Sandra Lee

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Bay Area, California
University Of Dallas, Texas Christian University
Home And Décor, Parenting And Family, Health And Wellness
  • Sandra Lee is a freelance writer, blogger, and editor with many years of experience. She joins Static Media and House Digest to write about décor, trends, and DIY projects for the aspiring home designer.
  • She has written content in the home, wellness, travel, and family space for Zulily, Tiny Beans and MommyNearest. She has appeared on Midday Madison several times to talk about topics of family and gifting.
  • Having lived in both Texas and California, Sandra is inspired to make her home the best it can be for her family. Her fluency in Spanish and international background has been a big topic on her blog, CoffeeintheMiddle.


Sandra Lee is a writer, editor, and blogger that has written creative content in various lifestyle spaces for many years. She has worked in both print and digital publications and brands in the home design, family, beauty, wellness, and travel space. Originally from Texas and now in the Bay Area, Sandra is constantly intrigued by ways of living and how to make a house a home. Her blog, CoffeeintheMiddle, is a lifestyle blog that covers topics in motherhood, family, food, and great finds.


Sandra Lee received an M.B.A in Marketing from Texas Christian University in 2011. With her degree and years of experience in the marketing and writing world, Sandra has gained the knowledge and experience to make content relevant and relatable to readers.
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