Are Black Kitchen Countertops Making A Comeback?

Kitchen trends come and go, which can make it harder to create a timeless design. It's difficult to determine which trend is here to stay, and which is just a temporary fad, however, all-white designs have been a pretty safe option for many homeowners for decades. In fact, white kitchens have been around for almost a century, especially with the increasing popularity of white subway tiles and farmhouse sinks, per Drury Design. Homeowners have especially been in love with quartz countertops with subtle gray veining, which typically adds just enough interest. 

However, some homeowners are tired of the sterile design white kitchens can sometimes portray. But, deviating from a classic style can be worrisome. So, what if you tried installing black kitchen countertops? It's a simple color that will add contrast, as well as a modern touch to your space. However, you must also ask yourself if it has the power to create a trendy, classic design that will last. If you're unsure, we'll answer all you need to know below.

A complementary choice for many different styles

We believe that black kitchen countertops are coming back in style and are a great choice if you want to create an ageless design. You can always go with the classic black-and-white combo, but black also goes well with a plethora of other colors and materials. For example, natural wood-toned cabinetry has gained traction in recent years and seems to still be a popular option. Combining this with dark countertops will add a modern touch to any design, whether it's contemporary, rustic, or minimalistic. 

However, to ensure your black countertops look amazing, you'll need plenty of natural lighting, especially if you install other dark accents. This is because dark colors tend to look dull when there is not enough light, which can make a room look smaller than it actually is — a big interior design no-no. If you don't have enough windows, then you need to ensure you have enough artificial lighting, such as a few pendants over the countertop and strip lighting under the wall cabinets. We advise using LED bright bulbs because it mimics natural light without looking too sterile.

Best materials

There are also many different types of black kitchen countertops depending on the aesthetic you're aiming for. If you're looking for something simple to complement a farmhouse or rustic design, you can choose from a plethora of black granite options with very subtle pattern variations. However, if you're a fan of modern or contemporary designs, we suggest taking a look at black marble countertops with exaggerated veining, which would also pair well with a matching backsplash or island waterfall. 

However, there are a few maintenance requirements to be aware of in order to avoid damage, depending on the type of finish you choose. Dark, glossy countertops are prone to showing fingerprints, and soap residue tends to stand out on both shiny and matte black surfaces. So, installing a dark color in the kitchen means you'll spend a bit more time wiping it down. However, on the plus side, dark colors are better at hiding certain types of stains compared to lighter colors.