The Simple Hack That Will Keep Your Toilet Brush From Dripping On Your Bathroom Floor

While it's certainly no one's favorite chore, cleaning your toilet is a necessary and routine task that Hello Giggles recommends doing at least once a week, if not more often, depending on how many people share your home's bathrooms. One of the grimier but most important spots is your toilet bowl.

Luckily, toilet brushes allow you to put an arm's length distance between you and your toilet bowl, scrubbing away without getting too close. However, that doesn't mean it isn't still an unpleasant experience. Once you're done cleaning the bowl, you have the dirty toilet brush to deal with. While most toilet brush holders have trays to catch dripping water, they don't account for the dripping water that pools on your bathroom floors in transit. You can solve that issue by opting to clean your bathroom floors last, but it would be ideal to avoid it altogether, and one simple trick offers just that.

Balance it on the toilet

Cleaning your toilet is unpleasant enough — no one wants to deal with a dripping wet toilet brush mess to deal with afterward. Organizational and cleaning TikTok account @neat.caroline has a solution for that problem. In a TikTok video summarizing helpful cleaning tips, Caroline recommends leaving your toilet brush to dry for at least 10 minutes after using it to clean.

Toilet brushes aren't like towels, though — where are you supposed to hang them? Assuming the rest of your toilet is clean, the answer is incredibly simple. Balance the handle of the toilet brush on the rim of the toilet bowl, then close the seat lid on top of it. This will keep the toilet brush in place, allowing the water to drip off the bristles and into the toilet, completely mess-free. If the toilet seat weight isn't enough, close the lid, too. Then, just return it to the brush holder as usual when dry.