How To Steal Rebecca Welton's Office Look From Ted Lasso

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From the moment "Ted Lasso" hit the small screen on Apple TV+, it was a hit. Audiences adore the seemingly endless optimism of Ted, played by Jason Sudeikis, after he is hired to coach a team in a sport he knows nothing about. One of Ted's more endearing traits (and skills) is his daily delivery of biscuits to the team's newly divorced owner, Rebecca Welton, played by Hannah Waddingham.

With an IMDB rating of 8.8 out of 10 stars, it's safe to say fans have fallen in love with this show, and it's not all about the show's namesake. Although Rebecca hired Ted hoping he will ruin the team that was loved by her ex-husband, she finds herself rooting again for Ted and his team of endearing footballers. Every moment she is on screen, Waddington's character exudes panache from her impeccably fitting attire to that fabulous office, which represents her style and personality perfectly. Here's how you too can get Rebecca Welton's office style in your own home office.

Select warm colors

At the beginning of season one, Rebecca Welton appears to have the very opposite of a warm personality, but it doesn't take long for viewers to learn that her steely exterior is a facade. Like the colors in her office, Rebecca Welton is a warm soul and her design choices reflect that. The walls in this divine space are a dark taupe, which Fab Mood refers to as a blend of brown and gray which sometimes offers a hint of lavender. As you're shopping for paint to recreate this color palette, you can search for Brassica from Farrow & Ball, but all you really need to do is go to the paint swatch area of your local paint or hardware store and look for the section between grey and brown to find a tone you love.

An unconventional choice for the flooring in this space is chocolate brown carpet. While it's not a color one would typically choose to go with taupe walls, 21 Oak asserts that browns with reddish undertones will pair well with the more neutral taupe. Warm white accents offer contrast to the dark wall and floor colors, brightening the space while keeping the cozy feel.

Bring in gold furniture

As a complement to the hues in Rebecca Welton's office, almost all of the furniture has a gold finish or gold accents. Since it's in the yellow family, gold is considered a warm tone, states Living Spaces. Not only does it complement the color palette, but it infuses the space with richness without going over the top. While there are quite a few pieces of gold furniture in this space, the combination of glass and gold shelving similarly adds a luxurious feel without becoming gaudy.

To get this look in your home office, select a few pieces of gold accent furniture and steer clear of anything with ornate embellishments or curves. Most of the furniture pictured here is modern and streamlined. Although we won't pretend to know how much those pieces cost, you won't have to spend a fortune to get the same effect. For a simple update to your workspace, select a desk with gold legs that features a neutral surface, like the affordable white vanity desk we found on Amazon.

Keep accessories simple

One element of Rebecca Welton's office space that makes it feel comfortable is the lack of clutter. You can't be distracted by the accessories on her coffee table because there are none. Is that a decorating no-no? Maybe. The School of Decorating advises using the rule of three when decorating a surface — and they're not wrong — but the lack of unnecessary items on the team owner's coffee table and desk may actually have a calming effect on the viewer. Clutter, even if it's decorative, can have a negative effect on a person's sense of well-being. Plus, you need plenty of room for a serving of tea when guests arrive.

The office bookcases are also somewhat sparsely decorated with a limited amount of well-chosen, dynamic pieces that add interest and texture without making the space feel heavy. Interestingly, there are very few books on the shelves, and if we're being honest, we might suggest they're unnecessary at a time when just about everything is available digitally. Instead of weighing down your furniture with a dense collection of accessories, select the pieces you really love. (Of course, if you really love books, that's okay, too.)

Opt for a few bold art pieces

One of our favorite parts of this room is the focal point created by the bold artwork behind Rebecca Welton's desk. While the rest of the room is filled with warm, muted tones, two large, modern art pieces make sure the workspace is highlighted. A large open wall like this gives you a blank canvas on which you can express your personal style.

If abstract swirls of colors are not your thing, there are plenty of other options that will create a dynamic effect. Vintage-style travel posters or an art deco-style print of New York City (available from Amazon) will add color and interest to the space. Whatever your passion — old movies, flowers, comic books — you can find a poster of it to add a spark to your office. This is also a great way to save money; a large poster in a nice frame is relatively inexpensive compared to a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Create a cozy seating area

Some of the best moments in "Ted Lasso" are the conversations that take place on Rebecca Welton's gorgeous, L-shaped, gold-toned sofa. This is the perfect spot to take off your shoes and curl up for girl talk or, as Ted once referred to it, "Girl, listen." Everything about this cozy seating area is luxurious. The tufted velvet sofa and the coffee table large enough to prop your feet upon make this the spot where everyone wants to gather to enjoy some tea (affectionately referred to by some of the American characters as hot brown water).

This look can be recreated even if your office is small. Instead of a sofa, add a cozy chair with a gold-accented side table and a pouf to elevate your feet. Larger offices may accommodate a loveseat and a small coffee table. For anyone with kids or pets that come into your home office, you might try velvet furniture for its durability, suggests Style by Emily Henderson. Synthetic options will offer the luxury you want at a lower price point. The key is to work with the room you have while incorporating warm tones, straight lines, minimal clutter, and a few pieces of bold art. Oh, and don't forget the biscuits!