Why We're Seeing Statement Marble In Decor In 2023, According To Etsy

Whether you're thinking about updating your kitchen countertops, floors, bathroom sinks, or perhaps just the décor in your home, you may be wondering about investing in marble. This natural stone does an excellent job of outperforming virtually any other material, even high-traffic floors. Francini Inc. shares that marble décor has been used for centuries in various cultures, such as in many Italian Renaissance castles that used it throughout the interior for stairs, railings, and whole walls. It offers many benefits, including creating a stunning backdrop, a moisture barrier, and a timeless, classic look. Although quite charming, this material isn't only for traditional homes or just for use as marble flooring.

Marble may cost a bit more than other materials, but it's incredibly versatile. It can play an important role in various elements in home décor, including decorative pieces, etchings, inlays, bookends, and even candlestick holders. Yet, according to Etsy, in 2023, you'll likely see more statement marble used in interior designs. What is statement marble, and should you incorporate it into your home's renovations in 2023?

What is statement marble?

Not all marble is the same, and each slab has intricate detailing unique from the next piece of the stone. A quick look at a variety of marble slabs is sure to show differences in color, texture, and veining, a term used to describe the colored lines that run through the material. Some marble is nearly a solid color, with perhaps a few veins of coloring throughout it. The colors themselves change often from dramatic blacks to nearly pure white. Statement marble is a bit different, though, and that's what makes it so attractive.

This type of marble tends to introduce bold, dramatic colors to the space with more intricate and detailed veining throughout the slab, as noted by Scout Modern Interior Design. Statement marble is quite eye-catching, whether it's the dark black or red veining that runs through a mostly white slab or a piece with various shades of colors and a busy pattern. Some pieces may have a single base color with a bright blue or pink line through the center. That's where its name comes from — the way the marble jumps out of the space and makes a point on its own.

Statement marble searches are up significantly

Etsy has the unique ability to get a keen eye into what people are adding to their homes for design improvement or stylish statements. In a recent article, Etsy reported a 183% increase in the number of searches people conducted on the site for marble sinks. Marble is commonly used in sinks and countertops. The site also reported a 117% increase in searches for marble coasters, which certainly isn't a common use for the material.

Etsy found that statement marble's popularity includes a wide range of colors, like burgundy and green. Some have more significant veining patterns to them. The items range widely from things like entire end tables to custom Italian marble sinks with bold veining, and even bold candlestick holders. This type of natural stone helps to bring more dimension and character to the space while also creating pops of brightness. It will certainly capture the eye and add value to any interior design update.