How Long Should Your Washing Machine Last?

The washing machine is a necessity for every home. It is one of those appliances that, once you get used to it, is hard to live without. Think about having to spend countless hours handwashing dirty clothes, especially if you have playful young children. However, just like any other appliance at home, your washing machine will not last forever. There will come a time when it will break down and leave you thinking about whether it has outlived its usefulness.

Washing machines are not cheap by any means; you might need to fork out $450 and $3500 to get a new washer, per Oh So Spotless. For the sake of early preparation, it is important to have an idea of exactly how long your washer should be before grinding to a halt. Also, knowing just how many years your washing machine has left will help you determine whether it is worth repairing or replacing your current unit.

The lifespan of a washing machine

Depending on how frequently you use your washing machine, it is likely to provide you with an average of 10 years of service, according to Consumer Reports. However, for you to accurately determine the lifespan of a washing machine according to type, it is necessary to split them into the front and top loading categories. Top loaders are the most popular type of washing machine and the one that also lasts the longest; up to 14 years. On the other hand, front loaders are a more recent upgrade that is more efficient but provides fewer years of service of up to 11 years.

.Keep in mind that while top loaders tend to last longer, they are often more problematic and need repair frequently. Looking from a wash cycle perspective, Hometown Hero Appliance Repair mentions that an average washing machine can handle about 5,100 cycles before giving out. While this is true, it is also worth mentioning that not every brand is made the same. There are many well-known, reliable brands with good reputations for quality.

How to extend the life of your washing machine

Although there is an estimate of just how long your prized washer will last, you can always find ways of getting a few more years from your appliance. For your washing machine to work optimally for many years, you need to do regular maintenance and also avoid mistakes like overloading. Forcing too big a load in your washer is likely to cause difficulty during spinning, which could wear down the motor. Be sure to regularly inspect your machine so that you can eliminate the dirt and gunk that tends to accumulate after use in the washer, per Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

Often overlooked, cleaning your washing machine is also a necessary maintenance activity that you need to prioritize. According to Architectural Digest, the easiest way of cleaning the inside of the washer is by running your washer on the longest cycle using hot water with either bleach or vinegar. This will kill all existing bacteria and molds that might be present, not to mention also help you get rid of the musty smell.