The Walnut Hack That Could Bring Your Wood Furniture Back To Life

You're not the first person, and you won't be the last to leave scratches or giant scuffs on wood furniture, especially if you're moving or re-designing a space. And while it's normal for wood-based pieces to experience some wear and tear, that doesn't mean you have to live with unsightly gashes on expensive or beloved items. There are a variety of tricks that can help with this issue, including New England Today Living's tip to rub scratches with steel wool or coffee ground paste.

You can experiment with different solutions, but one hack has been saving scuffed furniture for many homeowners, and they swear by the results. Using all-natural tricks will not only preserve the integrity of your pieces but also avoids having harmful chemicals or dangerous tools around loved ones. Whether your pets just confused your furniture for a scratching or chewing post, or a little "oops" occurred while shifting the room around, this savvy tip is sure to bring your wood items back from the brink.

Go nuts with walnuts!

Walnuts aren't just a yummy snack to keep in your pantry anymore. In fact, these nuts are one of the best alternatives to paint or sanding when it comes to getting scratches out of wood furniture. According to Vans Home Center, by cracking open a walnut and using the interior as a scrubber, you can negate some of the damage to your hardwood. The oil acts as a filler, creating a lining that makes certain scratches all but disappear.

The trick to making this hack work is to continually rub the walnut's interior along the scuff until it's covered. Thrive Market suggests going back and forth across the damaged area for a minimum of 30 seconds, then following up with a gentle microfiber cloth after two to three minutes. The longer the oil has to sit on the section, the more it will help create a finished look. The cloth will then remove excess oil and any bits from the nut, while also polishing the newly restored wood to a good shine that doesn't look too conspicuous.

Try some tea

There are a number of other tricks to try when it comes to saving your older (or newly scratched) wood furniture. Brewing a batch of black tea has been proven to stain scuffs and marks back to a brown that matches the surrounding areas. To use this method, let the tea steep and cool down, then use a clean rag to dip in the liquid. Apply the tea onto the scratch, taking care not to get too much excess on the rest of the wood. DVO also suggests using a Q-tip to apply the liquid, which will give a more precise application.

Once you've approached the scuff, make sure to wipe away any tea that could otherwise stain the unharmed wood. This could result in making a darker color that looks out of place or noticeable. Lastly, you can also apply wood filler to anything that is too deep to be fixed by tea, walnuts, or other DIY options.