House Digest Survey Reveals The Least Popular Kitchen Design Trend

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. More and more it seems that modern homes are opening their kitchens so they can be a part of the greater flow of the rest of the house. Increased seating at larger countertop areas and open-concept design make this room the heart and soul of any residence. With this space playing such an important role within any household, keeping it up to date and aligning with the latest kitchen design trends can be crucial. Not only can having a well-maintained and in-style kitchen give a fresh look to the space, but it can also help you to increase the value of your home. Whether it's redesigning those dated cabinets, replacing old appliances, or a worn-down countertop, remodeling your cooking area can get you up to 70% return on your efforts, according to HGTV.

However, with design fads always moving in and out of fashion, staying on top of the latest kitchen trends could be difficult. That's why it helps to have a little support from the community to know whether or not your kitchen is in style or stuck in the past. In an exclusive House Digest survey, we asked 629 people, "Which is your least favorite kitchen design trend?" These were their answers.

These types of cabinets were the most unpopular according to our survey

Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen. They are required to store all of your cooking tools and dry foods and are also one of the main focal points of your cooking area. Because of their predominant nature in the space, having dated cabinetry can seriously bring down the overall look. In a House Digest exclusive survey, of the 629 people who took part, 146 — 23.21% of the total vote — said that glossy cabinets were their least favorite kitchen design trend. Made up of acrylic, lacquer, or Thermofoil veneer to create the high gloss look, these types of cabinets were popular for their ability to reflect light and make the space seem larger, according to Hestia Hearth Design. However, that shiny surface could also highlight imperfections such as scratches and smudged fingerprints. Not to mention the style was also popular for quick renovations as it could be cheaper than sanding and painting wooden cupboards.

The second least popular kitchen design trend chosen by 141 people — 22.42% of those surveyed — was colorful appliances. Although The Washington Post cites bold, colorful appliances as making a resurgence in years to come, although making a move to a particular shade is a personal choice and may not be everyone's cup of tea. This is probably why stainless steel is a safer option among appliances, for its neutral tones and easy-to-clean nature.

Those surveyed were not impressed with this type of surface

Stainless steel has long been a popular choice for the kitchen. Every appliance, from the refrigerator and stove to even your toaster, can be made of this reflective chromium alloy, which has long been associated with contemporary style, according to How Stuff Works. However, 127 people — or 20.19% of those surveyed — were tired of seeing stainless steel everything and chose it as their least popular kitchen trend. Although the material is relatively effortlessly maintained — its smooth surface can be easily cleaned of spots and spills and kept free of bacteria — the look seems overdone. Its classic appearance and accessibility at any popular store mean that it is seen in almost every kitchen, which may be why homeowners could be desperately searching for a new look.

Another design trend that has been incredibly popular over the years but may have folks rolling their eyes in indifference is bold backsplashes, which were chosen by 79 people or 12.56% of the total vote. From subway-tiled designs to geometric patterns, there was no limit to the creativity and style of backsplashes that homeowners chose to line their walls with. Although the aesthetic can still be appealing when designed with neutral tones, when bright, bold colors are used, it could be more of an eyesore than eye-catching.

Some other unpopular kitchen trends rounded out our survey

Nearing the bottom of our House Digest exclusive survey, 71 people — about 11.29% of the total vote — said that Tuscan kitchens were a design trend they were not too keen on. Made popular around the '90s and featuring trademark earth tones, warm colored tiles, and wood features galore, Tuscan kitchen designs pushed aside cold metallic surfaces and let more natural looks take over, as per HGTV. Although the style brought comfort and coziness to the heart of the home, allowing natural light to help illuminate the rustic textures and terracotta tones, it can easily be overdone and would look out of place if the rest of your home is designed in modern décor.

Finally, it seems that 65 people — which made up 10.33% of those who participated — found that granite countertops were their least favorite kitchen design trend. Durable, widely available, and easy to clean, granite countertops can be chosen in an endless variety of patterns and colors, which is why they are seen in so many households. However, certain styles like speckled granite are on their way out as the material seems too busy, according to Southern Living. Instead, folks are leaning toward more veined and solid designs, which help blend seamlessly into the overall aesthetic.