How Often You Should Pressure Wash Your Home's Exterior, According To An Expert

Take a close-up look at your home. Do you notice grime, mildew, and dirt stuck on the siding? That's a problem that you may not realize is significant, but one that can be rectified easily with good maintenance and upkeep. One way to do that is with pressure washing, which uses highly pressurized water to strip away the debris, removing just about anything from the surface. As noted by, pressure washing restores the beauty of your home's paint, gives a nice boost to your home's curb appeal, and may extend the life of the siding.

Kyle Ballweg, the owner of Clear Vision ProWash, offers some insight in an exclusive interview with House Digest about pressure washing. "Pressure washing your home's exterior is an important part of keeping your house looking its best. But how often should you be doing it? The answer really depends on a few factors. No matter where you live or how often you choose to pressure wash your home's exterior walls, windows, and doors, doing so will help keep them in top condition for years to come."

What to do in mild regions

Mild regions without a lot of snow, ice, sandstorms, or waterfront conditions that cause salt to build up on the home's exterior may not seem to need pressure washing all that often. Your home may not look dirty from the outside, but Ballweg shares that it's still a good idea to clean it. Even in these milder climates, your home is exposed to organic material from trees and dirt, which could encourage mold and mildew growth. The change of seasons alone can create a layer of grime on the siding.

"In areas with milder climates and minimal environmental exposure, pressure washing the exterior of your home every few years should be sufficient enough to get the job done. However, if you want to ensure your home always looks its best — regardless of the climate — pressure washing at least once a year is recommended," Ballweg explains. Consider occasional pressure washing like any other maintenance task around your home. If you want your home to look the best for a family get-together or because you're putting it on the market to sell, routine maintenance over the year will do the trick.

Advice for those in harsh climates

There are other climates where more consistent buildup is likely to happen, shares Ballweg. "If you live in an area with particularly harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, or hail, more frequent pressure washing may be necessary to keep your home looking clean and well-maintained." Those along the coast, in the northern portion of the U.S., or in areas with significant rainfall may benefit from this support. "Additionally, if your home is exposed to any type of harsh elements such as salt water or smog, more frequent maintenance should be considered," shares Ballweg.

Fixr reports that the average national cost to pressure wash a home ranges from $500 to $900, but it is a worthwhile investment. Make this a springtime task to refresh your home, as it could be a good way to protect the structure long-term and minimize the need to replace your siding too soon. You could purchase the equipment and do it yourself or turn to a professional to get it done in a few hours for a more hands-off approach. When you pressure wash your home, you're investing in its value.