3 Of The Best-Selling Entertainment Stands At Walmart

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Televisions are important for most households, but they can become a bit of an eyesore and challenging to fit into a space. TV stands take up a lot of precious areas, especially in smaller living rooms, but mounting your TV to the wall also has drawbacks, especially for renters. Plus, if you have smart TV adapters, DVD players, video game consoles, and other media-related appliances, you will need a place to store them.

In comes the entertainment center, which Coaster Furniture describes as a blend of a TV cabinet and bookcase. While there's no one blueprint for entertainment centers, the general principle is the same — there's space for your television and shelves for books, DVDs, CDs or records, other electronics, and decorations. It's a great way to streamline many items into one area while still being decorative and functional. Walmart offers a variety of best-selling and affordable entertainment centers in its online catalog.

Mainstays Entertainment Center

One of Walmart's best-selling entertainment centers is the Mainstays Entertainment Center. The center costs $33 for the dark blue, gray, red, true black oak, and white swatches and $34 for the teal swatch. It has a 4.2-star rating with over 1,960 reviews. The center has a tiered shape, with one tall center shelf for your TV, a small display shelf below it, and a lower shelf on either side.

The black and white colors are solid, but the other swatches have colorful particleboard shelves and white or black plastic legs. The TV stand portion is wide enough for a 40-inch TV and can hold up to 80 pounds, while the other shelves can hold 22 pounds each. The design is very simple, versatile, and ideal for minimalist design schemes. Each shelf can be used for storage ideas, from cube bins for hiding electronics, displaying gaming consoles, decorating with trinkets or personal items, and more.

uhomepro Entertainment Center

Another best-selling entertainment center at Walmart is the uhomepro Entertainment Center, which comes in white or black color, varied lengths, and either a gloss or matte finish, ranging from $120 to $170. It has a 4.5-star rating with over 280 reviews and is made of chipboard with glass shelves and remote-controlled LED lights with 16 color settings.

The main frame is also simple and minimalistic, with a simple waterfall table design. The smaller size is suitable for 55-inch televisions, and the larger option can fit up to 70-inch large TVs. The bottom of the center has a drawer, and the larger size has two, with a small shelf under the TV and a glass shelf on either side. The drawers can hide remote controls, electronics, or other miscellaneous items you want out of sight, while the shelves are ideal for displaying decorations. With the LED lights off, this is a perfect center for simple spaces. The lights add a more modern and trendy twist.

Furinno JAYA Large Entertainment Center

The Furinno JAYA Large Entertainment Center is also a Walmart best-seller and costs $60.31. The black entertainment center has a 3.8-star rating at 90 reviews and is made of composite wood in black with silver hardware. This entertainment center has more of a contemporary feel, with a slightly rounded outer edge.

The top shelf is large enough to hold a 55-inch television or a smaller TV with space to decorate on either side. It also sits on top of a bottom cabinet of similar dimensions and shape, which has two cupboards with rounded silver handles on either side and two stacked shelves in the middle. These are ideal for storing your smart TV sticks, a DVD player, gaming console, CD player, or other slim electronic devices or decorations. The top and bottom layers are connected by an open shelf, which can be left bare for a clean and simple look or decorated to your preference. This design is a step above basic, ideal for contemporary modern designed spaces.