The Best Products At IKEA To Help You Organize Your Bedroom

Ikea has been in the business of clean, easy living for decades. Founded in 1943, the brand now serves a global consumer base through 460 stores that can be found on every continent. The retailer is best known for cost-effective furniture brought home in flat-packed boxes, and homeowners have been DIYing Ikea hacks to create customized pieces with the bones of the seller's products for years. Whether you've engaged in this chopping and changing or stuck to the products' intended assembly guidelines, Ikea furniture remains a crucial resource for homeowners of all varieties and across the country.

Organization is a big part of the Ikea appeal. With clean lines and a simple, Scandinavian decorating sense, anyone can improve upon the organizational structure of their home or room with a few purchases from the massive furniture retailer. The bedroom is perhaps one of the most important places to focus when seeking this transformation. Your bedroom is where you start and end each day, and so it acts as a kind of launchpad for your hopes and dreams and a soft landing spot in the evening. Fortunately, Ikea provides a sizeable volume of organizational and decorative options for the bedroom to help facilitate this calmness and comfort.

Customized bookshelves for avid readers

The BILLY Bookcase, priced at $147, is a best seller at Ikea. The bookshelf uses a simple design and narrow lines to create a slim profile while providing a backing piece to tie in each segment for strength and stability — even with a full load of heavy books. The BILLY shelves come in several color options, and you can select from a few different dimensional layouts to match the feature to your spatial requirements.

Because the unit is so versatile, it's one of the most used furniture items from Ikea in hack construction designed to build something new from the bones of existing pieces. By cobbling together multiple BILLY shelving units, you can create a customized bookshelf or multipurpose storage feature that extends along a wall in your bedroom and adds a unique storage and decorative element to the floor plan. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf is a dream for many avid readers, and it's far easier to accomplish than you might think. This type of installation leans somewhat into the decorative stylings of maximalism. Still, for someone who sports an extensive book collection, it can be immensely beneficial when considering the organizational value.

A storage-enhanced bedframe

Utilizing the storage area under your bed is an excellent way to take the pressure off your closet, cabinets, and other areas of the bedroom and house. The bed can be a lifesaver, and Ikea offers a smattering of drawer options that can fit directly under the bed. Selling for $659, The MALM Storage Bed uses a hydraulic lifting system to open up the space beneath your mattress for storage. This product sports over 300 5-star reviews, with many noting their happiness with the price tag, bed frame size, and the premium feel of the material used in its construction. Ikea reports that the full-double bed frame has a length of 78¾ inches and a width of 59 inches — with a headboard rising to 39⅜ inches. The bed frame rises 15 inches off the floor, providing a quality lift for the mattress and ample storage space beneath the feature.

Alternatively, a bed with drawers can be a feature that allows you to eliminate a bulky dresser in favor of something sleeker and better for general storage and organization. If your bed is already raised off the ground and you don't want to change the frame, the FREDVANG drawer unit can be a quality alternative. Listed at $59.99, the drawer offers front and top storage, and with the rollers on the bottom included, it only extends 7⅛ inches off the ground. The reviews rave about the feature, too, noting that it's easy to build and use.

Closet coordination

Ikea's BOAXEL system is a purpose-built closet storage feature that can make your shelving space fit an unlimited range of specific needs. These closet shelving features can include multiple hanging racks for professional attire, shelves for shoes, drawers that can support your athletic gear or other clothing, and even specialty solutions designed to house your jewelry or your unique items with you anywhere you travel. A combination BOAXEL unit starts at $344, and you can add other components to customize the feature to your specifications and needs. 

The unit comes in white, white and gray, and white and oak, with the alternate shade making up the shelf faces. These adjustable shelves click into place and can easily be rearranged to accommodate new storage requirements or clothing additions. Ikea also offers a BOAXEL planner that can help you easily design the perfect layout for your closet before you purchase the components. The BOAXEL storage solutions aren't just valuable for the closet. These racked storage solutions can be added directly to your bedroom walls — provided you find the studs first rather than trying to anchor your shelves to only the drywall.

Modular and vertical wall storage

For those looking for something different for the bedroom or even the living room, the KALLAX collection is also a versatile option. KALLAX shelves come in a variety of configurations and colors, and this makes them incredibly customizable. Depending on your chosen design, the storage pockets are laid out as square cavities arranged in a rectangular or square pattern. They can even be mounted directly to the wall as a hanging addition. KALLAX shelves come in small, rectangular configurations (offering four inline storage cubbies) and expand to a five-by-five square that provides 25 individual cubby slots. 

Ikea includes a KALLAX planner on their site as well. This allows you to visualize the shelving unit and play around with add-ons that will complete the feature. The 5x5 KALLAX starts at $249.99, and the 4x2 rectangular layout retails at 79.99. Shelving attached directly to the wall can be built with décor-agreeing brackets or as floating shelves. The sky is the limit here, and you can introduce as many shelves as is practical for your space.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants are a fantastic way to round out a room's décor. Adding a few plants to your bedroom can help tremendously with the organizational spirit you hope to impart to the space. Healthline reports that indoor plants are an effective means of reducing stress and sharpening attention. This makes them an integral part of the décor in any room where you hope to improve comfort and general organization. Adding this depth of calming character to a room can make it a place of efficiency while implementing a soothing ambiance. Simply put, no organized space can be considered complete without this addition.

The Hartford recommends spider plants, a peace lily, or a snake plant (sometimes known as the mother-in-law's tongue). The spider plant and many others can be found at Ikea, with their listing online naming these varieties HAMALAYAMIX. These indoor varieties have over 350 reviews with a 4.5-star rating. These are all great options for introducing enhanced oxygenation into the rooms of your home and adding a visual depth that can't be beaten. These three selections are easy to care for and include visually striking elements that make for a lovely and eye-catching addition. The spider plant is safe for cats and dogs, but the other two options noted by The Hartford can be toxic to household pets, so shying away from them is good advice for many.