How To Use Gold Finish In Your Home Decor

Are you afraid of using metallics in your home because you think they are kitschy and outdated? Perhaps you have no idea how to combine gold with the rest of the furniture and fixtures. If this sounds familiar, think again because shiny details are a gorgeous addition to your interior design.

Gilded accents aren't just a passing trend. They're timeless pieces that ooze glamour and style. Ancient Egyptians used to embellish their homes and tombs with gold, viewing it as a symbol of the gods, per Delafee. Many other ancient civilizations considered this metal a symbol of divinity and immortality. Gold has always meant power and wealth.

When the Neoclassical style arrived at the end of the 18th century, gold became predominant in interior design. The Art Deco period, roughly between 1920 to 1960, also featured golden accents. Today, this noble metal has broad use across many styles and designs. Above all, it adds elegance and warmth to the place you're decorating. Glitzy details are ideal as a finishing touch. They provide a well-thought-out look as if contemplated by a seasoned designer. If you are still wondering where to start, there are many cost-effective ways to bring gold into your home. Whether you spray paint a side table, brush an antique mirror, or upgrade the bathroom fixtures, you're on the right path. Here are several practical hints on using gold finishes in your home decor.

Add subtle glamour with lighting

Are you fed up with those unimpressive light fixtures that seem to darken the room? Or maybe you own an old lamp that clutters the space but offers almost no light. The time has come to add a bold accent and opt for daring gold fixtures that infuse the room with character. Shiny light fixtures add a chic pop of color to a monochrome interior design. According to Crystorama Style Blog, each offers a unique impact. For instance, aged brass symbolizes luxury and is ideal for modern settings. Installing distressed metal finishes on light fixtures is a more minimalist option. Typically, reflective gold coatings fit traditional styles best.

As for the variety, style, and amount of fixtures, avoid overdoing it. Focus on purposefully placing accent pieces around your place to deliver subtle glamour. Look for a chandelier proportionate with the room (via The Mostly Simple Life). Ambient lighting, such as lamps and recessed lights, is also a good choice. Try finding a lampshade with gold lining on the shade for a cozy, golden glow. To reduce expenses, spray lamp bases or existing wall sconces with gold paint.

Give your bathroom a finishing touch

Introducing gold details is a super-efficient hack for updating your old bathroom. Since you probably dread that exposed hardware, don't get surprised if we tell you this can get easily fixed. Your dull and out-of-fashion lavatory can become an elegant relaxation hideaway in a few hours. If costs skyrocket and a complete makeover is way beyond your budget, paint the bathroom hardware with a subtle gold palette. Again, not all hues are the same. Crystorama Style Blog suggests introducing softer muted metal finishes for a sophisticated feel. This tone pairs elegantly with traditional and contemporary decor.

For those unable to completely change their plumbing, towel bars, and taps, you can upgrade them in a few simple steps (via A Great Traveled Life). You'll need metallic spray paint and automotive primer to prevent rust and give the shiny metallic finish a matte tone. This step will also keep both layers together. Also, ensure you have plastic trash bags and painter's tape to protect your surroundings. You'll probably have to apply a few coats (depending on the manufacturer's recommendations) for full, 360-degree coverage.

Accentuate kitchen hardware

You can also spread the golden mood to your kitchen. Your options are endless, including upgrading sink fixtures to cabinet handles and knobs. It all comes down to your inspiration and willingness to experiment with shiny details. Even minimal gold touches dispersed throughout will add the character your kitchen needs to become impressive. If you feel bold, opt for matching shiny brass taps and drawer hardware. Per Wren Kitchens, aged finishes make for more formal settings because they add sheen without the flash. Similarly, vintage faucets or a copper hood will emphasize your refined taste.

You can update old, rusty knobs in a simple DIY project using metallic gold paint (via Just the Woods). Clean the knobs with a cloth before painting. The ultimate impact is stunning, provided you paint carefully on both sides. However, your kitchen upgrading journey doesn't have to stop with hardware and fixtures. The right proportion of copper pans, cooking utensils, and accessories will give the room a hint of uniqueness. Remember that gold home decor shouldn't interfere with the existing details but rather enhance it.

Play with chairs and barstools

Why rely on hints of gold when larger pieces can make your room shine with confidence? Gold barstools will achieve a seamless, elegant look in rustic and modern homes. However, don't go overboard with the rest of your furniture because metallic chairs will provide the perfect amount of luxury. Opt for a chair design that features gold details or bring elegance to the room with a set of armchairs sitting on a brass base. Per Dining and Living Room, these elements add color and natural texture to the interior. A slight hint of gold in the dining room will add unique appeal with the ideal amount of vintage style.

