Why Your Dryer Is Making A Loud Banging Noise, According To An Expert - Exclusive

When you're a homeowner, you become familiar with all the quirky sounds from around the house. Of course, typical sounds of a busy household, like the furnace starting up, creaks in the stairs, or the rush of water traveling through pipes, should not be cause for alarm. However, with so much going on in your residence daily, it might be hard to determine which noises should concern you. For instance, a high-pitched whistle from a window might mean that your weather stripping is worn down, or a more emphatic hum from your refrigerator may be an early sign of an issue with the compressor (via Geico).

When it comes to the major appliances in your laundry room, there are some tell-tale sounds that something is wrong. For example, if you shove too many clothes in your washing machine, you may hear the off-kilter thudding of an unbalanced load. But what does it mean when your dryer is making loud banging noises? For an answer, we reached out to a professional. In an exclusive House Digest interview, we asked the owner of Diamond Factory Service in Missouri, Jeff Russell, what this noise could mean and how to fix it.

However, before you crack open your dryer, keep in mind that many large appliance issues are not simple to fix. "Many of these potential issues are difficult to see without opening up the dryer, so it is recommended to call a repair technician," Jeff Russell says.

Loose drum belt or faulty drum guides

It might be a warning sign if you run wet clothes through a dryer and hear a loud noise. As such, it's wise to stop your machine before the problem escalates. "A loose or worn-out drum belt can cause a lot of noise in your dryer due to it not spinning properly," expert Jeff Russell says. "Check for any signs of wear and tear and make sure the belt is properly secured if you suspect this is the problem." 

A dryer belt wraps around the outside of the drum and then through a pulley system which enables it to spin around during the drying cycle (per Repair Clinic). Changing this component can be done yourself — as long as you have the time and patience. However, before performing any maintenance inside or out, you should be sure to unplug the machine to mitigate the risk of electrical shock.

Your dryer has many moving parts to make the system functional, so other issues may cause a thumping noise while running through a cycle. "Damaged glides that are used to help support the dryer drum can cause loud banging noises when they become unhinged or worn down," Russell tells us. "Make sure to inspect these components and replace them if necessary, as this can often solve the problem quickly."

Worn-out bearings or maladjusted motor mounts

Americans do a lot of laundry, so you can be sure that your appliances will show signs of wear and tear over time. According to the National Park Service, The average American household washes up to 300 loads of clothing a year, with upwards of 6% of their annual energy bill being dedicated to using their washer and dryer. Being such essential appliances, it's crucial to maintain them in good working condition if you want to maximize their lifespan. Taking the time to do minor repairs when noises pop up can save you from buying a new machine.

"A worn-out bearing on the rear wall of a dryer can also cause loud banging noises as it tries to rotate with each cycle," Jeff Russell says. "If you have an older model, then it's likely time for this component to be replaced, and it should not cost too much money to do so." On the other hand, those jarring noises from your tumble dryer could be caused by another easily fixable problem. "Maladjusted motor mounts on top of your dryer can cause loud rattling noises as well," Russell explains. "Adjusting these mounts should solve this issue and cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time."