How To Cleanse Your New Home, According To Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient philosophical and decorating mindset. It's likely more than 4,000 years old and originated in China, according to National Geographic. The mentality behind feng shui is centered on the understanding that the landscape we interact with is a living, fluid thing. It contains a vibrant energy that can impact life in positive or negative ways; sometimes these influences are subtle and other times they can be profoundly felt.

Feng shui is often utilized by interior decorators as a means to harness the energy within a household and channel it toward positivity and harmonious energy. This translates into a sense of well-being for the inhabitants of the property that is carried through from morning to night in each of the daily tasks that a person performs. Feng shui plays a role in managing good and back luck and improving the flow of people, energy, and positive thoughts throughout the living space.

It is also a useful practice for those moving into a new property. Cleansing the home as you move in can give the space a fresh start that concentrates the energy of the space and makes your home a fountain of positivity and balance.

Physical cleaning of the floorspace

The first step when moving into a new property is a physical cleanse of the area. Using sea salt can give your new property an energetic purity that is hard to match. Salt has been used to purify food, belongings, and the atmosphere of rooms for much of human history, according to Peace Love Feng Shui. Salt is a natural dehumidifier and absorbs water molecules from the air. Some people may opt to put out bowls of salt in rooms that have been affected by moisture after a storm or in a holiday home that hasn't been used in many weeks or months.

But salt won't just remove the moisture from the air in your space. Along with the water found throughout the home, there is energy imbued within the particles. Trapping this energy allows you to purify the air and start your journey in this new space with a fresh take on life and a cleansed atmosphere that's perfectly ready to help you on your way.

Picture Healer notes that rice or a mixture of sea salt and rice can perform this duty as well. The outlet suggests spreading your chosen cleansing agent across the floor of your new home and working it into each corner of every room. Leaving this energy absorption solution in place for a few days and then cleaning up before you are ready to begin moving all of your belongings in will set you off on the right foot.

Aura cleansing with incense

Secondly, any practitioner of feng shui will readily tell you that incense is a key feature of energy purification. Incense sticks, dried herbs, and any other burnable material you use for cleansing can make a big impact in a new home. Feng Shui Tricks reports that energy cleansing with incense is just as important as tidying up the physical contents of a room. As well, the outlet notes that no home is immune to bad energy and so energy cleansing should be undertaken every day if possible.

Using incense won't take as long as a salt cleanse, but it's equally important to starting your tenure in the home with positivity and balance. Incense or herb burning can effectively ward off feelings of anger, disease, and conflict. Once your incense has been burning for a few minutes, opening windows and doors will allow the absorbed negative energies that once occupied the home to simply melt away alongside the physical smoke of the incense.

Finally, Picture Healer advises that you use a metal bell or Tibetan singing bowl to add sound vibration to your cleansing practice. This will round out the purification process and allow you to move in with positivity and good energy on your side.