3 Of The Best Selling Sets Of Shelves At West Elm

Sets of shelves can be useful in just about every space in the home. They could either be utilized for extra storage or as a design feature. For instance, a set of shelves can store toiletries in the bathroom, hold books in the library, display decorative pieces in the living room, keep spices organized in the kitchen, or exhibit dishware in the dining room. 

Those searching for a high-quality set of shelves for one of these rooms may want to check out the most popular options at West Elm. According to West Elm, 95% of their items are made right in their Brooklyn studio and feature unique designs you can't find anywhere else. They're also committed to sustainability while providing fair wages for workers and supporting locally whenever possible. In short, they're a furniture company with an impressive cause and great quality items. There are many shelves on West Elm's bestseller page, with the top three ranging in price from $200 to $1,000. 

Extra bathroom storage

The first set of shelves is called the Deco Curve Metal Wall Shelves and costs $200. This item has a corrosion-proof steel frame that's also sealed to protect it from moisture damage, and it can hold up to 30 pounds. Five different finish options are available: Antique brass, matte black, chrome, dark bronze, and brushed nickel.

When it comes to styling the shelves, the look of this piece will match many different designs, and because the edges are curved, the piece doesn't look too harsh but adds a bit of softness. It also comes with hardware to hang it on the wall, so you don't have to purchase anything extra. Because the metal is sealed and the bottom has a towel rack, this piece is ideal for the bathroom. In many of the product pictures on West Elm's website, it's styled above the toilet. However, this item could also fit well into the kitchen if you needed a place to store your spices or other small items. 

Great for displaying decorations

Available in either warm wood or white, West Elm also has a Mid-Century Bookshelf with a Drawer for $899. It's made of engineered wood covered in acacia wood veneer, which is covered in non-toxic, water-based finishes. The wood is also kiln-dried and sustainably sourced, and the hardware is metal with an antique bronze finish. This piece has three fixed shelves and one drawer that could be used as a lateral filing cabinet. A narrow version of the Mid-Century Bookshelf with a Drawer is also available for $799. 

With skinny legs and beveled edges, this bookcase is quintessential mid-century style. To cover an entire wall in shelving, some of the product pictures placed one larger bookcase between two narrow ones, which would greatly increase your storage space. We imagine using the bookcase to display decorations, while the drawer below could hide away items that you don't want out for everyone to see. Place it in any room, from the bedroom to the living room.   

Ideal for the dining room

The final bestselling set of shelves is also mid-century, but instead of a bookcase, it's a cabinet. This piece is called the Mid-Century Open Cabinet and can either have a set of doors that open in the middle at the base or two drawers stacked on top of each other. Both options are sold for $1,599. This piece is different from the bookcase because it's more substantial, as it has a full backing and a sturdier design. Further, it also comes with anti-tip hardware, which allows you to attach it to the wall. It's also made out of kiln-dried eucalyptus wood and engineered wood covered in acacia wood veneer, and it has the same metal bronze hardware as the bookcase. However, unlike the bookcase, the shelves are adjustable, and the back of the piece has a circular hole to feed cords through. The legs also face outwards more, giving it an extra mid-century style flare.

We could see this piece used to make a gorgeous statement in the dining room, as the open shelving would be ideal for displaying dishware, while the closed drawers or doors could conceal fewer aesthetic items. However, the piece could also display decorations, books, or whatever you desire.