3 Of The Best-Selling Nightstands At West Elm

A stylish and functional nightstand may sound easy to find, but with thousands of options available, it can quickly turn into a confusing ordeal. This bedroom essential is available in many different finishes, styles, and price points to satisfy a variety of consumers' needs. However, with inflation drastically affecting prices across the country, many of us cannot afford to choose something that will ultimately diminish the aesthetic of our sleeping chambers. So, it's important to tackle this with an organized approach. And the first step is choosing a trustworthy retailer — we suggest taking a look at what West Elm has to offer.

Via their website, West Elm sells a plethora of modern, compact bedside tables that are designed to take up less space on the floor and wall. Some of them also offer storage space as well as charging ports to improve functionality. Here are the top three nightstands available from West Elm.

A functional mid-century beauty

The Mid-Century Closed Nightstand from West Elm sure does live up to its name. This bedside table currently starts at $299, and is 18 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 24 inches high. Everything from the shape to the color and drawers makes it a great choice to complement homes with a traditional yet modern aesthetic. The combination of a square body with splayed legs is a classic design, and we especially adore the simplicity of the dark brass hardware. Additionally, its warm acorn color and yellow undertone are sure to make any bedroom feel cozy. 

Aside from its aesthetics, this nightstand is also quite functional. It has two drawers big enough to store a variety of personal items, such as books, reading glasses, and medication. Also, there is a charging version with two power outlets and two USB ports to charge your devices, which is especially useful in a bedroom that may have inconveniently placed wall sockets. What we like about this feature is that the power sockets are hidden behind a panel that blends in with the product's finish. 

A larger version

Next, is this Mid-Century Open Nightstand. Although similar in design, this one is a bit bigger and stands 28 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 30 inches high. So, if you're in need of something with more storage and surface area, this may be a better choice for your bedroom. One useful feature is the open storage space above the two drawers, which provides easy access to personal items, or it can also be used to display decorative items and books. 

This nightstand is also available as a charging version with two power outlets and two USB ports located on the back, making it a functional haven. And, it is available in a light grey color with wooden graining or an acorn and yellow tone that is easy to design around when incorporating different neutrals. The price currently starts at $499 and increases to $549 for the one with charging capabilities.

A versatile option

What many customers enjoy about this Penelope 3-Drawer Dresser is its versatility. Yes, it's called a dresser, but it's small enough to also be used as a nightstand, as it is only 30 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and 30 inches high. It has an elegant, white marble counter with gray marbling, which sits on top of the eucalyptus wood frame. Although this product leans more towards the mid-century aesthetic because of the splayed legs and oval body, it could also work well in a more contemporary setting.

It has three roomy drawers, to store a plethora of bedside necessities, with circular dark bronze pulls that are different from the traditional knobs. And, just like the last two products, this unit also has the same acorn color, confirming that the cozy, natural wood trend continues to maintain its popularity. The price of this product currently starts at $1,168.20.