Daniel Feininger

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London, UK
Florida State University, Pennsylvania State University, Goldsmiths College
Investments & Personal Finance, Home Renovation, Dog Care
  • Dan has been writing professionally for four years and academically for more than a decade, focused on personal finance, healthcare, politics, and national defense.
  • He worked in the world of education for five years and across three vastly different national landscapes in the Middle East, Central America, and China, where he got his start writing.
  • As a student, Dan has tackled geospatial analysis and social realities through both data-based approached and qualitative methods: These varying silos of inquiry make him a confident researcher and writer.


Dan Feininger has written on personal finance, renovations and the home, and living with dogs for many years. In the academic sphere, he's written extensively on conflict politics in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Central America, and leveraged mapping techniques to make sense of it all. He's worked with a number of dog rescues across the world to care for animals in vulnerable locations and circumstances, and lives with his fiancée and rescue dog, Ruth, in London. Writing about home improvement and the financial considerations that are intimately linked to homeownership is a passion project for Dan; he loves helping people find better ways to manage their home environment and fiscal stability through his writing.


Dan has earned a bachelor's in International Affairs (focus in Middle Eastern History) from Florida State University, and two master's degrees in Homeland Security (Geospatial Intelligence Analysis) and Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy from Penn State and Goldsmiths College, respectively.
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