Why You Should Keep Broken Objects Out Of Your Home, According To Vastu Shastra

Hindi for the science of architecture, Vastu shastra is a traditional Indian system that gives fantastic tips for designing and maintaining a physical space. The tried-and-true principles of Vastu shastra can guide you toward the suitable colors, shapes, positions, and layouts to get the right energy for your home, per Magicbricks. These principles of how to organize the architecture in a building are said to improve quality of life in all aspects, from health to wealth.

According to Magicbricks, some main things to keep in mind are that rooms should be airy, clean, and have good lighting. Clutter and disorganization, on the other hand, can invite various negative energies, which is why broken or cracked items should be properly disposed of and replaced. Ready to clear out bad energy and invite in the good? Here's why you should keep broken objects out of your home, according to the teachings of Vastu shastra.

What is Vastu shastra?

Similar to the traditional Chinese practice of feng shui, Vastu shastra aims to achieve positive energy and strike the right balance. It takes the five basic elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, and space) and turns any given area into a pleasant atmosphere. Vastu shastra used to be focused on how Indian temples and palaces were designed but now extends to the home. This science can guide you on how to implement the elements in a way that maintains the right balance, says Livspace

Using the elements of Vastu shastra in a home looks like having a body of water north of the property, letting sunlight and air into the house, and using wind chimes (via Livspace). Just like Feng Shui can inspire decisions, such as how you organize your living room, Vastu shastra can help you determine where to place certain rooms in the house and what to put in them.

What do broken objects represent?

It is a bad omen to keep broken objects instead of throwing them out, according to Vastu shastra, as they can throw off the home's balance and affect the people that live there. Examples of broken objects that should be kept out of your home include broken glass, photo frames, beds, furniture, utensils, clocks, and doors. Items like these are said to bring issues specific to their use. Broken clocks can stop progress; damaged beds are said to bring unhappiness in a marriage, while busted utensils and furniture can hinder financial success, via DNP India.

You should also watch things outside and around the house, says News Crab. Fallen leaves, brooms, and broken gardening pots are some things that need to be cleared from the roof to avoid problems like conflict in the home and stunted financial progress. Have any broken electronics lying around? A Vastu shastra tip to keep in mind, according to myjyotish, is that those chargers and batteries not only cause clutter but obstruct positive energy from coming into the home.