Best Dog-Friendly Sofa Fabrics

Movie night curled up on the couch with your best furry friend is the epitome of relaxation, but if your sofa is made of the wrong fabric, you may want to cut cuddle time short. Don't miss out on quality time with your dog just because you have the wrong sofa. Selecting the best material for your family seating space can save you money in the long run and ensure you and your pup get all the snuggles.

Even the best dogs can damage furniture. Claws can easily get stuck in loose weaves and ornamental embellishments from the simple act of your furry friend jumping and making themselves comfortable. McCann Dogs states well-behaved dogs can be allowed on the furniture (and even not-so-well-behaved dogs, if we're being honest), but drool, muddy paws, and the occasional excited tinkle can wreak havoc on delicate fabrics like silk and linen. You can worry less about your furniture investment by selecting the right fabric for a dog-friendly sofa.


Microfiber, also known as microsuede, is an inexpensive, dog-friendly fabric available in nearly any style of sofa to match your home. The Great American Home Store says microfiber is perfect for pet owners because it is easy to clean. The low pile of the fabric means it's less likely to attract and hold dog hair, but when it does need to be cleaned, it's easy to vacuum without causing damage. Microfiber can also be steam-cleaned or spot cleaned to make it look like new.

When shopping for a microfiber sofa, you can reduce the time you will spend cleaning by selecting a pattern that can help hide minor stains and dog hair. You may also want to consider working within your home's color palette to find a tone similar to your dog's hair. For example, an off-white sofa with a dark brown dog will require more frequent vacuuming than a brown sofa. Likewise, a black couch may not be the best option if you have a white Samoyed. If you have one of each color, select a neutral tan or medium grey.


If your budget allows for it, leather is certainly one of the most dog-friendly sofa materials, but the quality of leather really matters. Furniture Academy states that while leather is the best option for dog owners, low-quality or faux leather is not as durable and may be susceptible to tears and scratches from claws. This may not be a concern if you have a small dog, but it is something to consider if you want to invest in a sofa that will last a long time.

Since leather is not absorbent like the fabric options on this list, it is exceptionally easy to clean. You can simply remove wet or dry messes with a cloth. This is especially helpful if you have a precious pooch that is getting older with mild incontinence issues. Also, unlike fabric, leather is resistant to odors, which can help your living space smell cleaner. Like any piece of furniture, occasionally cleaning with products specifically made for leather furniture can help your investment look new for a very long time (via The Great American Home Store).


For those looking for a natural sofa fabric that is soft and cozy, cotton canvas is an excellent option. This sturdy material has a tight weave that is resistant to scratches and wet messes, according to Home of Cozy. Canvas slipcovers are particularly useful if you want light-colored furniture without worrying about messy pets or dog hair. Because canvas is such a sturdy material, frequent washing will make the fabric softer without causing damage.

If you already have a sofa you love, you can have custom-made white slipcovers that you can wash and even bleach as often as needed. But if you do not want to deal with slipcovers, canvas furniture itself is exceptionally easy to clean. The tight weave allows liquid to roll off instead of being absorbed like many other fabrics. And, since cotton is a natural fiber, it absorbs dyes exceptionally well. If you are looking for a cotton canvas sofa, you should have no problem finding one that matches your décor.


Can you believe velvet made this list? Luxury lovers, rejoice! You do not have to choose between opulence and your favorite furry friend. Velvet is surprisingly dog-friendly. Castlery states that in addition to being soft and stylish, velvet is exceptionally durable. Like microfiber, velvet is not a woven fabric, so there are no loose threads for claws to catch on, and its flat pile resists hair and liquid.

When messes occur — and they will! — velvet is easy to clean. You can vacuum velvet as often as necessary to remove dirt and hair without causing any damage. If you select a velvet sofa for your primary seating area, the fibers may get crushed. You can easily remedy this by using a fabric steamer against the pile to fluff them back up. When stains appear, you can easily clean them up with a bit of soap and water as needed.


Everyone knows denim is a durable material. That is why it is a favorite clothing option among hard-working folks. The same features that make denim cowboy-friendly make it excellent for a sofa. Like canvas, denim is a natural, tight-woven fabric available in many colors and styles. So when you think about a denim sofa, your color options are not limited to the jeans section of a department store. In fact, Warm White Denim is a popular option available for sofa upholstery at Pottery Barn.

If you do like the rugged look of a comfy pair of jeans, you can mimic that style in your home, according to Foter Magazine. Denim is typically 100% cotton, so like your favorite pair of pants, it will get softer with use. Although the tight weave of denim is water-repellant, it can absorb liquid if it is not cleaned up immediately. Even if it does, spot cleaning with an upholstery cleaner or steam cleaner should remove most stains (via The Great American Home Store).