20 Ways To Incorporate Orange Into A Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom takes time and a lot of hard work, although prepping beforehand how you want the room to look can make the process fly by since you'll know what colors, details, and textures to use. Mitchell Construction Group suggests nailing down every detail of the renovating process, so there aren't any bumps along the way. Sometimes, a few changes need to be made, but having a trustworthy contractor to help can minimize any major setbacks. Whether you're renovating or designing your bathroom for the first time, researching the materials you want and going over them with a contractor will give you an idea of the time frame and the cost.

On the other hand, DIYers who enjoy doing renovation projects on their own might stick to minimal tasks that don't require hiring a contractor. For example, you might want to change the bathroom décor, install tile, or paint the walls differently. Choosing which color to use can be challenging, so we recommend going bold with orange. According to Bourn Creative, orange represents happiness and creativity with its vibrant hue. In addition, orange can make any room stand out, even in minor ways. We accumulated 20 ways to incorporate the color in your next bathroom makeover.

1. Orange tiling

White interior bathrooms can be mundane, but adding orange will spruce up the space, revitalizing it and making it warm. The orange tiles add texture to the room, while the yellow accents add an extra color. It's the perfect kid's bathroom filled with lively tones and patterns.

2. Orange walk-in shower

The bathroom's interior doesn't have to be entirely orange. Find a section in the space to add an accent piece, such as this walk-in shower. While the rest of the room is neutral-toned with brown, beige, and yellow tiles, the orange stands out. Add a clear shower door or curtains to prevent hiding the vibrant color.

3. Orange décor

If you have a simple bathroom interior, vamp up the space with colorful décor. It's easier to switch out décor than renovate an entire bathroom. For example, add an orange rug to add a pop of color against the floor, buy orange plant holders, or hang an art wall that displays the hue to add interest.

4. Green and orange bathroom

Mixing colors like green and orange elevate the feel of the space, making it more exciting. For example, this bathroom has green tiles and a patterned floral wall. The white appliances serve as a neutral color that balances out the rest. Have one wall green and another orange for a brighter look, keeping the rest white.

5. Orange accent wall

You can never go wrong with an accent wall in any room, especially for smaller bathrooms. However, since there's limited space, too much color can overwhelm the appearance. It can be difficult finding the perfect color, but using bold shades, like orange, for an accent wall makes the room stand out.

6. Orange statement piece

Similar to the accent wall, including an eye-catching statement piece, like this orange tub, can transform the bathroom's look. The interior of the room has gray walls and wood flooring, allowing a bold-colored tub to boost the space. Add more orange features with towels, small décor, or mats instead of the yellow.

7. Rustic orange interior

You can use various shades of orange in the bathroom, so you don't have to stick with overly vibrant tones. The dark orange in this room gives the modern black-and-white space a rustic feel, especially with the low lighting. Tile and bold features, like the towel railing and sink base, add texture and personality.

8. Peachy tones

For a softer look, use lighter shades of orange, such as peach, to create a warm yet attractive appearance for the bathroom. Using different tones of orange and textures side by side creates contrast and makes the space unique.

9. Terracotta toned walls

Terracotta is just a darker shade of orange. Pairing it with funky patterned tiles gives the perfect mid-century modern look. The terrazzo tiles in this bathroom look like splattered paint, which works flawlessly with the gray cabinets. The hanging light fixtures create a low-somber mood when the natural light disappears.

10. Orange-themed wallpaper

The easiest way to incorporate orange in your bathroom is through orange-themed wallpaper. This modern chic bathroom has oak flooring, white sink stations, and a teal backsplash that ties together with the orange wallpaper. Using similar colors prevents them from clashing and making the bathroom look awkward.

11. Completely orange bathroom

There are different ways to decorate orange walls, so they don't look dull. This bathroom has an orange interior but incorporates multiple artworks. Creating a gallery wall in your bathroom is perfect for décor. The orange and peach-style shower curtain adds personality to the area.

12. Blue and orange bathroom

The blue interior is stunning with the orange vanity in the bathroom. It looks sleek yet cozy, making it the perfect place for a self-care night. The orange in the room is subtle but eye-catching and matches the walls and flooring beautifully.

13. Paint the windows orange

We mentioned how orange doesn't have to be the primary color in the bathroom. This interior is a mix of white, black, and wood finishes, making it the perfect neutral modern bathroom. Painting the window orange and the top part of the wall by the sink adds a splash of color, illuminating the room.

14. Orange shower curtain

White interiors will never go out of style as many homeowners enjoy a clean, sleek space. That being said, there's room to incorporate color in a minor way, such as with this orange-based shower curtain. Keep the rest of the space white with brass and wood details to make it appear more elegant.

15. Simple orange rug

Including many patterns and colors in a bathroom can be a lot, but pairing them with solid colors balances out the room. This bathroom has floral print wallpaper, while the linoleum flooring is black and white, working together with the rest of the neutral-toned bathroom. The orange rug is playful and vivid against the floor.

16. Orange focal points

This bathroom boasts gray tones on the wall and tiles, so including orange along the trim, window, and top half of the wall fills the room with radiant color. Instead of keeping orange in one place, spreading the color throughout the space is ideal for making those areas stand out.

17. Hand-painted art on orange walls

Designing or renovating a bathroom can be stressful. If you want your space to look different than most bathrooms, tap into your creative side and paint a fun mural on the wall. It doesn't have to be complex; something as simple as a few arches, like this bathroom, is enough to make the bathroom unique.

18. Animal-themed powder room

This zebra print is entertaining and sophisticated, especially with the orange vanity. The playful patterns and colors are impressive while the white-framed mirror and light fixtures stand out against the wallpaper.

19. Mixed patterned tiles

The eclectic tiles in this bathroom match the orange tiles around the sink, the patterned tiles along the wall, the tile flooring, and the small brick tile. Since they are different sizes, their colors complement each other because they're from the same color group, which is crucial if you decide to include tiles in your bathroom.

20. Break up the walls with color

A great way to incorporate color is by breaking up a wall like in this bathroom. The interior is initially white, but the multi-green and orange tiles add contrast, making the space look flashy. In addition, small décor, such as plants or vibrant mats, can help liven up the room.