Fixer To Fabulous Stars Dave And Jenny Marrs Predict The Color Trend That's On Its Way Out

When it comes to home interiors, the right color palette makes all the difference. Why? The shades you choose for your home can help set the mood of the space. For example, energizing colors like orange and red are ideal for social rooms, says Dallas Design District, while green and blue evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. 

As for color trends, they make their way around, often falling out of style and rising back to popularity over the series of a few years. To that end, one is falling out of favor with designers like Dave and Jenny Marrs from HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous." The couple renovates homes for their clients in Northwest Arkansas. In a recent episode, they transform Jenny's hairdresser's space into a comfortable, cozy, and modern one, per During the renovation, Dave and Jenny also reveal the color that homeowners may want to think twice about for their homes.

Goodbye to gray

Neutrals are timeless, but some are going to be more popular than others, according to Dave and Jenny Marrs. The pair state that shades of gray have run their course in the interior design world. "Grays are on their way out," Dave shared, while Jenny confirms the sentiment by saying, "I think warmer and charming," per Realtor. It makes sense, as grays can have a reputation for being austere and unwelcoming and can often make a room look stark.

Of late, interior design trends have been favoring warmer shades, even in their neutral tones. Tan and beige trended in 2022 and are continuing their popularity in 2023. They provide a neutral backdrop while also being warmer and more comfortable. The same can be said for creamier shades of white, too. The living room Dave and Jenny designed for their clients features creamy whites, as well as warm natural wood tones with tans and beiges, to create a neutral space that feels cozy and homely.

Nature never goes out of style

While Dave and Jenny Marrs won't be using many grays in their designs, nature-inspired tones will always be a feature. Wood tones are only the start of the pair's love for nature. In another home they designed, the bathroom featured light brown tiles with a medium blonde wood vanity, as noted by Realtor. The wood warms up the space while also bringing in a timeless element. Dave and Jenny also feature a home on their website that has wood planks around the front door and nature-inspired tones throughout.

Cool shades of blue in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom create a calming space that promotes relaxation. Dave and Jenny also find inspiration from the woods surrounding their Arkansas hometown, says HGTV, as they add various shades of green throughout their designs as well. Dark green cabinets bring in a feeling of being nestled in the trees, but, they've also chosen bolder shades for a modern look and softer sage green that evokes serenity.

Never go wrong with neutrals

Swearing off all grays isn't necessarily the answer for all home designs. While Dave and Jenny Marrs may be leaving mid-toned cold and austere grays in the past, darker shades like charcoal can be a good replacement for stark black. In an episode of "Fixer to Fabulous," the couple has the exterior of a home painted deep charcoal gray because local laws prevented black from being used on the exterior, per Realtor. The darker shade instantly modernizes the house and allows it to stand out. 

Additionally, combining gray and white creates a contrast that also errs on the modern side. Dave and Jenny even use white in their own home. "For me, also for our house, I chose to do white paint," Jenny says in a podcast with Better Homes & Gardens. "It makes everything feel a little bit brighter and a little bit bigger, because we have a small house." She urges homeowners not to be afraid of white paint, even if you have kids as darker shades of paint can show nicks and scratches more. 

Benjamin Moore Simply White and White Dove are the couple's go-to for a clean-yet-warm white paint. You can also make white more modern and edgy by pairing it with dark and moody shades like hunter green, oxblood, and navy blue. The major contrast is a great way to draw attention to details in your space.

Personalized color is a must

One thing that Dave and Jenny Marrs have learned while designing spaces for clients is that personalization is key, and this applies to color. Trends are only a starting point and a way to gain inspiration for your home, which should ultimately reflect your personality, and lifestyle. On an episode of "Fixer to Fabulous," Jenny designs the kitchen around the client's philosophy that the room should be joyous and have "impromptu dance parties," as she writes on Instagram

Taking inspiration from a painting, Jenny chooses a green, yellow, and pink color palette. Muting green cabinets and yellow detail in the backsplash tile adds a subtle pop of color. But it's the bright pink range that is the true centerpiece of the kitchen. The bold color was a risk, but one that was well worth taking; Gayatri, their client, loved the piece because it was so uniquely her and created that playful kitchen she wanted. 

Bright pink ranges might not become a color trend that everyone will follow, but for Dave and Jenny, creating a space that reflects the homeowner is more important than following the latest and greatest in the world of design.