When it comes to barstools, you have a myriad of options. One excellent idea is to try the gold-dipping technique (via Honeybear Lane). For this project, you'll need to spray the top and legs of the stools. After a few coats, seal your paint with poly or wax. Besides adding a royal feel to your home design, these bar stools make a statement on their own.

Get creative with picture frames

You probably have numerous photos or pictures adorning your walls. Why not refurbish outdated frames or invest in new, gold-plated ones? Picture frames are one of the most straightforward ways to introduce gold finishes in your home. Besides being low-cost, this investment will give the place a sophisticated feel.

One way to elevate the look of existing picture frames with intricate borders is to age them. Take your walls on a glamorous ride by aging with antique gold Rub n' Buff, per The Crowned Goat. Aging with this material won't take more than 15 minutes because the procedure requires only finger rubbing. Using dark wax, in the end, will further enhance the antique touch. Additionally, consider mixing and matching frames like a pro. At this point, you can experiment with size, style, and color. A gallery wall featuring gold elements pairs best with black frames (via FrameItEasy). This classic combination is timeless and eye-catching for any interior setting.

Give your mirrors the Midas touch

Many homeowners feel reluctant about committing to metallic furniture. Even if this is your case, you can still get your golden ticket to an elegant-looking home. Infuse your interior design with a small dose of the shiny tone by hanging up a gold-rimmed mirror with intricate details. This element will fit beautifully in any room, be it the hallway, the bathroom, or the living room. Gold mirrors are exceptional decor due to their chic and elegant vibe. Plus, you can play with size and height, depending on the available space.

If you already have chic mirrors you want to make glitzy, try the gold leaf technique. According to Jenifer Rizzo, you can brush on gilding sheets using an adhesive. As for tools, you'll only need two soft brushes. The entire project will take you half an hour at the most. Another aspect you can't neglect is the correct placement. You can position reflective surfaces vertically and away from direct light sources (via Inviting Home). Decorate with mirrors in the hallway above console tables and greet your guests with style. Similarly, use them in the living room to emphasize the symmetry of the space. Grouping mirrors is also plausible but vary scale, texture, and material for the ultimate display of glamour.

Refurbish what you already own

Transform an existing metal furniture piece to accentuate your love for lavish interiors. Whether you focus on the TV stand or a rusty bookcase, metal items elevate the entire layout. If you fear you might cross the border of decency and decorate with too much gold, keep the upcycling project minimal. In short, stick to a few gold details with straight lines and no intricate patterns.

An excellent way to brighten the living room is by upgrading outdated furniture. In this video, Bargain Bethany on YouTube reveals how to turn a simple shelf or bookcase into a gorgeous gold and marble piece. This project will cost you about $20 for the liner and spray paint, and you can complete it in a day. If you're not a fan of books, no problem! Give the living room a rich DIY makeover by spray painting the TV stand. Use any of the tutorials above for the project and complete the look with accessories on top. Pairing gold with daring colors like red, purple, navy blue, turquoise, and coral is an ideal approach (via Painter1).

Make that coffee or side table a statement

A streamlined gold console table can alter the way people perceive your home. One carefully selected item can make the room burst with elegance and glamour. So, if you're struggling to come up with a new edit for your living room, opt for a gold side or coffee table.

Side tables with a shiny finish are trending and timeless. So why don't you introduce matching elements with a metallic structure and glass into your place? The combination of metal and glass is fashionable, modern, and ideal for a compact city apartment. Moreover, metallic frames are easy to maintain, durable, and affordable, per Furniture Concepts. The most straightforward way to transform an outdated coffee table is to use marble contact paper and gold spray paint. You can complete a step-by-step guide for the makeover (via Chelles Glam Home on YouTube). The project is fun and requires just a few basic tools like masking tape to get the ultimate centerpiece for your living room.

Give the bar cart a shiny upgrade

If everything else fails or your budget is too tight to invest in a new metallic furniture collection, we got your back. Do you remember that mini bar you never get to use? Apply a coat or two of shiny gold paint, and you're ready to rock. A minimalist gold bar cart can turn into a gorgeous statement piece wherever you place it. So, how do you give your bar cart that glitzy touch? Start by considering the frame size and whether it fits your space. If the proportions are complementary, ensure you have enough gold paint to cover the entire surface a few times. 

You can spray your old bar cart with a copper-like tone for a simple DIY project, per She's A Gentry on YouTube. You can also pick another shade to match the rest of your interior. Not only will this element save you time and money, but it will also bring your living room area to life. Who doesn't love a bar cart for entertaining?

