ChomChom Pet Hair Removers: Why They're Worth The Money

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While we love our four-legged companions, getting rid of pet hair they leave in their wake can be an everyday chore. Pets shed all over the place: on clothes, furniture, cars, carpet, floors, beds, you name it. Fur can even get into your washing machine, making it that much more challenging to get rid of. So we decided to buy the ChomChom Pet Hair Remover and see if the product's many 5-star reviews and viral videos are the real deal. We thought $29.95 (with an additional $5 off coupon) seemed like a solid price for a product with so much hype. However, for that kind of money, we set our expectations high.

We love how ChomChom designed a roller brush without the adhesive strips that many lint brushes have. Instead, this one uses a single roller that acts like a vacuum, collecting hair in a removable compartment as you push and pull it in short, quick motions. In the viral video linked above, top commenter isaacwilson said, "I don't have a dog, but I got a girl," alluding to a use for the product that even its Amazon listing neglects to mention. While hundreds of comments profess their love for the ChomChom, TheJbGuy brings us back to reality: "There's this magical thing we invented for this very use case... called a vacuum cleaner."

ChomChom Overview

Spending almost $30 for a ChomChom may seem extravagant. Still, when looking at the product's stellar reviews, we needed to consider the possibility that it's a gamechanger. To sweeten the deal, Rampley and Co notes that lint rollers aren't exactly environmentally friendly, as they are not recyclable and end up in landfills. On the other hand, this one offers a reusable solution and claims to work even better, meaning that this pet hair remover will save you money over time compared to purchasing countless lint rollers.

According to its listing, the ChomChom Pet Hair Remover is reusable, convenient, easy to clean, and travel-friendly. Three-quarters of reviewers gave it a perfect 5-star rating, with comments stating that it was worth the money, picks up a good amount of hair before needing to be emptied, and performs comparably to that first sticky paper of a freshly opened lint roller. On social media, reviewers raved about what a life-saver it is for huskies, German Shepherds, and other high-shedding dogs and cats. Amazon reviewer "SB" said, "The best day of my life was the day I adopted my cat. The second best day of my life was when I discovered this product." Sounds impressive enough, but will it live up to the hype?

Putting the ChomChom through its paces

Sofas are often a foremost collector of all things hair, so we thought this would be the perfect spot to test out the ChomChom. With dark, decorative suede pillows that are not particularly pet hair friendly, we could see how much had been left to accumulate. According to The Happy House Cleaning Services, short, thick fur (like that of Dobermans and Siamese cats) can often become stuck in a fabric's fibers. So we wanted to see if the hairs embedded in the fabric could be removed with the ChomChom. 

The instructions suggest using the product like a vacuum, going back and forth on furniture and clothing so it can remove the most hair. While it was a bit challenging at first, given how we are so used to the light, sticky rollers, we quickly got a handle on it. Next, we tested it on our couch, pillows, clothing, and car to see how the product worked on different fabric types. 

Our verdict on the ChomChom

We loved how light the ChomChom was to use, comparable to a lint roller. This makes it easy to travel with or leave in the car if you frequently drive your pets around town. You can even have the kids use it, as nothing here can really damage furniture or be considered harmful. The nylon fabric was of high quality, and we didn't notice any loose ends or the fabric coming apart after use.

The hair catcher compartment was easy to access, but we didn't like how easy it was to open and close. Although convenient, one could easily open the compartment while using the product, making a much bigger mess than intended. We also wished the handle was a bit longer to accommodate cleaning certain areas with limited clearance. 

We liked how effective the product was, as it did a great job of removing even deep-seated pet hairs that we didn't even know were embedded in certain fabrics around the house. While the product's price point is higher than most popular lint rollers, we recommend the ChomChom Pet Hair Remover for its environmentally-friendly design, ease and effectiveness of use, and overall quality. Is it the best thing we ever bought? Probably not. But this is a pretty nifty tool for pet owners who can't seem to get a handle on all the hair.