt from the upholstery of your sofa, forever changing the way you think of cleaning this key feature in your living room.

This hack essentially brings the power of steam cleaning to your repertoire

TikTok user mycleanworld uploaded a video in August 2022 that showcases a fantastic hack to replicate the conditions created by professional steam cleaning. Steam cleaning works by combining moisture, heat, cleaning detergent, and the suction of a vacuum cleaner, according to 1st Class Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. Moisture and heat combine on the surface of your upholstery, penetrating down into the fabric and lifting up embedded stains, dirt, and any other foreign elements that have been pressed into the surface through repeated use. The detergent helps in lifting stubborn stains and dirt, and then the vacuum suction draws all of this material up and away from the sofa's cushions. At the end of a professional cleaning job, your sofa should be left looking, feeling, and smelling fresh and, ideally, brand new.

This cleaning hack uses steam, moisture, and soap to create the same conditions that allow for improved cleaning capacity of a professional job. Using a standard laundry detergent pod and adding boiling water to it will create the heated detergent solution necessary to scrub your upholstery. Then, wrap a cloth around a pot lid; holding the cloth tight around the handle of the lid, pour in your soap solution to create a homemade version of the professional tool. Then, scrub back and forth on your couch in order to lift up stubborn dirt or stains that haven't been removed with regular vacuuming. It's really as simple as that!