You Can Use A Common Article Of Clothing To Clean Your Blinds

Cleaning blinds can be quite a hassle. Dust, debris, and hair often cling to the surface of each of the slats, and it can take a while to make sure they're all spotless. Further, once you've cleaned off your blinds, you'll most likely need to vacuum the floor underneath the window, as falling dust can easily build up in this area.

Discovering the proper tool to use can also be a challenge. While a feather duster could work, it may toss the dust up into the air, which could trigger allergies. Some people use a vacuum cleaner to clean their blinds with a small attachment, but while this can work well, it's inconvenient and heavy to hold for long periods of time. A microfiber cloth is yet another common choice, as this option is lightweight, easy to use, and known for trapping dust. However, there's something even simpler you could use that you won't have to go buy at the store: an old sock. 

The benefits of using a sock

When picking out which sock to use, choose one that you won't mind keeping strictly for cleaning, and make sure it's freshly laundered. To use this hack, you'll simply place the sock over your hand and pinch each slat between your fingers while moving from side to side. It's recommended that you refrain from using any water or cleaning product at first, but if you have stuck-on debris or stains that are tough to remove, dip the article of clothing in a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water, per Today.

The benefit of using a sock over other options is that you don't have to hold onto it. And, since it's placed over your hand, you can easily run it over both the bottom and the top of each slat at the same time, which could save you time and energy. This hack is also easily accessible to almost everyone, and once you're done, you can simply throw the sock in the washing machine and keep it for cleaning in the future.

Tips on cleaning properly

According to Real Simple, the most effective way to clean your blinds comes down to three steps. First, you'll close them and run a dry sock (or microfiber cloth) over the flat slats. Then you'll open them and pinch the slats between your fingers one at a time, moving your hand back and forth as noted above. Finally, close the blinds the opposite way and follow the same instructions.

It's best to begin at the top of your blinds and move your way down towards the floor so the dust from the top falls onto the blinds below. If you end up needing to use a cleaning mixture, make sure the sock isn't soaking wet by wringing it out before you begin cleaning. Once you've completed this task, keep the blinds open to make sure they dry thoroughly. Keep that vacuum handy to suck up the dust that falls, as it could collect either on the floor or the windowsill.