Incorporate gilded furnishings and fabrics

If you browse the pages of home decor magazines, you'll probably notice that gold furniture is trending. You'll come across luxurious rooms with hints of glitz strategically scattered throughout the layout. Are you wondering how to achieve this impact without ending up with a tacky look? Heavy furniture sets with carved legs and soft seats adorned with gilded fabric upholstery are an indispensable part of a classic interior. Quilts are timeless, but it can be challenging to combine different fabrics and patterns together, per From My Carolina Home. Ensure you choose complementary hues and tones with variety in scale.

However, if you don't have a specific style in mind, skip this step and stick to subtle gold touches. When speaking of unobtrusive accents, decorative throw pillows with shiny fabric are ideal. You can also sew your own throw pillows (via MADE Everyday on YouTube). For example, glittery gold trim is enough to achieve a glamorous look. Alternatively, try swapping existing rugs and other fabrics with ones that feature hints of gold.

Embrace sparkle with flowerpots

Plants are timeless decor that makes any home feel cozier. What if you could elevate the design by carefully placing them in pots and vases with gold finishes? You'd probably accept the challenge! Shiny metal plant holders have been in fashion for quite some time. Besides having a practical purpose, they are excellent decor pieces for your home. The least time-consuming way to implement this technique is to find planter pots with metal stands in your local garden store. Get a set of two or three in various heights and sizes to add a vibrant feel to the room. If you're more a DIY type but lack inspiration, check out this gold-ringed hanging planter from Dream A Little Bigger. In 30 minutes, you'll get a unique and attention-grabbing statement piece.

Another way to introduce swirls of glittery gold is to get tall flower vases. Glass vases with a golden rim make for a chic display (via Jamali Floral & Garden). Moreover, metal vases fit various styles, from sleek to antique, depending on the tone. For instance, antique brushed or galvanized finishes evoke rustic feelings, while shiny tones offer a more contemporary look.

Transform the room with gold window treatments

Window treatments like blinds or popular curtain styles can elevate the entire style of a room. These treatments can be half or full length, depending on your preference. The best thing about glitzy finishes, such as pale gold curtains, is that you can pair them with almost anything. For a glamourous touch, add a gold sash to the top part of the curtains. Bold individuals can put valances over existing curtains. Another hack you can try without changing the curtains is to upgrade the hooks. Hackrea suggests a brass variant for a sophisticated look or copper for a vintage effect. Whether you purchase them new or make them in a DIY project, pipe curtain rods are chic and popular due to their fascinating design.

Similarly, curtains with horizontal stripes paired with shiny tassels are in trend. You can upgrade white silk curtains with vertical golden lines (via Squirrelly Minds). Besides being aesthetically pleasing, these window covers are a stylish Art Deco element for contemporary homes. Polka dot lovers can apply symmetrical golden dots on a white curtain for a beautiful visual effect.

Scatter gold accents in unexpected places

Be careful with extra accessories. One bold gold fixture may often be enough for a small-scale room. However, many homeowners lose themselves in the decoration journey and clutter the place with gilded details. A pop of gold in your living or dining room symbolizes charm and comfort. Consider buying a gold-plated jewelry organizer or other accessories that add sparkle to the interior without going overboard. For instance, you might play with candle holders, ancient clocks, or sewing machines. If you want to follow the latest trends, gold animal-themed decor from Audenza is a real hit nowadays.

According to HuffPost, you can use gold spray paint to create an incredible centerpiece for a room. Try spraying a tree branch and watch how it transforms your dining room table into something out of a fairytale. Similarly, gather old accessories from the basement or the closest thrift store, apply a coat of glitzy paint, and decorate your bookshelves or coffee table. Finally, consider creating playful 3D wall art by spray painting and stapling together a bunch of plastic leaves or flowers.

Serve gold in your dining room

If traditional candles and sconces do not fit your concept, accessorize your dining room table with shiny gold pieces. Whether you add gold with tableware, a fabric table runner, or the perfect floral centerpiece, this area can become the ultimate statement in your home. Making Lemonade Blog has a fantastic tutorial on creating a no-sew metallic table runner. Before you begin, ensure you have a heavy white fabric with a linen texture. You must also measure and cut it to fit the table. Next, get some painter's tape to mark the edges. When everything's ready, use a spouncer stencil brush or brush to apply the paint evenly.

Pair the gold table runner with an impressive decor piece. For instance, a unique floral arrangement can instill a glamorous vibe in your home across all seasons. When hosting dinner parties, decorate with gold napkins and gold-rimmed plates. Store-bought glitzy decorative balls in a metallic bowl or tray can also add a sufficient amount of elegance to the table setting.